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      Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            August 27, 2020        

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  1. My Time as a Voyageur
  2. Pool petition pushes the plight of local swimmers
  3. Helpers: Volunteering and a five-decade love affair
  4. Trail Talk - What's Behind the Veil
  5. Photos This Week
  6. Upcoming Events Aug 1 - Aug 31 Sudbury Camino, Aug 29 S.F.C Crowley Crawl Open Water Swim
  7. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  8. Track North





My Time as a Voyageur

by Caleb Beland


As I was and still am very excited about my decision to attend the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, that also means my time as a Voyageur has come to an end. I however want to take this time to acknowledge all those associated with the team such as the assistant coaches, trainers, support staff and head coaches for their support and patients with myself and this team over the years.

I feel as if these individuals do not necessarily receive the attention and recognition that they truly deserve, as they have all had a great impact on myself, this team and the community of Northern Ontario. These individuals are some truly hardworking and motivating people that have an unbelievable impact on so many lives throughout this community.

I would like to thank the student trainers over the years, you guys were amazing (especially you, Trainer Dan!) and specifically Ricky for taking care of this team and myself over the years. Ricky is an unbelievable professional and has always been the go-to when we’re banged up and in need of treatment (and a good laugh). Thank you to our team Sports Psychologist, Nicole as well, as she has been a large part of our goal setting and mental preparation for everything training and racing, but also for helping me greatly over the years, even dating back to my days at Bishop Alexander Carter, when I had a very hard time believing in my abilities in my final year. Your impact on this team and myself are huge and I can never thank you enough! A huge thanks to Kathy for putting on team yoga throughout the school year and for helping us stretch out and relax during such hectic times during the season and school, it really does make a difference. Also thank you to Terry as well for the positivity and laughs you always provide us with!

Also a huge thank you to the assistant coaches over the years! Thank you for supporting this team and me through the ups and downs and for always encouraging us. I specifically want to thank Jenna for always being in high spirits and pumping us up and supporting us with an endless amount of positivity and Joe! Joe is easily one of the most influential people I’ve met throughout this program for myself. Joe has always been an unreal supporter of this team and myself and has always believed in me and always told me he did. Even in some of my lowest moments of personal struggle during these last 4 years, Joe was there to help me and to chat with me. Joe, you beauty, you’ll always be one of my greatest friends, thank you! ??

Now the head coaches, Dick and Darren. In my opinion, two of the best coaches in all of Athletics Canada and U Sports, I feel as if they deserve more attention for how great their coaching methods are but more importantly, their mentoring and support skills. They have always emphasized the “Student” portion of being a “Student-Athlete”, which I believe to be incredibly important and for always supporting our goals and ensuring we were healthy and happy. They have always made it clear to us the importance of our studies and our future endeavours. They want us to be successful in all aspects of life and have always gone out of their way to ensure we have the resources and support to do so. They have always been there for this team and me and are always trying to better our well-being as a team but also as healthy individuals. And on a more personal note, I will always thank them for taking a chance on me and offering me an Athletic Scholarship to Laurentian U. I was not where I wanted to be as an athlete at that time in 2015-2016 but they were always supportive of me, regardless of what other schools I was considering. They have always supported me since I joined the Track North Athletic Club back in July 2013, and they still support me to this day in August 2020. However, more specifically, Dick has always been there for all of us and has always provided us with information in regards to anything from iron levels to what to wear for the coming race weekend. Dick has done so much for this program and club that I don’t even know of as well, and I know of the challenges and struggle he has had to overcome on behalf of this program in recent years as well. However, if there was one thing I’ve always remembered, that one thing is that Dick is an amazing coach, but an even more amazing person.

Now I need to acknowledge the man who has been coaching me specifically since July 2013, and that’s Darren. Darren has always been a hard-ass, “if it was easy, everybody would do it” kind of coach that has always helped me push myself to be my best and has always looked out for me. That’s the kind of coach I always needed over the years. The amount of knowledge I’ve learned from being in his presence and amount of patience he’s had with me is unreal and I’ll always reflect on the times where he was more than just a coach, but a father-figure in some sorts. I have always trusted his process, and will always cherish the moments of pure happiness I have shared with him, such as finally winning my NOSSA title, qualifying for OUAs for the first time in the 1000m and of course qualifying our resilient men’s XC team for the U Sports XC Championships in 2018 and 2019. I was always motivated by my coach because he was always there if I ever needed him. He was there at every practice and every race, despite the fact he has his own family to spend time with and a big role to play at his job with HSN. Darren has changed my life and has always motivated me to be better. I am beyond blessed to have such a role model in my life and I will always give my 100% knowing there are people like Darren out there investing in me.

