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  1. SudburyROCKS!!! Registration Open
  2. Up your mileage via warm-ups and cool-downs
  3. Let’s Get You Ready for Spring: How to Make Your Finish Line, Divine
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  5. Upcoming Events:   May 26 SudburyROCKS!!! Marathon
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Up your mileage via warm-ups and cool-downs

Successful runners know when to take the “work smarter, not harder” approach to training. If you’re planning to increase mileage, you might raise the distance of long runs or take fewer rest days, but there may be easier and safer ways to expand your volume: “How to increase your weekly mileage (with minimal effort).” Marathon pros like Eliud Kipchoge say most of their running is done at an exceptionally slow pace, and you can copy that approach by adding time and distance to your warm-up. If you aren’t doing warm-up runs already, you can start by doing a simple 5-minute jog, followed by a few dynamic stretches to prepare your body for your main running workout. That’s a subtle way to tack on a bit more mileage into your routine, but the benefits don’t stop at just additional miles. Take a look at: “Why is a Warm Up Needed? How to Warm Up Correctly.” Warmups raise your body temperature, lowers muscular resistance, and increases joint cartilage thickness. That means you’ll increase performance while lowering injury risk. Much like warm-ups, cool-down runs are an easy way to tack on a bit more volume without burning yourself out. For more on cooldown benefits, check out “What Is a Cooldown?” One study found that performing a cooldown reduced the intensity of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) by increasing circulation and waste removal in your muscles.






Let’s Get You Ready for Spring: How to Make Your Finish Line, Divine
By Ben Kaplan - February 7, 2024

Lowell Greib is the founder of the SportLab, which offers performance medicine to a galaxy of professional athletes, including some of the country’s greatest runners. He also helps train middle of the pack runners training for their big spring race. The medical coordinator of the Toronto Marathon—May 5—Lowell is working with Toronto Marathon and iRun to provide great tips to get your ready for your spring starting line. To get things cracking, here’s things—right now—to bare in mind. Enjoy your journey!!

Set Realistic Goals.

Establishing achievable goals based on your current fitness level sets you up for success in your marathon training journey. It’s important to adjust these goals as needed throughout your training, taking into account factors like progress, setbacks, and changes in circumstances. By setting realistic and attainable targets, you’re more likely to stay motivated, maintain consistency in your training, and ultimately cross that finish line feeling accomplished and fulfilled.

Build a structured training plan.

Creating a well-rounded training plan that incorporates a variety of workouts, including long runs, speed work, and rest days, is essential for maximizing your marathon preparation. This structured approach not only helps you gradually increase your endurance and speed but also ensures proper recovery and injury prevention. With a clear roadmap guiding your training efforts, you’ll feel more organized, focused, and confident as you work towards achieving your marathon goals.

Increase mileage gradually.

Avoiding sudden jumps in mileage is crucial for preventing overtraining and minimizing the risk of injuries during your marathon training. By gradually increasing your mileage over time, your body has the opportunity to adapt to the demands of running longer distances, reducing the likelihood of burnout or overuse injuries. This approach also allows you to build a solid aerobic base, improving your overall endurance and stamina for race day.








Photos This Week

Feb 7 Rocks!! Apex Wednesday pm run

Feb 7 Bioski Trails

Feb 8 Moonlight side trail

Feb 8 Moonlight Duck trail

Feb 10 Rocks!! Saturday am run

Feb 10 Rocks!! run

Feb 10 Perch Lake trail

Feb 10 Perch Lake trail

Feb 10 Perch Lake trail

Feb 10 Perch Lake trail

Feb 11 Perch Lake trail

Feb 11 Tree Hugging on Crowley Lake trail

Feb 12 Moonlight backcountry

Feb 12 Moonlight trail

Feb 13 Perch Lake trail

Feb 13 Moonlight trail

Feb 14 Duck trail

Feb 14 Duck trail

Feb 14 Sudaca














Upcoming Events



Save the Date!!!

Get Ready and Save the Date!
The 2024 Sudbury Rocks!!! race is coming up on Sunday, May 26th!

Registration Open Now!

We look forward to seeing you all!








Run Club Update




Store News


Good afternoon Sudbury Runners and Walkers,



Cancelled until Further Notice

NOTE: There is a Wednesday pm group leaving the Apex Warrior gym On Loach's Rd. at 6pm








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