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  1. Inaugural Sudbury Barkley, one for the ages.
  2. Apex Sprint coming on June 22, 2024
  3. The Ageless Athlete Blog Martin Parnell
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Inaugural Sudbury Barkley, one for the ages.

Still processing the incredible fury of Saturday's activities and emotions - WoW!

We are all this and more, we have Dared Greatly (some more than others - last poke).

Every Barkley has a runner called the Human Sacrifice; we were no different, and for good reason they represent the essence and spirit of Barkers.

The Barkley is not a race against each other, it is a test of human limits. A test that every individual that toes the start line and steps over that line undertakes to find the limits of their endurance, physically and mentally. That is why the Barkley Marathons model is hard, because maximum effort should be hard, the course, the day should seek to find the pinnacle of an individual's limit.

In our event, bib number 1 went to Anthea, we suspect that she found out that the limit of endurance, the summit so to speak, for her was a little bit higher at the sound of taps, than when she started the day.
A few days before the race Anthea had gone out for a run and put in a respectable hour and covered a few kilometres, commenting that she wasn't sure how she was going to do next weekend. So imagine the growth that comes from spending hours on the Sudbury Barkley course and travelling nearly 20 KM.
During the Sudbury Barkley Anthea was tested and stepped up to discover an Everest of endurance, for her, for the course and for the day. This is the very essence, the spirit of Barkers, to sacrifice, to set aside one's ego, to test the limits of being human - The Human Sacrifice. Only one is given this badge of honour however, that person represents all of us. Anthea you dared greatly, you came back with a smile; you are a most honorable Human Sacrifice - Thank-you!

All Sudbury Barkley Barkers were tried and tested, all of you in your own ways were emblematic of what it is to be provided a Letter of Condolence to participate in the Barkley. You found a suitable challenge; you found you could do hard things. Barkers, you discovered new levels of effort and endurandance that you didn't know existed till you step forward at the puff of smoke.

As the Sudbury Barkley organizers we congratulate all of you and stand in awe of your accomplishments. We thank you for your courage and the trust you placed in us to challenge your limits of mental and physical endurance.

Ok enough already:
Some may have noticed posters for an October 5-6, 2024 BBBackyard Ultra at our very own Walden Mountain Bike Trails in Lively. Please take some time to follow the link to more information and registration.(www.bbbackyard.com)
You will be receiving a questionnaire in the coming days, perhaps weeks, about the Sudbury Barkley. We want to give your wounds a bit of time to heal and pain to subside before we ask you how to make the Sudbury Barkley harder - we had Finishers.
Please note that the participants' emails are not hidden this time, we invite you to stay in contact with us and each other, to build community. We have shared a ton of photos of the day. Feel free to review, download or add your own to this link. If you have additional photos please upload them. We did try to edit some of the pictures (no people edits) from the game cam so please don't be too alarmed by the fuzzy parts.
While you were on course, we kept your loved ones up to date on a group chat. That chat was captured and saved with the photos.
That's all for now. We hope you have an amazing summer. We look forward to catching up with you between laps at the BBBackyard Ultra.

Thank you for taking a leap of faith and putting your trust in a group of anonymous sadists. We hope you will come back next year. (If we accept you.....)

The Geezers,

The Geezers

Creator - Andre Dumais
Ultra Human - Helen Francis

Wise Trail Wizard - Vince Perdue
Perfect Picture - Cindy Fowler
Coughing Race Starter - David Crockett


On the start line

We Are:
Small Canadian Woman - Shelley Walushka - Finisher
Tall Guy with Stache - Michael Rouleau - Finisher
Big Talker - Jake Geale - Finisher
Guy with Head Scarf - Jeffery Paul - Fun Run Finisher DNF
Let's FG - Lisa Zych - Fun Run DNF
Bearded Guy - Stacy Halonen - Fun Run DNF
Small Billy Goat - Mat Legault - One Lap DNF
Blond Lady - Cassidy McAuliffe - DNF
Tall Lady with Dark Rimmed Glasses - Yvonne Marrello - DNF
Human Sacrifice - Anthea Bradley - DNF

Didn't Make it:

Kris Cacciotti - DNS
Jenny-lynn Pelland- DNS
Dilyn Gilbert-Leduc - DNS
Beau Williams-Orser - DNS
Lindsay Henderson - DNS
Dennis Legault - DNS



Race Start instructions by The Creator and the dreaded lighting of the cigar by Coughing Race Starter to officially start the event


All pics below



For the Record

Lap 1 was completed by:

Jake Geale Jeff Paul Shelley Walushka in approximately 4hrs 44 mins

Stacy Halonen, Mat Legault, Michael Rouleau and Lisa Zych came in just slightly after at 4hrs 46 mins

Jake, Jeff, Michael and Shelly left at 11:20 am exactly (5 hrs since the beginning of the race, having spent 16-14 minutes at the Interloopal)

Lisa and Stacy left at 11:25 am (having spent 19 minutes at the interloopal)

Mat retired.