Times like these allow us to reflect, and I believe it is always about repaying all those who have invested in you and saw something in you when you didn’t necessarily see it in yourself. I feel this way every day. This really goes beyond my LU career even but as long as there is someone taking the time out of their day to coach or support me, then the least I can do is give them my best every time I step out on the roads, track or in the classroom. You’ll be seeing me around, and the best is yet to come in my running career and my life career. Thank you so much, for everything LU XC/Track. I’ll forever remember my time here.





Pool petition pushes the plight of local swimmers
Randy Pascal

Given the times, the administration of Laurentian University is expected to face a number of very difficult decisions, determining priorities that are often based, in large part, on current financial constraints.

The Sudbury swim community is hoping to make one decision a little easier, or at very least, ensure that the repercussions of said decision are fully understood.

"We had initially heard rumour that the pool (Jeno Tihanyi Olympic Gold Pool at Laurentian University) was safe to open as we moved from Phase 2 to Phase 3," noted Voyageur varsity swimmer Abby McDonald, a graduate of Marymount Academy who completed her freshman season with the L.U. varsity women's team last spring.

"Across Ontario, we were hearing about pools opening, pools opening. We kept waiting for the go ahead for our pool, and then we heard there were maintenance issues until it finally came down to hearing that we are not even sure if they are going to open the pool or not."

With no firm opening date released for the university training site, McDonald and long-time Sudbury Laurentian Swim Club teammate Nina Kucheran were moved to action. "We created a letter to let the board of governors at Laurentian know why the pool is so important to us," said McDonald.

"Then we created a petition, because we understand that opening the pool is not only important to just us, it's important to the entire swimming community in Sudbury. That was basically the foundation of it."

An initial goal of collecting 1000 on-line signatures has been exceeded, with just over 1100 folks showing their support. McDonald is pleased, but not surprised. "Our hope is that if we could get enough people to support the issue, it might cause them to re-think opening the pool," she said.

"I've been swimming since I was eight years old. It's not just a sport, it's a lifestyle. For me, you get up in the morning, you have your coffee and you go to the pool. That's just how my life works. From August to August, every single year, that's how I got about my daily life."

"That's the same for a lot of the swimmers on the Sudbury Laurentian Swim Club."

Still, the issue runs a lot deeper than simply the passion of the athletes. According to Laurentian head swim coach Phil Parker, who fully understands and appreciates the financial constraints facing the university, the pool appears to be an odd choice for the chopping block on the expense side of the ledger.

"I have been here since 1999, as coach, and the university has been amazing, even through financial hardships," conceded the man who was recognized as OUA Coach of the Year during the 2019-2020 swim season. "I just wish I knew what the hold-up was. I think the value of the pool, even to the outside community, is pretty well known."

"It's not just about the varsity athletes. From what we know right now, and I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that it's 18 of the 21 universities (in Ontario) have released opening dates for their pool. They want to open the pools for the mental health and well-being of those students that are on campus, for the faculty who want to use it at lunch to swim, and obviously for the revenues that are generated from clubs that use the pool."

When it comes to the Laurentian facility, primary user groups, all of whom pay to use the pool, would include: Sudbury Laurentian Swim Club, Sudbury Synchro, Laurentian Masters Swimming, not to mention two scuba diving clubs and a program which serves special needs children.

"I don't know exactly what it costs to run the pool, I don't know exactly what everybody brings in, in terms of revenue, but I don't believe they are miles apart," said Parker. "Let's say it costs $180,000/year to run the pool. The facility brings in $150,000 to $160,000. It doesn't seem to be that much to provide a service for other students, staff and the community."

Of course, the above-noted figures do not included any portion of the roughly $20,000 in revenues generated for each varsity athlete that chooses to attend Laurentian, in order to compete with the Voyageur swim team (the $20,000 figure, I was told, is based on an average tuition that an L.U. student would provide, plus the matching government funding that is allocated on a per student basis).

"Everything is on-line this year, so it's very easy for any swimmer to transfer," said Parker. "They would have to move back home, but once they do, it wouldn't take much to get set-up at another university. I don't want to say all, but at least three quarters of them will transfer to a school where they can swim."

A quick glance at the 2019-2020 rosters for the Voyageur men's and women's swim teams would suggest that somewhere between 40 and 50 students athletes could potentially opt to leave Sudbury.

"If we hear that the pool is not opening until next September, I would have to consider my other options," McDonald admitted. "Swimming is what helps make the school for me. I love the swim team more than I love anything else about the school. I think a lot of people will look at other options."

