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  1. October 8 Turkey Gobbler Trail Run
  2. How to Celebrate a Birthday in Style
  3. Chantal Dagostino in Chicago
  4. Kivi Park Trail Run Series Wrap-up
  5. Laurentian leapfrogs a few schools at Don Mills Open
  6. A CAMEL race of a different kind
  7. Photos This Week
  8. Upcoming Events:   Oct 15 Wiky 10km Roadrace THIS SUNDAY
  9. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  10. Track North and Laurentian XC News





  Oct 8, 2023

2023 SFC Turkey Gobbler
Walden Cross Country


All Photos Here

The 2023 Turkey Gobbler was a tremendous success with 370 registrants, most who showed up and ran or walked in the wind, rain and snow. Thank you organizers and hardy volunteers who brazed tough elements today, Vince


I would like to express how thankful I am for all of the volunteers who came out to support the Turkey Gobbler yesterday! The conditions were difficult, uncomfortable and occasionally painful for every single one of them. The fact that there are people out there who are willing to go through this(over and over again) is the only thing that allows these small community events to exist. As this little event transitions into a medium sized one, the single biggest challenge will be to find even more selfless, community minded people like the ones freezing their butts off out there yesterday so that we can continue to grow and improve.
The large increase in participants and inclement conditions did create a few technical difficulties for us this year with the results causing a bit of a delay in publishing. Neil

All Results Here

Email: BeatonClassic@hotmail.ca

2023 Turkey Gobbler Trail Run







How to Celebrate a Birthday in Style


What do do on your birthday?

1 Ensure the weather is inlement at about 2 deg C in snow and rain

2 Pick a trail route circling the city

3 Go out and run a marathon distance on those trails with a friend

Happy Birthday Shelley Walushka







Chantal Dagostino in Chicago




Chantal Dagostino runs a 3:19:48 marathon

Still can’t believe ~ finished strong and had the time to celebrate
It was so Awsome to read all your messages yesterday and today after my race!

Thank you so much everyone ! I really felt your encouragement and your support today during this race.


All Chicago Marathon Results


Note: Kelvin Kiptum (Kenya) set a new world record in Chicago runninng 2:00:35. Kiptum shatters fellow Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge's old mark by 34 seconds




Kivi Park Trail Run Series Wrap-up

And that's a Wrap!

Tuesday was the final night of our Kivi Park Trail Run Series. We saw almost 60 runners tackle the trails of Kivi Park, and also crowned our series winners!

Congratulations to Sara, Jeremy and Hudson who ran away with the overall series titles!
A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this Series. It is so much FUN for us. We love watching it grow year after year.

Special shout out to Kivi Park for the Fantastic trails, as well as Salomon, Saucony and the Turkey Gobbler for providing some sweet Swag!




Laurentian leapfrogs a few schools at Don Mills Open
Randy Pascal


With the OUA Cross-Country Championships less than a month away (Saturday October 28th in Waterloo), picking off a few more schools was a key goal for the Laurentian Voyageurs teams which raced at the Don Mills Open last weekend at Waterloo, a couple of weeks after a season opening test in London.

Mission accomplished for coach Darren Jermyn and company.

With several encouraging performances on both the men's and women's squads, Laurentian was able to leapfrog a couple of OUA competitors from race one to race two.

Standout showings by Kristen Mrozewski (14th - 23:05) and Angela Mozzon (15th - 23:06) over the six kilometre course allowed the Voyageur women to slide into sixth place at the event, 18 points ahead of the Brock Badgers and within striking distance of the Laurier Golden Hawks.

Rounding out the scoring brigade for L.U. were Sarah Booth (54th - 25:00), Charlotte Grenier (61st - 25:30) and Meredith Kusnierczyk (65th - 25:44), with Abbey Maillet, Claire Scholl and Abby Lanteigne also racing for Laurentian.

"Kristen and Angela raced extremely well together, particularly after a fast start," said Jermyn. "Seeing them near the front of the pack is a great reward for how hard they have been training this season."

Coming back from a lengthy injury absence, veteran Keon Wallingford from North Bay topped the L.U. charts on the men's side, placing 20th in a field of 120 competitors in a time of 19:16.

Sophomore Seamus Doherty was next in line (45th - 19:56), followed by Brandon Radey (64th - 20:34), Cameron Date (67th - 20:38) and Patrick Leroux (68th - 20:41), with Owen Roney, Aurel Fx Recollet, Travis Annett and Keegan Lockley a little further back.

"Keon's top 20 performance today is definitely a sign he is returning to form," said Jermyn.

The Voyageurs are back in action on Friday, October 13th, tackling the McMaster Bayfront Open in Hamilton.

