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  Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                                                                    September 8, 2022        

     In this Issue:


  1. Ramsey Tour THIS SUNDAY
  2. Neil Phipps and the Beaton Classic: A race to call his own
  3. Marc Cayen's Birthday Mega Run
  4. Photos This Week
  5. Upcoming Events: Sep 18 Apex Endure Trail Race #3, October 9 Sudbury Fitness Challenge Turkey Gobbler
  6. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  7. Track North and Laurentian XC News






Ramsey Tour This Weekend

   Sunday September 11, 2022


L.U. racers ready for the return of the Ramsey Tour

Randy Pascal


Now this is perfect Sudbury sports synergy.

With a good, solid stable of runners at his disposal, Laurentian Voyageurs’ cross-country coach Darren Jermyn is anxious to jump into a season that will begin with far more of a feeling of normality than either of the past two seasons.

And for the first time in three years, organizer Jesse Winters and company will welcome both community athletes and post-secondary students together for the annual Sudbury Masters / Continental Insulation Ramsey Tour, the 44th edition of the event.

Suffice to say that come next Sunday morning (September 11th), from 8:30 a.m. through until around noon or so, things will be hopping up at the Laurentian Track – and that’s something that surely brings a smile to the face of volunteers and participants alike.

“We did this once as a virtual race at Lo-Ellen during Covid, but I’ve never run it as a community race which is something I am really excited for,” noted local sophomore Kristen Mrozewski, coming off a very encouraging rookie OUA season in what amounts to her secondary varsity sport of choice at L.U.

“I’ve never raced the local 5 km’s,” she added. “I’ve done the Turkey Gobbler (Walden Trails), but we do that for fun as a group of friends; we’re not racing it.”

In spite of a solid succession of noteworthy performances, starting with her inaugural cross-country season, running through to OUA indoor track and on to an abbreviated outdoor schedule, Mrozewski remains somewhat tepid with race day less than a week away.

“We haven’t gotten together yet as a team very much,” said the 19 year old long-time hockey netminder. “We’re a little bit nervous; it’s still early in the season. I think once we get there, we get to the start line and start racing, we’ll be okay.”

Still, it’s best to keep the goals modest in terms of individual times and such.

“The first race obviously isn’t going to be anybody’s best race,” said Mrozewski. “You want to see where you are at fitness-wise and decide what your goals are going to be this season. The aim for the first race is to show coach what you’ve been doing all summer, what you have been putting your time into and hopefully you get something that you are happy with.”

For a young woman who first started training with coach Dick Moss and the Track North crew while in grade 11 at St Benedict but never seriously challenged for an individual city cross country title during her time with the Bears, 21 year-old fourth year Health Promotions and Concurrent Education major Angela Mozzon has plenty of reason to smile as she prepares for her third year with the Voyageurs.

“I am so happy with how much I became dedicated to the sport,” said the local who finished third among the Laurentian runners at the OUA Championships last November in London. “In high-school, I found that I did it more for fun. But since Covid, I’ve really started to love running a lot more and just keep pushing myself to do my best.”

“Over the past two years, I’ve been really working on my mileage and that’s the biggest difference I see, is that I’ve just gotten so much more fit, just from the mileage alone.”

Having run the Ramsey Tour five km twice during her time at St Ben’s and again as a freshman at Laurentian, Mozzon enters the early September test far more conscious of exactly how she wants to tackle the course that includes roughly an equal mix of trail and road racing.

“I’m really excited to see how it goes this year because it has been so long,” she said. “I think my goal for this would be to start out quick. I think the last mile is really where I have to push myself – it’s almost all uphill. But it’s nice because with our workouts with Darren, a lot of times we will do 2km repeats on the trail, so we’re all pretty used to that gradual uphill.”

Similar to her teammate, Mozzon is anxious to reap the rewards of a summer of solid dedication to her sport. “At this point, I wouldn’t say that I am not fit, but I really don’t have the speed right now,” she said. “In a few weeks, once we’ve done some harder workouts, I will have a better idea of where I am at.”

“I really tried to do more mileage this summer and I’m hoping it pays off.”

With every other race his team will enter pretty much four hours away or more, Darren Jermyn could not say enough good things about the group that supports his program in so many ways, much closer to home.

“The Sudbury Masters (Running Club) are so dedicated to putting this on – and it is a lot of work,” said the man who knows that far better than most, still at the helm of the elementary races at the end of the month that bring together well over a thousand young athletes in most years. “I can’t think of another race – perhaps the Around the Bay (Hamilton) – that has this much continuity.”