Parker, for one, does not believe the ask is too great in order to salvage the venue for all involved. "We are a winter sport," he said, acknowledging the OUA decision to cancel all competitive varsity activities until at least January of 2021. "If we can't compete in the fall, that's fine. We are still hoping that in January and February, we are good to go for provincial championships - same as hockey, same as basketball."

"We just need the pool for training" - a pool that, at the moment, sits in darkness, much like the user groups that use it the most.





Helpers: Volunteering and a five-decade love affair
Meet Darlene and Bill McKetsy, a Sudbury couple who fell in love volunteering, and passed their love of volunteering onto their children
Aug 12, 2020 By: Marlene Holkko Moore

Bill and Darlene McKetsy have been volunteering and sharing their lives together for more than 50 years. (Supplied)

Bill and Darlene McKetsy are perfect partners in life and in community. Married for 53 years, they share a love of sports, careers in education, and they are a dedicated volunteer duo, both on and off the field.

Born in New Brunswick, Bill relocated to Sudbury when he was five years old. His father was a miner at Inco’s Frood Mine.

“I grew up on Eva Street in the Donovan,” he said, adding, “My brother, Mark, retired as a draftsman with the city and my sister, Valerie, is a realtor in St. Catharines.”

Darlene was born and raised in Toronto. Both her parents worked at Eaton’s their entire careers. Her siblings still live in the GTA. Joseph is a retired teacher and Doug is a retired firefighter. Their late brother, Wayne, was a computer expert in the early days of technology.

Darlene left southern Ontario to come North in 1966.

“I intended to stay here just one year, but I met and married my soulmate within several months of arriving in Sudbury,” she said.

That same year, she launched her career as an elementary school teacher with the Sudbury Public School Board (now the Rainbow District School Board).

In 1962, Bill became an elementary school teacher.

“Part way through my teaching career, I also took on the role of sports education consultant with the board. Our team conducted physical education classes in 26 public schools.”

Bill and Darlene met in Timmins in 1966 while both were both volunteering for a regional track and field coaching clinic.

The McKetsys share a longstanding commitment to sports and volunteering.

Bill was a coach with the Legion Track and Field Club, Sudbury’s first organization of its kind. Involved in track and field since he started teaching, he also co-ordinated and officiated at elementary school track meets throughout his career. And, for more than 20 years, Darlene was an announcer and officiator at elementary school track meets.

When the Ontario Special Olympic Summer Games were first hosted in Greater Sudbury, the couple co-ordinated and ran the swimming competitions.

“We’ve always volunteered a lot together because we have similar interests and share a lifelong love of sports,” Darlene said.

Encouraged by their eldest daughter’s passion for swimming as a youngster, the McKetsys became involved in the Sudbury Laurentian Swim Club. Darlene served as club president for many years, organizing and running local swim meets. She also co-ordinated fundraising efforts to support members taking part in competitions.

The McKetsys often drove local competitors to these regional, provincial and national championships. They also officiated at all levels.

Sports and volunteering are indelible passions that are ingrained in their children.

Eldest daughter Janet is a teacher at Lockerby Composite School. Because of her love for competitive swimming since childhood, she thoroughly enjoys coaching the swim team at Lockerby.

Youngest daughter Heather works for the federal government in southwestern Ontario. Her family fosters dogs through Happy’s Place, a non-profit organization that rescues senior dogs.

While still in high school, son Stephen volunteered as club administrator of the Sudburnia Soccer Club. His passion for the game led to a university degree in sports management and a career managing a large soccer club in Mount Albert, Ontario.

Bill and Darlene are also proud grandparents of seven. “They’re the light of our lives.” As restrictions brought on by the pandemic begin to lift, the McKetsys can now see their two grandsons who live here in Sudbury. “We’re so looking forward to the day when it’s also safe to visit with family who live out of town.”

The McKetsys left teaching in the late 1990s, but retirement has certainly not slowed them down.

Bill was retained by the school board as a track official and co-ordinator of elementary school track and field meets, a post he held for the next 21 years. Although he is no longer co-convening these events, he still officiates and volunteers at competitions.

Curling is another passion the McKetsys enjoy together.

Bill has been a member of the Sudbury Curling Club since 1963 and, soon after retiring, he served as president for several years. Although she curled occasionally while still working, Darlene was able to dedicate more time to the sport after retirement.

The volunteer duo is very active at the arena. They established a mixed curling league drop-in program for pensioners, which runs Tuesday mornings. “Everyone is welcomed, whether or not they have curling experience. We encourage curlers at every level to join us.”

The McKetsys also assist with various club initiatives, such as the ten-week ‘learn to curl’ event for adults and efforts to introduce kids to the sport. “Curl Sudbury has leagues for every age and skill level, and that’s so encouraging for anyone who wants to give curling a try.”

