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Rocks!! Around The Bay 2024

March 24

2024 Finishers


We hit the streets of Hamilton for the 130th road race (older than Boston), and our third time running it. This year, what usually is a 30KM race, became a 34KM race due to a venue change, but then it became a 35.4KM race due to a sink hole which happened the day before! (Kudos to the race crew on this pivot!) It was a blue bird day for our tour around the water with tons of people out cheering. A huge representation from the Sudbury Rocks running club was there, which is always a blast and a true down-home-family kind of support was felt. Insanely proud of everyone who ran. Even when the struggle was real between 30 and 35.4 KM

Giuliana Falconi

Congratulations to all Around the Bay finishers. Awesome times folks!!

Overall Place Bib Name Gender 34K 34K Division 34k Division Place 34k Division Total 34K Gender Place 34K Pace /mile 34K Gun Time 10k 15k 20k 30K Time 30k Place 30k Division Division Place Gender Place City
159 3584 Dalton Moncion Male 2:35:31 M25-29 25 258 0:00 07:22 min/mi 2:36:32   1:07:06 1:29:10 2:13:51 234 M25-29 34 215 Azilda
169 3899 Shelley Walushka Female 2:36:20 F35-39 5 175 0:00 07:24 min/mi 2:36:42   1:07:45 1:29:49 2:14:34 254 F35-39 7 20 Greater Sudbury
463 3179 Chantal Dagostino Female 2:52:27 F45-49 6 189 0:00 08:10 min/mi 2:53:28   1:10:43 1:33:43 2:22:33 436 F45-49 5 53 Skead
381 3250 Julianne Falconi Female 2:48:33 F35-39 15 175 0:00 07:59 min/mi 2:51:08   1:11:00 1:33:53 2:22:42 439 F35-39 14 56 Greater Sudbury
560 1320 Matt Schouten Male 2:56:13 M25-29 61 258 0:00 08:21 min/mi 2:57:59   1:16:36 1:40:47 2:30:10 708 M25-29 77 567 Greater Sudbury
1092 255 Aristo Koutsoukis Male 3:14:18 M25-29 115 258 0:00 09:12 min/mi 3:15:32   1:14:28 1:38:34 2:33:36 827 M25-29 94 655 Greater Sudbury
903 548 Steven Gonder Male 3:08:09 M45-49 98 257 0:00 08:55 min/mi 3:14:06   1:14:00 1:38:44 2:36:26 929 M45-49 101 718 Greater Sudbury
819 868 Tricia Goeldner Female 3:05:38 F50-54 11 123 0:00 08:48 min/mi 3:07:21   1:19:42 1:45:18 2:38:03 981 F50-54 16 228 Sudbury
1020 740 Proulx Daniel Male 3:12:02 M45-49 107 257 0:00 09:06 min/mi 3:22:45   1:18:35 1:44:00 2:40:12 1065 M45-49 110 808 Sudbury
867 3324 Stacy Halonen Male 3:06:55 M45-49 91 257 0:00 08:51 min/mi 3:07:17   1:17:54 1:44:24 2:40:53 1099 M45-49 111 834 Greater Sudbury
955 902 Ashley Hayes Female 3:10:30 F40-44 32 196 0:00 09:02 min/mi 3:12:40   1:20:58 1:47:30 2:41:59 1146 F40-44 40 282 SUDBURY
1777 3245 Barrett Eubanks Male 3:33:23 M35-39 173 271 0:00 10:07 min/mi 3:35:59   1:19:24 1:44:43 2:47:09 1395 M35-39 146 1028 Toronto
1784 2516 Cara Whalen Female 3:33:31 F35-39 82 175 5.55 6:07/km 3:36:26 58:46 1:28:03 1:56:55 2:59:04 1960 F35-39 88 620 Val Caron
1849 1898 Linda Geraldo Female 3:35:37 F50-54 50 123 0:00 10:13 min/mi 3:41:45   1:24:40 1:53:02 2:56:02 1822 F50-54 49 563 Greater Sudbury
  1483 Jesse Winters Male   M70-74   0         1:31:08 2:00:22 3:01:22 2073 M70-74 8 1409 Sudbry
  1282 Yves Robichaud Male   M60-64   0         1:31:08 2:00:20 3:02:56 2135 M60-64 49 1441 Greater Sudbury
1893 1753 Estephanie Chow Female 3:36:44 F25-29 101 199 0:00 10:16 min/mi 3:41:09   1:32:24 2:02:12 3:04:27 2195 F25-29 112 719 Azilda


All Results


Shelley and Dalton


Chantal and Ashley


Barrett and Daniel


Julianne, Tricia and Stacy









Barkley Marathons 2024 results:

Ihor Verys first to finish as Jasmin Paris makes history
Jonathan Turner
23 March 2024

Ihor Verys crowned an incredible debut at the 2024 Barkley Marathons by being the first finisher of the infamous race in rural Tennessee.

Verys, who moved to Canada from Ukraine as a student nine years ago, has had a meteoric rise in ultrarunning circles – winning virtually every race since his opener at the Finlayson Arm 100K, which was only in 2021.

That included the HURT 100 in Honolulu earlier this year but until now he is probably best known for the “assist” to winner Harvey Lewis in what was an epic – and world-record breaking duel – at the Big’s Backyard Ultra last year.