And much like his runners, Jermyn appreciates the early season read that he gets to make on the team that he took over from Dick Moss a couple of years ago. “The expectation for our athletes over the summer is that they train and come into camp ready for the season,” he said. “They are not in superior shape; we want them at top fitness at the end of October and the OUA Championships.”

“But we really want to get a benchmark of where they are at.”





Sunday September 11, 2022 at the Laurentian Track and Stadium

Online Registration  https://www.events.runningroom.com/site/17647/sudbury-masters-continental-insulation-ramsey-tour/

Manual Registration Form Here (Word doc)




Thank you for volunteering
Please be at stadium @ LU by 8.30 race day







Neil Phipps and the Beaton Classic: A race to call his own
Randy Pascal


I didn’t invent this race; I just fell in love with it as a kid.”

If not for this fortuitous twist of fate in the life of Neil Phipps, the 2022 Beaton Classic might never have come to be.

Like most that frequent the Sudbury summer quadrathlon with a degree of regularity, the man who has largely guided the event through the past decade or so first wandered in this direction in his younger years as a participant.

In the case of Phipps, it was much younger years, when he was not nearly prepared enough for the challenge unto which he was about to embark.

At the age of 14, the Lockerby Composite freshman who had dipped his toe into the general realm of athletic competition via the Sudbury Fitness Challenge a few summers before teamed up with friend and neighbour Paul Makinen, tackling the Beaton as a pairs’ team.

To Phipps, it somehow seemed like a good idea to volunteer for the swim and the run, his Finnish nordic ski sidekick agreeing to do the canoe and the bike. “I had never swam a mile before the first time I did it (the Beaton) and I certainly had never run ten miles,” harkened Phipps. “That was, for sure, the hardest day of my life at that point.”

“But that’s what people did. That was part of the magic.”

That’s why following a stint at Trent University and the incredible life experience that British Columbia would offer the northern Ontario lad, the lure of the Beaton remained strong, even two decades later.


By then, of course, Neil Phipps was a much more seasoned athlete. In fact, the original decision to move to B.C. was to pursue his potential as a triathlete. “I moved west to see if I could become good at something,” he said with a laugh. “I was working to try and support athletics, but I was easily distracted – and there’s just too much out there.”

Before I knew it, I was spending more time mountain biking than road biking.”

For six years or so, he would manage a Running Room store in the middle of Vancouver, though it was the after-hour pursuits that he craved. “I quit that for a trucking job that allowed me to rock climb more regularly up in Squamish,” said Phipps. “For me, it was: how can I make enough money to spend more time in the mountains.”

The ideal marriage, to a certain degree, would come courtesy of a position with Norco Bikes, virtual legends in the industry from their start in a chicken coop back in the late 1960’s. “I was totally immersed in the leading edge of mountain biking at a time when mountain biking became what it is.”

“I was in the world mecca of mountain biking, working in the mountain biking industry, being in a front row seat. It was pretty cool.”

But by 2009, it was time to come home.

And while Phipps wasted little time finding races of all sorts as he settled back in Sudbury, a skill-set he had acquired administratively over the years would work its way into the picture.

“One of my NAC (Northland Athletic Club) coaches in high school was one of the guys the City hired to organize the Sudbury Fitness Challenge,” said Phipps, reminiscing of the involvement of Mike Innes. “Running for him, you were either competing or organizing. I got a real look at the behind the scenes aspects – and really enjoyed it.”

“When I moved out west, I also got involved with friends who were putting on triathlons and adventure races and trail runs. I would be the technical guy for an adventure race or a run and gradually gained quite a bit of experience out there.”

That said, it wasn’t with an eye on becoming head honcho of the Beaton that Phipps initially opened this door.

Rather, it was the memories of Fitness Challenges gone by crossing paths with the current involvement, as participants, of him and girlfriend Sara McIlraith. The battle for the points race to claim Mr Fit and Miss Fit Sudbury had apparently gone extinct – even though the Fitness Challenge events still existed.

“Honestly, I just dug up the results from all of the (2010) races to see if this was a true Fitness Challenge, where Sara and I would fit in,” said Phipps. “It seemed like I was the only person alive who still remembered the old formula.”

From there, and with nobody else leading the charge, the segue to caretaker of the Beaton Classic was an all-too-natural move. Throughout the ebb and flow of entries, and with the 2022 race paying the price of the pandemic, Phipps now deals with the cycle that has become his norm.

“Every year, leading into the Beaton, I’m pretty sure that things are going to go horribly wrong,” he said. “And every year, it goes reasonably smoothly and there’s that post-race euphoria where I think I can bust this thing open next year. That lasts about two weeks for me and then the grind of life begins.”

