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  3. Run Off the Grid 2023
  4. CSPGNO X-Country
  5. October 8 Turkey Gobbler Trail Run THIS SUNDAY, Oct 15 Wiky 10km Roadrace
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  October 1, 2023


OVER $48,000 RAISED!!
Such an amazing accomplishment! We would like to thank everyone who made this event possible.
See you next year!

5km start

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Apex at Wilderness Traverse 2023



September 30 - Oct 1, 2023
Dorset, Ontario, Canada

Wilderness Traverse is a 24 Hour Adventure Race hosted annually in Ontario, Canada. Teams of 3 or 4 navigate using map and compass over 150 kilometers of rugged Canadian Shield back-country on foot, mountain bike and canoe. It is one of the toughest team-based endurance challenges around and simply reaching the finish line is a massive achievement.

Event Details

Course Overview



Local Teams below

55 Apex 1 Team of 3 Coed

68 Apex 2.0 Team of 3 All Male

(Apex 1 is Marc, Amy and Jeff and Apex 2 is Richard, Mike and Dennis)


It was another epic race….
We almost finished this year. We had a little hick up on the last 11km hike and missed the deadline by an hour.
Next year we need a few more teams - Marc Cayen


Wilderness Traverse! A 24-hour, 150km adventure race involving trekking, mountain biking, swimming, canoeing, and portages, all with only a compass and a map. This year, the race was located in Algonquin Park in Huntsville. You can not say enough of the scenery there!
There is no time to sleep during this race! Some of our trekking and mountain biking portions took place during the night time. The breakdown of each leg of the race is as follows:

Paddle: 6:33:50 (34km with 10 portages)
Hike: 5:45:33 (20.63km, 1150m elevation)
Mountain bike: 6:22:46 (54km, 870m of elevation)
Hike: 7:16:41 (20km, 600m elevation)
Mountain Bike: 1:07:39 (7.5km, 175m elevation)
Totalling 136kms, 3265 meters of elevation and 27 hours of moving time

We were on par to finish the course till near the end, where unfortunately we got turned around in some of the unmarked trails which made us an hour too late for our last checkpoint to finish off the last 7kms. Although disappointing, it leaves you with determination for next year for the taste of the challenging and rewarding finish line that only half the teams make it to! Thank you to everyone who watched our crazy adventure and cheers to 2024! Amy G.

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Run Off-the-Grid
Ontario’s Race with the Smallest Footprint!
Sep 30, 2023

Come be a part of Northern Ontario’s toughest and most remote trail run! Enjoy breathtaking scenery of the Laurentian Mountains in the peak of the autumn colours.

There are no roads and no pavement. The course is 100% trail and completely remote. It is you, your footsteps and the quiet of the wilderness. Are you ready to break away from the Grid?

The course is a 12.5 km loop with a mix of terrain from various single track sections, old forest logging roads, rolling hills, super steep hills, fast flatter sections, technical rocky sections, creek crossings and a short section through a gravel pit with a sand dune to slide down. Each additional loop is completed in the opposite direction, which makes it feel like a 25 km loop….plus everyone loves the community feeling of the lapping runners cheering each other on.



I went into this race with two objectives: (1) run the whole race strong without my legs blowing up, and (2) run the 25km course in 2:22:38 or less. A podium finsh would have been a nice bonus, but it was not one of my KPIs for success this season. I was racing myself out there and in that head-to-head, I am leaving Nature's Harmony with a big W! Mission accomplished x2! (official time is faster than my Strava time)

I diverted from my race plan right from the start (see comments section for race plan). As always, I got off the line hot, then was feeling so good, I didn't want to slow down. I made the turn at 1:08, which is by far my fastest opening half on this course.

With Zoey and Lesley Ann at the half way point to crew me, I was able to restock my vest, pound some electrolytes, and bounce back onto the course in no time. ????

The return half of the course was a little slower (sorry Jeffrey Paul ??), but I was able to dig deep, and still pump out my back split in less than my previous back split PB on this course. As I passed the point in the course where my legs blew up last year, I had a moment of intense accomplishment and gratitude. The months of training (especially my Tuesday night hill repeats with the Billy Goat Gang ??????) paid off!

I finished the race strong, and recieved my finisher medal from Zoey, who was waiting for me at the finish line! Lesley and Matthew were there as well - a magical moment that I will remember forever. ??

Leaving Mattawa with my heart full!

Thank you to Jennifer Demille, Tzach, and the Nature's Harmony Ecolodge crew for another incredible race. As always, the trails and property were beautiful.

Kristofer Cacciotti



All Results Here






CSPGNO X-Country

Kivi Park Oct 3


Rocks!! member Ewa Breckon Places 3rd in Cross Country Run

Amazing day for all runners today! Grade 8 LoEllen girls were on fire with my Ewa placing 3rd overall!Congratulations to all! Ania D.

All Race Results Here




An appreciation for all things athletic
Randy Pascal


Robert Esmie, the athlete, will always be linked to the sprints.

Something about that Olympic gold medal performance in Atlanta in 1996 along with a pair of first place finishes at World Championships and a bevy of impressive results on both a national and international scale, not to mention the indoor scene renders this inevitability virtually cast in stone.

Robert Esmie, the coach, by contrast, would rather be far more diversified.