Lewis was last person standing with 108 hour loops to Verys’ 107 and there’s a remarkable connection too with Gary Robbins, a man inextricably linked to the Barkley, who just happened to be the neighbour (10 doors down) who introduced Verys to ultrarunning!

Verys’ performance at the Barkley could hardly have been more accomplished. Before him in the 30+ years history of the event, just 17 had completed five 20-mile loops in the allotted 60 hours, featuring the elevation equivalent of climbing up and down Mount Everest twice, from sea level.

He was in the leading group of six after loop one, stayed there as it was reduced to five on loop two, was first out following loop three and then repeated that after loop four which allowed him to choose his direction for the fifth and final loop, going for clockwise.

How the final loop played out
Reports from Rat Jaw well into that last loop suggested Verys was in great shape – Harvey Lewis says he told him at that point: “It’s only 60 hours, not 107,” in reference to their prolonged battle at Big’s Backyard.

And he had more than an hour to spare when he made it back to the famed yellow gate in a time of 58:44:59 to follow in the footsteps of last year’s first home Aurélien Sanchez, who also triumphed on his first visit to Frozen Head State Park.

In what is such a brutal physical and mental test the emphasis is very much on anyone who manages to complete it – rather than the order they arrive back – and that was the next question as a record seven runners started the fifth and final loop.

All eyes then on Jasmin Paris and the others
And next back was John Kelly at 59:15:38 who cemented his position as a Barkley Marathons legend with what at that point was a record-equalling third finish.

American star Kelly was #15 finisher in 2017 and no one would rack up five laps again until last year when he claimed completion number two alongside Aurélien Sanchez and Karel Sabbe.

But, not long after that, the benchmark for Barkley finishes was raised from three to four by Jared Campbell, who earlier had been responsible for one of the great sporting gestures.

New Zealander Greig Hamilton rewrote the record books again as he became the fourth person (and #19 on the all-time list after Verys at #18) to finish the same Barkley, the first time that has ever happened, clocking 59:38:42.

But there was heartbreak for Brit Damian Hall who came in from the wrong direction and didn’t finish. We have more news on that here.

By now it had also been announced Frenchman Sébastien Raichon did not complete loop five and faced the bugler.

All of which left one person out on course – Briton Jasmin Paris, who had already made history by becoming the first woman to start a fifth loop and was then aiming to go all the way.

And the magical news came through less than two minutes before the cut off that she had indeed made it (#20) – lots more on that below!


Jasmin Paris becomes first woman to finish Barkley Marathons – ‘The Race That Eats Its Young’

Jasmin Paris made ultrarunning history when she became the first woman to finish the notorious Barkley Marathons at Frozen Head State Park in Tennessee.

Until today – and in the 30+ years since the race became a brutal five-loop 100-mile test which features as much elevation as climbing Mount Everest twice – only 17 people, all men, had made it to the end within the allotted 60 hours.

But no woman had previously come closer previously than the mum of two, who is also a vet and research scientist.

She completed what is called a ‘Fun Run’ on her debut in 2022 by getting through three of the loops. And then last year she became the first female since 2001 to embark on a fourth loop.

But this time it was all about trying to go all the way.

How Jasmin Paris’ race panned out
Things had gone relatively smoothly on her third attempt. She was quicker than previously (12 hours is the cut-off for each loop) which all meant that she had not much more than 13 hours to complete the fifth and final loop.

It was desperately tense waiting for news which, in what must be unique for an incredibly popular sporting event, still comes from one man’s X feed, adding to the whole mystique of the event.

The cut-off in British time was 21:17 on Friday night (5.17pm local time) and just a single minute before that point, Keith Dunn posted: “Jasmin Paris finished loop five of the #BM100 in 59:58:21.”













Age is just a number


(Martin is a SudburyRock!! from the early days)

There will be 25 blogs in total, with 2 or 3 a month and finishing in December.

BLOG 6/25
March 20th 2024

Chapter 5
Malc Kent: The Early Years
(Part 1 of 2)
“Age is whatever you think it is. You are as old as you think you are.”
- Muhammad Ali, Boxer

Although my first official experience of running as a sport was at the age of 6, I didn’t really begin to take it seriously as anything more than a convenient means of transport until I was 10. I can still remember that Saturday morning, aged 10, running my first road race around the streets near my school. It was just a 3-mile race, so a modest start by any stretch. And it was around the grounds of the school, which, in my head at the time, was as uncool as it got. But it immediately ignited my ferocious competitive edge and I refused to let anyone else overtake me and win that day.

Full Blog Here









Photos This Week

Mar 20 Rocks!! Apex Wednesday pm run

Mar 20

Mar 21 Bioski trails

Mar 21 Perch Lake trails

Mar 22 Bioski Beaver pond

Mar 22 Moonlight trail

Mar 22 Moonlight trail

Mar 23 Rocks!! Saturday am run

Mar 24 Minnow Lake

Mar 24 Big Box Stores

Mar 24 Third Ave

Mar 24 Bancroft

Mar 24 Finlandia

Mar 25 Mt. Ramsey

Mar 25 Bioski Pond

Mar 25 Bioski Pond

Mar 25 Bioski Pond

Mar 25 Mt Ramsey Trail












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