That might not be quite the same as the Beaton Classic memories that Neil Phipps recalls – but if not for the man behind it all, there would be no Beaton Classic memories being made these days – and that would be a shame.






Marc's Birthday Mega Run

Marc Cayen and Lindsay Kolari after 44.46km


Monday September 5th
Holliday Monday long, long run!
I’ll be celebrating my 43rd birthday with (hopefully) 43 kms of running. I’ll be doing 3 loops Incase anyone wants to join. All loops start and finish at Laurentian university track.
1st loop will be at 6am and heading to the conservation area to complete the 10km red loop around Laurentian lake. It will be a sunrise run and dark to start the run so bring a headlamp. This should take about 1 1/2 hours at most.
2nd loop will be around Nephawin lake (Ramsey, Paris, Regent, Loaches with the Martindale extension) leaving the track at 7:45am and returning an hour later completing the 11km loop.
3rd loop, again leaving from the Laurentian track, will go around Ramsey lake. We’ll leave at 9am and return by 11am to complete the 21km loop.
Come join me (us) for 1, 2 or all 3 loops. Marc Cayen


At approximately 11:15am Marc completed his goal birthday run with a little extra distance included - with the support of Lindsay Kolari and many others.

Congratulations Marc!




The support group

All Photos Here





Photos This Week

Rocks!! Wednesday pm run

August 29 Moonlight Beach

Sep 1 Perch Lake

Sep 1 Bioski trails

Sep 1 Moonlight bridge swamp

Sep 1 Moonlight bridge swamp

Sep 1 Moonlight bridge swamp

Sep 2 Finlandia

Sep 2

Sep 2 Finlandia

Sep 3 Rocks!! Saturday am run

Sep 3 Rocks!! Saturday am run

Sep 4 Perch Lake

Sep 6 Moonlight bridge

Sep 6 Perch Lake trail

Sep 6 Perch Lake trail

Sep 6 Bioski swamp















Upcoming Local Events


  Sep 18

Apex Warrior Trail Race Series 2022


Race #3 - Apex Endure
Date - Sept 18

Distances - 6km-12km-25km-50km
Location - Laurentian Nature chalet

Updated start times


The start times for all distances have been updated to ensure runners are not running in the dark in the morning. The walk from P2 (Bioski) will also not be in complete darkness.

50 km Start - 7:00 am

25 km Start - 8:00 am

12 km Start - 9:00 am

6 km Start - 9:30 am


Parking is at the Nature Chalet but is limited due to space. Please carpool if you can. This space will be used mostly for the 50 km and 25 km runners. All runners starting in the 12.5 km and 6 km will have to park at P2, the end of South Bay road at the Bio Ski Chalet. The walk from there is 1 km to the event. The path will be marked with flagging tape, and a volunteer will be there to point you in the right direction.

Find location and information for P2 here

Head to www.apexwarrior.ca for registration and more info.
Start running, it’s time to race!







Turkey Gobbler 2022
Walden Cross Country Fitness Club

Welcome to this year's Turkey Gobbler Trail Race. This year we will be offering a 1km, a 3.5km and an 8km in-person event. While we do still highly encourage social distancing there are not currently any restrictions in this regard. We have discovered over the last couple of years that in addition to safe guarding our health, the wave format resolved a number of other logistic issues for the event so we are sticking with a version of it. Start times will be as follows:

Wave 1 (8km) 9:00am
Wave 2 (Kids 1km) 10:30am
Wave 3 (3.5km) 11:00am

We will be doing mass starts within each of the waves unless the Health Unit recommends otherwise between now and then. We do encourage all participants to be double vaccinated and double boosted but it is not a requirement to attend this event.
T-shirts will be limited and sizing/availability will be based on a first come sign up basis. If you wait too long then you may not get your size of choice or you could possibly end up with a previous year's shirt. Please note that we WILL be putting on a kid's 1km this year. The kids race entry does not include a t-shirt but the shirts can be purchased extra on the registration site.
The online registration on the Running Room site is OPEN.

Please pay attention to the Wave descriptions when you sign up as they are designated by distance this year.
This event is a fundraiser for the Walden Nordic Racer ski team. 100% of the profits will be going to this youth racing program.
You can e-mail us at beatonclassic@hotmail.ca if you have any questions. Volunteers are welcome and encouraged.







Run Club Update




Store News


Good afternoon Sudbury Runners and Walkers,


We have FREE run club Wednesday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30am.

Cancelled until Further Notice

NOTE: There is a Wednesday pm group leaving the Cedar Pointe parking lot at 6pm







Track North and Laurentian XC News










For information call me.
Vincent Perdue

Proud sponsor of the Sudbury Rocks!!! Race-Run-Walk for the Health of it




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