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  1. SudburyROCKS!!! Marathon Facebook
  2. Helen Francis in Notrh Wales Ultra 100k
  3. Rocks!! in Mississauga
  4. Pick Your Poison Local Results
  5. Should you move after a meal?
  6. The Ageless Athlete Blog Martin Parnell
  7. Photos This Week
  8. Upcoming Events:   May 26 SudburyROCKS!!! Marathon, June 3 Bush Pig Open, June 22 Apex Sprint
  9. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  10. Track North and Laurentian XC News






SudburyRocks Race, Run or Walk Facebook CURRENT NEWS here





Helen Francis in North Wales Ultra 100k


Helen scouting the100k course

Before the Run

Run Done

Overall Time 12:16:58 (2nd place and only woman in the run)

A beautiful run in North Wales today …I ran 50 k for the years I’ve lived and the next 50k for years I plan to live. Actually ran close to 106k in total due to some Navigation issues. Oh well got some extra elevation in to close to 2500 m today! First female and I think second overall by about 10-15 mins (I crossed line first but Gareth behind me started a bit later!)… waiting for official time but probably 12 hrs 15 mins ish!!! Loved the course but definitely glad I had my GPX map … would have been super lost with out it… Thanks for everyone’s support and of course my crew Heiko and my parents ( it was Dads birthday to day too). Thanks to the organizers and volunteers at OutFit Personal Fitness Ltd. And the sun shone all the way… NO RAIN!

Results below


This event gives participants the opportunity to take in a runnable, beautiful route which follows the North Walian coastline between Prestatyn and Bangor. The 50km takes runners to the beach at West Shore, Llandudno, with 2700ft of ascent along the way. The 100km route involves 8000ft of ascent, and follows the entire Waymarked 'North Wales Path' - providing lots of variety in terms of terrain and grade. On both routes you can stretch your legs on large sections of flat coastal running, whilst also tackling the hills inland, without ever getting too high or deviating too far from the coast itself. You'll visit and pass famous landmarks such as the Great Orme, Conwy Castle, Aber Falls and Penrhyn Castle and there'll be plenty of feed stations and support along the way.

Route Here








Rocks!! in Mississauga

April 28, 2024

Adrian Marcolini Runs Mississauga Half

Half Marathon

Overall Place Bib Name Gun Time Division Division Place Gender Gender Place Pace /kmg Chip Time 10k 16.4k 17k     City
7 3 Caleb Beland 1:14:01 M20-29 5 / 211 Male 7 3:31 1:14:01 34:43:00 55:47:00 58:15:00     Sudbury
2107 2107 Lisa Romanyszyn 1:38:55 F20-29 7 / 165 Female 17 4:40 1:38:26 47:24:00 1:14:41 1:17:53     Greater Sudbury
148 1808 Adrian Marcolini 1:43:29 M20-29 37 / 211 Male 121 4:54 1:43:12 49:06:00 1:17:34 1:20:55     Greater Sudbury
532 1115 Alex Bertuzzi 2:03:19 M20-29 83 / 211 Male 387 5:48 2:02:23 53:57:00 1:38:27 1:34:35     Greater Sudbury
356 2144 Kevin Salemink 1:55:52 M30-39 101 / 254 Male 272 5:21 1:52:42 51:21:00 1:21:44 1:25:20     Sudbury




Overall Place Bib Name Gun Time Division Division Place Gender Gender Place Pace /km Chip Time 10k 20kg 40k Cityg Photos  
17 656 Lorenzo Stradiotto 2:59:43 M30-39 8/137 Male 15 4:15 2:59:12 42:38 1:22:58 2:47:27 Sudbury    




Overall Place Bib Name Gun Tim Division Division Place Gender Gender Place Pace /kmS Chip Time Cityg          
980 3441 Dan Graffi 1:39:42 M60-69 28 / 28 Male 517 9:48 1:37:53 Sudbury          
988 3440 Rosie Graffi 1:46:58 F50-59 56 / 60 Female 465 10:31 1:45:09 Sudbury          

All Results Here







Pick Your Poison Local Results

April 27, 2024

(If I missed some they can be found below in All Results)

Liz Schweyer and Friends


Proud of my race today in the pouring rain but so nice to be there with friends and see familiar faces out on the course. At some points on the single track it got so slippery that I was sliding backwards instead of forwards. Still managed to finish with a smile on my face. I was definitely dancing with nature in today’s race

Liz S.



