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  1. Happy New Year 2024
  2. New Year Resolutions
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Happy New Year 2024


Photo by Ashley Amanda



New Year Resolutions


Every year, Jan. 1 is the day when New Year’s resolutions begin to face the test of time. Goals are set and the first day of the year marks action getting underway.

Runners are known for setting ambitious goals, whether that means chasing a lofty PB, racing for the first time, or not racing at all but setting a personal milestone. The tricky part of running is that it may take weeks and months to see the progress.

With 2024 already under way, here are a few running resolutions you can set and try to follow through on in the new year.

And remember, our resolutions, while they might be fairly specific (they have to be in order to succeed), usually serve a more general purpose.” Did you miss one day here and there but stay consistent overall? No big deal as it’s the big picture that matters.


1 - Enter a new (for you) race

Is your routine of the same races starting to feel stale? Try an event you’ve never done before. There will likely be the thrill of conquering the unknown. And though you may not know the course like you do at your home race, the new environment and scenery may mean time passes by quicker.

A reminder that registering early in the year for a race often means saving a few bucks down the line when the deadline nears and early-bird registration ends.

2 - Try a new surface

Like trying a new race, take change a step further and hit the trails or cross-country course. Or, if you’re an avid trail junkie, try testing out flat land by racing on the roads.

3 - Start or continue a run streak

A run streak means you’ll be putting in consistent mileage on a week-to-week and month-to-month basis so you’ll be on track to be in PB-fitness. Just don’t be discouraged by those who have hit the 10,000-day mark.

4 - Keep a training log

Keeping tabs on where you are in training is always a good idea. It’s helpful to look back on past workouts to see where things may have gone wrong or, if you set a big PB, it’s motivating to see just how far you’ve come. With the proliferation of electronic device aids, a training log can be kept almost automatically.

5 - Add or cut out a routine
Challenge yourself by dropping a habit you’ve wanted to kick for some time, or, alternatively, push yourself in other ways by adding in a specific type of cross-training here and there or attempt to master a strength training exercise.

6 - Join a run group

Running in a group may help keep you accountable towards your goals and opens the door to meeting new people in the community.

7 - Try to qualify for an exclusive race

Certain races have specific qualifying standards like the Boston Marathon. If you’re not ready to attempt to qualify this year, at least check out what the qualifying standards are for future years. You can likely cut off more time from your PB than you think.

8 - Listen to your body

Runners are used to pain, whether it’s in training or on race day. Sometimes too much pain is a bad thing. This year, convince yourself that you can take a day off here and there if you feel an injury coming on. An intermittent or weekly day off is better than needing to take weeks and months off at a time.

9 - Try a big city race

There’s a certain feeling to big-city races as thousands, sometimes in the tens of thousands, of runners take over downtown and the surrounding area. The high volume of runners means there’s a good chance you’ll have someone to run with for much of the race (albeit there may be more bumping), and that could lead you to a PB.

Have fun training








Photos This Week

Dec 27 RocksApex Wednesday pm run

Dec 29 Blackbird Pond

Dec 29 Perch Lake trail

Dec 29 Perch Lake trail

Dec 30 Rocks!! Saturday am run


Dec 30

Dec 30

A great night volunteering with the Sudbury Rocks Running Club and friends at the Elgin Street Mission

Jan 1 Rocks!! around Laurentian Lake

Jan 1 Junior Rocks!! on Laurentian Lake

Jan 1 Sunset on Ramsey Lake

Jan 2 Perch Lake trail

Jan 2 Otter at Bioski

Jan 3 with Andre at Crowley Lake area

















Upcoming Local Events


January 21, 2024

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NOTE: There is a Wednesday pm group leaving the Apex Warrior gym On Loach's Rd. at 6pm








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