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      Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        September 3, 2020        

     In this Issue:


  1. S.F.C Crowley Crawl Open Water Swim
  2. Feeling Excited at Kivi Park with YMCA Partnership
  3. The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee
  4. Aug 1 - Aug 31 Sudbury Camino Done
  5. Jack and Amanda do Virtual IM Penticton
  6. Photos This Week
  7. Upcoming Events Aug 29 S.F.C Crowley Crawl Open Water Swim, September 20 Apex Warrior Trail Runs
  8. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  9. Track North





August 29, 2020

S.F.C Crowley Crawl Open Water Swim
Public · Hosted by Neil Phipps and Sudbury Fitness Challenge

All Photos Here


Thanks everyone for coming out and making this a great event! Weather window worked out perfectly.
Huge THANK YOU to Kerry and Mani from Kivi Park. This would never have been possible without the full buy in and support that we got from Kivi. It's so great to have another organization and facility in this city that's so committed to outdoor sport and fitness.
Thanks also to the Laurentian Masters Swim Club, Adventure 365 and Fearn's Sweatshop Inc. for providing draw prizes. And of course to Dairy Queen for the iconic Dilly Bars.
As with all of these events, this could never have happened without the fantastic crew of volunteers that came out yesterday and today to make this thing go!! THANK YOU!
Stay tuned for news on more upcoming SFC events. The reports of our death were greatly exaggerated.
Stay Fit!!

There are two distances available this year 1500m and 500m. The 1500m will have a points multiplier of 1000 and the 500m will be 500 points. See our page for more details on how the point scoring works for the series.

Please contact us at Beatonclassic@hotmail.ca if you have any questions.

2020 Results Here





Feeling Excited at Kivi Park with YMCA Partnership


Kendra MacIsaac, left, general manager of health, fitness and aquatics at YMCA of Northeastern Ontario, Kerry Lamarche, executive director of Kivi Park, and Helen Francis, president and CEO of YMCA of Northeastern Ontario, announced details of a partnership between YMCA and Kivi Park in Sudbury, Ont. on Thursday August 27, 2020. JOHN LAPPA/SUDBURY STAR



We are so proud to announce that we have been working on a partnership with YMCA Sudbury to provide Kivi Passes to YMCA members who qualify for subsidized sport or membership. This helps to ensure that Kivi Park remains accessible to all regardless of financial capacity, especially during these times when outdoor actively in nature is so important for or overall mental and physical well-being.

This partnership will also allow YMCA staff members to plan and provide new programming outdoors at Kivi Park which in turn will allow our community a safe and natural environment to stay healthy and active throughout the pandemic and in the future.

Thank you to all of the YMCA members that helped to make this partnership possible and for assisting us in making Kivi Park more accessible for our community.

For more information about the program, contact YMCA by visiting their website at https://www.ymcaneo.ca/contact-us/





The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee

by Martin Parnell

The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee

Done and done!


On August 24th I completed The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee (GVRAT) 1,000km. The journey started on May 4th when I read a post from race organizer Gary “Lazarus Lake” Cantrell.

Laz said “Here’s bit of advice for those who have never done 1,000 kilometers in 4 months before and are just hoping to finish. This is a long event, and it is not necessary that you are able to begin by averaging over 5 miles a day. The key is to be patient and consistent. You do not want to begin by pushing yourself to excessive distances and risk injury.

Just start out doing the distance you can comfortably do, and stay motivated to go out every day. Some days you will not feel like going out, but the hardest part of every run is the first step. If you just go ahead and put on your running togs and go out the door, you will be amazed how good it feels after you warm up to the day.

On the days that you think you cannot make it, do not get discouraged, or give up. On the days that you think; "this is too far and I will never make it" just realign your goal to getting as far as you can get. One day, you will look, and the next stop is in Buckeye Hollow!”

Incredibly over 19,000 runners signed up for this event, representing 77 countries, and 22 of the 24 time zones.

In total I completed 1,022 kms in 115 days (8.88695 kms / day) and I am now officially a RAT finisher.

I had 3 goals:

1. Win the event: No

2. Finish in the top 10,000: Check, #9911

3. Finish ahead of a Wake of Buzzards: Check, 8 days to spare.

Two out of 3 ain't bad.





August 1 - 31

Aug 1 - Aug 31 Sudbury Camino Done

Lise, Sylvie, Sandra and Laurene finish the Camino

All Rocks!! Camino Photos Here

A few of the us Sudburyrocks!! took on the annual Rainbow Routes Camino Challenge this month. Participants had the full month of August to complete sections or the full 30km Camino route from Lively to Moonlight beach in Sudbury. The trails use all of the Trans Canada or Great Trail system across Sudbury. It is a great tour of some of the many trails available to us.

See you on the Camino next time

Visit www.rainbowroutes.com/sudbury-camino-2020





Jack and Amanda do Virtual IM Penticton

by Amanda Kosmerly

Jack Kosmerly and I did Ironman Penticton together yesterday. It was my farthest ever bike ride 180km in 6:26 AND my first ever marathon 42.2
km in 4:45 (that sounds slow but holy it's hard to get the legs going after riding that far) plus we started with 3.8 k swim which was really the easy part. What a long long day but to do it as a couple was amazing we were each other’s cheering squad. Surprisingly there were a few other crazy people out there perusing their goals despite CoVID, Jen Annett our local pro was there and wow she was amazing to watch as she flew by us a couple times on the course and finished in about 10 hours. I finished in 12:40 so now I can say I’m an Ironman. Question is, does it count for the tattoo? and YES I can’t wait to do it next year! Neither of us can move today. I had no idea how painful it would be after and we are so hungry. Thanks for all the encouragement everyone and to 2FC who helped us on the bike with hydration Jacob Paul who supported us on the run and one of by best friends Allison Stoik Chisholm who was there at the beginning and the end.








Photos This Week

Minnow Lake

Sandpiper?? at Moonlight bridge

Laurentian Trail

Laurentiian Trail


Laurentian Trail

Laurentian in the rain

Laurentain in the rain

Bennett Lake Turtle

Laurentian yellow loop

Laurentian yellow loop

Great blue heron on Laurentian yellow loop

Laurentian yellow loop

Laurentain yellow loop

Laurentian yellow loop

Laurentian yellow loop


Monday Night Gravel Group with Scott

Social Bubble Tri for Fun at Moonlight Beach Aug 29

Social Bubble Group with Karen B. and gang

Helen B.

Liz and Brenda



















Upcoming Local Events


 September 20, 2020

Race 3 Sept 20-27
6km / 12km / 25km / 50km
A 6km course will be marked out, complete 2 laps for the 12km. More info to come for longer distance courses





   Oct 25, 2020

VIRTUAL for 2020











Run Club Update




Store News


Good afternoon Sudbury Runners and Walkers,


We have FREE run club Wednesday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30am.








Track North News - by Dick Moss





Dick Moss



Dick Moss, Head Coach
Laurentian XC/Track Team
c/o Coach Moss <pedigest@cyberbeach.net>
Web: http://laurentianxctrack.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/laurentianxctrack/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@luxctrack
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurentianxctrack/




For information call me.
Vincent Perdue

Proud sponsor of the Sudbury Rocks!!! Race-Run-Walk for the Health of it




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