For as much as the now 51 year-old Jamaican-born long-time Sudburian can reflect on the summer of 2023 with his 40-60 athlete Air Blastoff contingent and wax poetic on the development of the likes of Melina Doiron, Darren Joiner, Milena Kulik and others in the 100m/200m dash events, the simple truth is that thrower Blaire Rickard quite arguably bettered them all.

“Not everyone is going to be a sprinter,” confessed Esmie. “I like them to try this, to try that.”

Truth be told, the highly energetic local mentor is not the same coach that he was when he first started along this pathway while still stationed on the Canadian west coast – though he still smiles as he recalls the vast spectrum of athletes - not just sprinters - that he worked with and influenced during his time in Vancouver.

“I would like to think that as I get older, I get wiser,” said Esmie. “I get more patient. I do believe in (competing in) multiple sports, as long as they complement each other. I just see track and field as the foundation for so many other sports. I was dabbling a little more in the field events this summer.”

Blame that on Blaire Rickard, if you will, the 13 year old now grade eight student at Lasalle Secondary whose tangential journey that first surfaced in May would lead to a steady stream of podium finishes, piling up the hardware at the North American Indigenous Games, the Ontario MTA Championship and finally the Athletics Ontario Youth (U14/U16/U18) Championships.

“I was doing the 100m and 200m and tried the 400m, but I saw people throwing the shot put at school and thought that was cool, so I told Rob I wanted to try it,” said Rickard, a regular on the Sudbury competitive gymnastics scene through much of her childhood. “I felt like I had more leg strength because of my power tumbling and stuff like that in gymnastics.”

“Because I had stronger legs, it was easier to push off,” Rickard added. “Your legs are key to help with the rotation of your body and help throw the put farther.”

It worked.

After capturing first place at the District H Legion Meet in Sudbury with a toss of 8.80 metres in June, Rickard stretched it out to 9.05m a month later to take gold at NAIG in Halifax before capping off a summer of exponential progress with a throw of 10.02m (a new PB) in finishing first again at the MTA showdown.

Though the shot put would come first, Rickard also tackled both the discus and javelin this year, finding herself a little more at ease with the former (“the discus spin is a little bit hard with the steps and stuff, but once you get it, it’s pretty easy now”) than the latter (“I am not very good with the rhythm (of the cross-over steps for javelin) – “I will stumble a little bit”).

Still, she is thankful for the man who has helped ease her into an area that he is not a whole lot more comfortable yet than his athlete might be. “Robert got me to where I am now,” said Rickard. “He is really good at explaining things and going through things slowly so that I understand them properly.”

“He doesn’t rush me through it.”

For as much as he can be effusive at times in talking about the young talent under his watch, Robert Esmie is as aware as anyone about just how difficult achieving any degree of track and field excellence is – reminding one and all that there must be fun built in, especially for the pre high-school crew, in order to maintain an interest.

“I give them four to eight weeks off after the summer to rest their body: go swimming, go play, go be kids; enjoy family time and vacation time,” he said. “Some will get bored and might return in September, but I ask them to come back by October 3rd.”

Clearly, those in their mid to late teens are subject to a different level of expectations than those who have not yet even reached puberty. “Overall, the high-school section (of our Air Blastoff team) was a highlight to see this summer,” said Esmie. “Athletes came in with a goal and the majority achieved or surpassed those.”

“To get nine of them to OFSAA was a success overall. We’re still shy of the podium, but that fuels me, it fuels them to get better.”

It’s a different conversation as we move to the U12 and younger bracket.

“That young division was exciting, watching those kids competing for the first time,” he said. “There were some nerves, but they came away with personal bests and some medals.”

The group of those who mounted the podium along the way included the likes of Arnav Harish, Hephzibah Votu-Obada, Brielle and Joshua Doiron and Adwaith Harish – along of course with Emie's own son, Nehemiah.

“Sometimes he’s not coachable because he thinks he knows it all,” laughed coach Esmie, sounding every bit the part of a parent. “I let him try some different events to change things up and just have some fun. I think he may end up become a decathlete someday.”

Of course, he’s also attracted to basketball, golf and tennis – and a whole bunch of school sports, apparently. That’s not a bad thing at all, in the eyes of his track coach.

“If you’re going to play basketball or soccer or all of these things, you will have the athleticism where you can make the transition quicker and adapt more easily,” said Esmie.

Even if it’s not in the sprints, Robert Esmie can appreciate athletic dedication and excellence.






Photos This Week

Sep 27 Rocks!! Apex Wednesday pm run

Sep 27 Northern water snake at Finlandia

Sep 29 Moonlight trail

Sep 29 Bioski pond

Sep 29 Laurentian Lake

Sep 29 Finlandia

Sep 30 Rocks!! saturday am run

Sep 30 Finlandia

Sep 30 Finlandia

Sep 30 Finlandia

Oct 4 Cambrian Campus

Oct 2 Moonlight

Oct 2 Moonlight bridge

Oct 2 Ramsey Lake east end

Oct 3 Moonlight bridge

Oct 3 Bioski











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  Oct 8, 2023

2023 SFC Turkey Gobbler
Walden Cross Country


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2023 Turkey Gobbler Trail Run



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Wiky 10Km Roadrace

Oct 15, 2023



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