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Rocks!! do the Camino

August 2020

Rocks!! Lise and Gang do the Camino Aug. 22 and Aug. 29

Camino start Section 1 August 22

Fielding Park

Kelly Lake trail

Checkpoint #1

Downtown market Finish Section 1 August 22

Living with Lakes Checkpoint 3 Aug. 29

Ramsey Lake Rd Aug. 29

Bethel Lake Aug 29

Bethel Lake Aug. 29

Laurentian trail Aug 29

Laurentian trail Aug. 29

Laurentian lookout Aug 29

Laurentian lookout Aug 29

Path to Laurentian Nature Chalet Aug 29

Path to Nature Chalet Aug 29

Bioski Checkpoint #4 Aug 29

Moonlight Boardwalk Aug 29

Moonlight Boardwalk Aug 29

Moonlight trail - photo by Helen Bobiwash

Moonlight Beach Aug 29

Moonlight Beach Finish Aug 29

Konrad Wiltmann August 29

Did the sudburycamino on Saturday! All 30km from Hillcrest to Moonlight!
Thanks Rainbow Routes for putting this very cool event on!

Lauren Hotti Paillé does the Camino August 24

Just finished the 31km Camino hike from Lively to the south end to downtown to Lake Laurentian and finally, Moonlight beach. Started at 6:45am and finished at 3:30pm. This adventure is put on by the Rainbow Routes Association here in Sudbury! What a trek!! I’m grateful for the experience and the wonderful people I had the opportunity to meet and catch up with along the way. Deep fried mars bars are sounding pretty good right about now Lol!!


Start and Hillfield trail bridge


Junction Creek trail and Bethel Lake trail

Bethel Lake boardwalk

Ramsey Lake view from Laurentian loop


Trail to Bioski chalet and finish at Moonlight beach

Rocks!! Andrew and Vince do the Camino August 8

Start of the Camino 30k Trail Run with Andrew Breckon and Vince Perdue

Kelly Lake Trail

Kelly Lake Trail

Station #1 at Southview Growers

Lise, our support crew

Junction Creek

Station #2 Half Way at Downtown Market

Approaching Living with Lakes with Tric as added company

Station #3 at Living with Lakes

Approaching Bioski Chalet

Station #4 at Bioski Chalet

Last 100m to Moonlight Finish

Station #5 and Moonlight Beach Finish

Rock!! Helen Francis Runs the Camino August 9


from Bethel Lake Trail