As Darlene has described it, “Now, Bill and I are what I would call ‘incidental’ volunteers in track and field, swimming and curling.”

The couple’s busy lives are a strong testament to how important it is to remain physically active to stay fit and healthy well into your senior years.

Bill reiterated that people just need to get involved and not be concerned about their skill level or experience.

“When I first started coaching hockey, I knew very little about coaching the game, but, ‘coaching is coaching’, and I wasn’t afraid to try an unfamiliar sport. With a little help from the other coaches, it all came together, and I developed my own style of coaching.”

Darlene summed up the heartfelt rewards of volunteering by recounting a brief story: One day, while they were sitting on their front deck, a young man walking by came up the driveway to say thank you. Bill had coached the fellow in youth hockey and now he was a teacher himself and coaching his high school hockey team “just like Bill coached me,” he said.

Bill and Darlene McKetsy’s Volunteer Words of Wisdom

Bill emphasizes how important it is to explore the wide range of possibilities beyond your own personal interests and skills. You just might discover something you never thought you would enjoy. Living in a sports-oriented household, it’s natural to volunteer in sports, but you might also enjoy volunteering in other areas, too. Think outside the box!

Darlene reiterates how volunteering helps to keep your mind sharp and your body healthy. If your job and family are time-consuming right now, don’t write off volunteering. It’s never too late to get involved in the community and experience the personal satisfaction of mentoring others and helping someone else discover their passions or develop their skills.

Marlene Holkko Moore is a local communications professional and regular contributor to Sudbury.com.





What's Behind the Veil?

by Darren Kleven

Hi everyone, I promise that this is the last (4 of 4) in the series loosely entitled Conversations about God. Let's face it there is a LOT to talk about. It runs about 12 minutes and is a summary and conclusion of a very boiled down version of my decades long research, introspection, obervation and experience of many things metaphysical, spiritual, religious and secular.






Photos This Week


Sara and Neil

Day trip to the west end of Manitoulin. Long ride around Wolsey Lake and Barrie Island, and a hike at Misery Bay. Beautiful day, and checked off two summer goals

Misery Bay viper

Greg and Scott on Friday ride




Minnow Lake

Minnow Lake

Around Laurentian Lake

Natalie at Laurentian

Ragnar Ladies

Ragnar lady

Ragnar ladies

Ragnar ladies

Laurentian loop

Karen on Lake Laurentian trail

Eva at Lake Superior

Colin at Lake Superior

Liz S. and friends on the Island

Kris C. around Laurentian Lake












Upcoming Local Events



August 1 - 31

Breath of fresh air with Sudbury's Camino now underway
CTV Northern Ontario
Alana Pickrell

Visit www.rainbowroutes.com/sudbury-camino-2020 to register for this free community event today or at any point throughout the month of August to join in on the adventure!











S.F.C Crowley Crawl Open Water Swim
Public · Hosted by Neil Phipps and Sudbury Fitness Challenge

Welcome to this year's Sudbury Fitness Challenge swim event. There will be two distances available this year 1500m and 500m. The 1500m will have a points multiplier of 1000 and the 500m will be 500 points. See our page at http://www.sudburyrocks.ca/Fitness%20Challenge%202018/Sudbury%20Fitness%20Challenge%202018%20rev.htm for more details on how the point scoring works for the series.

Stage 3 social distancing guidelines will be in effect for this event. As such, registration will be limited to 50 participants this year so don't wait to sign up! You don't even have to declare your distance until race day.

The race will be an interval start format. There will be 2 waves of 25 swimmers, with a swimmer starting every 60 seconds within the waves. The waves will start 90 minutes apart. Wave 1 starts at 10am and Wave 2 starts at 11:30am.

Select your start time slot and register here:

Sign up for S.F.C. Crowley Crawl Open Water Swim ( https://signup.com/go/buRciRd ) on @SignUpdotcom today!

Declare your distance on race day when you check in.

Entry Fee: $15 per person for either distance. Please bring cash. Exact change is appreciated
Includes: Marked, lifeguard supported race course, results, Custom S.F.C. Silicone swim cap, repurposed Technical T-shirt(previous year Beaton shirts :-) )

Wetsuits will not be allowed unless the lake temperature plunges to an unsafe temperature. Floatie bags are allowed and encouraged. There will be a minimum of 5 spotter boats in the water and swimmers will rarely be more than 100m from shore. Water shoes are recommended for before/after as the beach is a bit rocky.

Please contact us at Beatonclassic@hotmail.ca if you have any questions.

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   Oct 25, 2020

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