Overall Place BibS Name Gun Time Division Division Place Gende Gender Place Pace /km Chip Time City        
83 485 Jody Nadjiwon 1:56:52 F50-54 10/14 Female 49 9:20 1:56:39 Whitefish Photos      



Overall Place Bib Name Gun Time Division Division Place Genderg Gender Place Pace /kmg Chip Time Split 1 Split 2 City    
85 109 Mary-Elizabeth Taillefer 4:43:59 F40-44 7/9 Female 37 11:22 4:43:53 2:06:57 2:37:02 Onaping Photos  
79 62 Craig Jacobs 4:19:19 M35-39 10/10 Male 45 10:23 4:19:11 2:37:38 1:41:41 Sudbury Photos  



Overall Place Bib Name Gun Time Division Division Place Gender Gender Place Pace /kmg Chip Time Split 1 Split 2 Split 3 Split 4g City
30 260 Mat Legault 6:25:22 M25-29 1/3 Male 26 7:43 6:25:22 1:21:50 1:29:58 1:40:12 1:53:24 Sudbury


All Results Here





Should you move after a meal?

When we were kids, Mom always said to wait an hour after eating before going for a swim or else we’d get a cramp. In a similar vein, it seems like common sense for runners to wait after a meal before hitting the road, but do researchers agree? Part of the answer is in this new story: “This Is the Best Time to Exercise After a Meal for Optimal Blood Sugar Control, According to a New Study.” The data showed that exercising 15-30 minutes after a meal could limit a blood sugar level crash. A combination of aerobic and resistance training was most effective, but research showed that as little as two minutes of walking could make a positive impact. In fact, walking after a meal can help more than just your blood sugar. Walking for at least 10 minutes after eating has been known to lessen bloating symptoms. It can also promote blood flow to your brain and muscles, keeping you invigorated and avoiding a dreaded “food coma.”














Age is just a number


(Martin is a SudburyRock!! from the early days)

There will be 25 blogs in total, with 2 or 3 a month and finishing in December.

BLOG 11/25
April 24th 2024

Chapter 8
Hockey Injury (Part 1 of 2)

“You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.”
- GEORGE BURNS, Comedian and Actor


The trip to Cuba had been amazing. However, I knew there were issues with my ankle. My first stop was Dr. Hanlon. How much damage had I caused with the hockey accident?

Bill told me that I had “over-extended ligaments” and that I had to stop any impact type exercises, I wasn’t looking forward to my meeting with Malc. On the Wednesday morning I went around to his place with a tale of woe. He listened to what I said and didn’t miss a beat. He told me that I had to use the “4 Pillars of Recovery” regime, i.e., ice/diclofenac/elliptical/swimming. The key was to maintain the other exercises and keep up the heart rate.

The plan was that if I was unable to run then I should make use of the gym and do other activities as an opportunity to improve my strength and other aspects of training. I have to admit that Malc’s plan made me think of what I do in my business: Finish the Race Attitude – set goals, overcome obstacles and achieve outstanding results. Fingers crossed.

Full Blog Here








Photos This Week

April 24 Rocks!! Apex Wednesday pm run

April 24 Moonlight trail

April 24 Bioski pond

April 25 Moonlight Beach

April 25 Moonlight backcountry

April 25 Duck Trail

April 25 Moonlight bridge

April 25 Sudaca

April 25 Sudaca

April 26 Duck Trail

April 26 Duck Trail

April 26 Moonlight Bridge

April 26 Moonlight Bridge

April 27 Rocks!! Recognize Shelley's 2024 Boston Marathon Success

April 27 Rocks!! Saturday am run

April 28 Minnow Lake

April 28 Minnow Lake

April 29 Moonlight Trail

April 29 Moonlight Trail

April 30 Bioski Trail

April 30 Bioski

April 30 Sudaca











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Save the Date!!!

Get Ready and Save the Date!
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Registration Open Now!

We look forward to seeing you all!






                     June 3, 2024

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   June 22

Apex Trail Races 2024

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Run Club Update




Store News


Good afternoon Sudbury Runners and Walkers,



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NOTE: There is a Wednesday pm group leaving the Apex Warrior gym On Loach's Rd. at 6pm








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