Lap 2 was completed by:

Jake, Shelley, Michael and Jeff completed second lap after about 4 hrs 14 minutes – coming in at 3.34-3.35 pm

Jeff retired

For lap 3 Shelley and Michael left Clock wise and Jake left Counter Clockwise at 15:57 (almost 4pm – spending 22-23 minutes at interloopal)

Lisa and Stacey came in after being on the course for approx. 10 hrs 55 minutes, for a 5:15pm finish. Last loop 5 hrs 50 minutes

Lap 3 was completed by:

Shelley and Michael - coming in just after 9pm (for a negative split and a 4hr 3 min ish loop)

Jake came in (I am less certain on this timing but approximately 925-9.30pm, for a 4 hr 28 min ish loop)…

3 lap finishers

Small Canadian Woman - Shelley Walushka - Finisher
Tall Guy with Stache - Michael Rouleau - Finisher
Big Talker - Jake Geale - Finisher


One Finisher's Perspective

Shelley Walushka
Jun 10, 2024, 8:41 AM (1 day ago)

Thank you to the amazing organizers for creating such an incredible and wild day.

I love the concept of Barkley, and am a super fan of the "real" event but the thought of participating in a similar style event both got me excited and left me feeling very unsettled.

As the days grew closer to the event I got less and less excited, perhaps a fear or stress started to overcome me. The unpredictability of not knowing the route, how far we would go, would I lead myself and others in the wrong direction etc. left me feeling unprepared and uneasy. I was also nervous this would turn in to a Lord of Flies situation and everyone would be gunning for each other, rather than working together and the shared experience I was hoping for.

As it turns out, as soon as the cigar was lit the experience became all I could have asked for and more.

A personal highlight was getting through the first 3 books as a collective and bombing down the face of Mount Ramsey. Pure Joy! And in retrospect that first decision to go "off trail" was an important one to shaving precious time off the course, in the pursuit to complete 1 loop before the cut off.

A few other highlights and memorable moments for me included:

Mr. Crockett lighting the cigar. My heart immediately filled with joy and hope just seeing you at the start line
Small Billy Goat's infectious energy throughout loop 1 - ??
The determination in Human Sacrifice's eyes near Moonlight. She was not going down without a fight. So proud of you.
My Bearded Guy's confident short-cuts. SOOOO Happy you decided to participate!
Let’s FG pushing herself hard to make that first cut off. You did the work, you came prepared and you sent it! Congratulations!
Blond Lady and Tall Lady with Dark Rimmed Glasses perseverance to go back out on Sunday to find the books they missed... seeing you both at the bridge Sunday morning filled my heart with warmth. Such determination! You inspire me! Marco….. Marco…..
Big Talker’s random off-trail adventures – always finding his way back, always looking so strong. Mad respect for you my friend! JAKE! JAKE! JAKE! JAKE!
Mud Pits
Guy with Head Scarf giving me the tough love I needed to get it done as he drove away to parenting duties
Tall Guy with Stache and I almost losing our Achilles at the final Beaver Damn crossing….
And too many more awesome moments to count

Wishing everyone speedy recoveries and happy trails in the future,

Anyone want to run a victory lap of the course on Sunday? ??

From the Small Canadian Woman (probably the nickname I am most proud of in my entire life)














Age is just a number


(Martin is a SudburyRock!! from the early days)

There will be 25 blogs in total, with 2 or 3 a month and finishing in December.

BLOG 17/25
June 5th 2024

Chapter 11
Marathon of Afghanistan (Part 2 of 2)

“Sometimes you just have to jump in a mud puddle because it’s there. Never get so old that you forget about having fun.”

It was 3 a.m. and I was awake. I was thinking about the news Taylor had given me at supper. Zainab would not be running this year’s race. She had been given a new role at Skateistan and was too busy. I was very disappointed and started to think that the race had lost its meaning. But then I thought, “How can I help?” and came up with a crazy idea: I would be a Pace Bunny. These are very common in the majority of marathons and half marathons in North America and I thought it was time the Marathon of Afghanistan had one. My reasoning was that the new route, around Band-e-Amir, was super tough and the majority of the Free to Run women and girls were first-timers. If we set an achievable time then maybe the majority could make it in. With this idea came another challenge. I needed bunny ears!

I met Taylor at breakfast and she loved the idea and suggested we shoot for a seven-hour race completion. Game on.

First thing in the morning was a 5-km run, and it almost killed me. Still, I got it done and I felt better for doing it. Today was Band-e-Amir day and we piled into the van at 8:30 a.m. In our van were Oma, JC, Kelly and me. We had a great chat about running and came up with the idea for running the highest marathon ever run, in a plane at 34,000 feet. I am going to check with Guinness to see if it’s already been done.

Full Blog Here







Photos This Week


June 5 Rocks!! Apex Wednesday pm run

June 5 Buzzy's Celebration

June 5 Finlandia

June 5 Finlandia

June 8 Rocks!! Saturday am Run












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