Following are the team standings from the Don Mills Open:

Women - Team Standings
1st - McMaster - 43 points
2nd - U of Toronto - 49 points
3rd - Waterloo - 79 points
4th - Guelph - 110 points
5th - Laurier - 135
6th - Laurentian - 148
7th - Brock - 164
8th - TMU Bold - 239

Men - Team Standings
1st - McMaster - 30 points
2nd - U of Toronto - 44 points
3rd - Brock - 88 points
4th - Guelph - 113 points
5th - Laurentian - 147 points
6th - Waterloo - 173 points
7th - York University - 177 points
8th - Laurier - 180 points
9th - TMU Bold - 277 points






A CAMEL race of a different kind
Randy Pascal




Like most who first catch wind of this endeavour, at least in this part of the world, I suspect I raised a Spock-ian eyebrow to initially hearing of the sport (and I use that term loosely) of camel racing.

And for as much as it’s recognized that Laurentian University cross-country and indoor track & field head coach Darren Jermyn has worked his magic with athletes of all ages and sizes, the notion of the graduate of Lasalle Secondary School working hand in hump with the non-athletic looking mammals that are native largely to northern Africa and regions of the middle east and Asia seemed a tad far-fetched, at best.

The simple truth is that the CAMEL Caravan (C-aleb Beland; A –lannah MacLean; M – egan Crocker; E – mma Vaillancourt; more on the “L” in a moment) is a young adult based distance running group that have come together under the guidance of coach Jermyn somewhat organically.

(Just to clarify – the “L” is used to denote “Los Locos” – or the “crazy” folks, as some might easily dub all those who push their bodies in the manner that this entire quartet clearly does)

“We have four different athletes in four different cities – but on somewhat similar programs,” said Jermyn over the Thanksgiving weekend. “We are a training group, but not the traditional training group that actually trains together. We kind of train virtually together and share our experiences on line.”

All four, who range in age from 26 (Beland) to 32 (Vaillancourt) enjoy deep ties to either coach Jermyn or the Sudbury running community – or both. The foursome actually was launched, if you will, by the tandem of Beland and Crocker, teammates during their time with the L.U. Voyageurs and both wishing to maintain a commitment and pursuit of elite running in their post-varsity days.

MacLean, who has raced on the international nordic ski circuit for Canada and attended NOSM in Thunder Bay during her time with the national cross-country ski program stationed there has now returned to Sudbury (she is a graduate of Lo-Ellen Park Secondary) to work on her residency.

A native of Manitoulin Island who trained with Track North back when she was still attending elementary school, Vaillancourt competed for Laurentian, went on to obtain a masters at Western and currently finds herself working in physio-therapy in Thunder Bay, where she would eventually cross paths with MacLean.

While they all can comfortably navigate racing distances ranging from the 5km road race to the half-marathon (they all could do a full marathon, if they so desired, though it’s only MacLean that currently has that distance on her radar – Berlin in Sept/24), the here and now is definitely the half (21 kms), with Crocker having raced in Victoria on Sunday (time of 1:23:26 - 9th place) and the remaining trio set for the Toronto Waterfront races this weekend.

“They all came from a different starting plane,” noted Jermyn. “Their workouts tend to be common but we change the volume on the workouts as required. They definitely have four different mileage plans; they all run a different volume per week.”

Ironically, all three women are amazingly in sync when it comes to their projected times, all looking at a range of perhaps 1:20:00 to 1:25:00 or so while Beland is targeting a sub 1:08:00 next week in the GTA.

“These are fast runners,” said Jermyn.

In fact, part of the challenge from the standpoint of the man providing some direction comes in terms of pulling in the reins on race day, just a little. “They have to commit to a pace in the first half of the race that to them will feel a little slow or too easy,” said Jermyn. “Because it’s such a long race, you really do want to be bang on with your pacing early.”

“Hitting that pace is critical, feeling comfortable there so that in the second half of the race, if you do feel good, you can actually pick it up.”

While there is many a reason that Jermyn is passionate about coaching, his fascination with all that allows his current quartet and so many others to log the kind of mileage required to rank among the top 30 or 40 in the country makes the CAMEL Caravan something of a case study for super-accommodating local man.

“Finding an efficient running gait is one of my areas of expertise,” said Jermyn. “They have all run competitively now for about 15 years with a lot of miles underneath them. Your stride pattern changes dramatically over that time. You naturally get more efficient with those kind of miles.”

Some more than others.

“Alannah is like watching a metronome – she is so smooth and so efficient when she runs,” Jermyn noted. “And running a half is so much different than running a 1500m race. You have a much different turnover, you don’t need that high knee drive.”

That actually sounds nothing like a camel, in my books anyways.

“As it turns out, a camel is a great metaphor for this group,” said Jermyn with a laugh, acknowledging that the genesis of the acronym was simply some backyard scribbling as he meandered his way through the notes of training times and projected workouts.

“I don’t know much about camels, but when I researched it, I found out that they can run 30 or 40 miles with very little water. And they spit as lot, as Megan pointed out.”

This kind of banter is also a key part of the mix, part of the reason why Jermyn continues to invest the time, even with all that a full-time career at HSN and his coaching role at Laurentian already entail.

“I’m a running geek,” he said of his fascination to plot the ideal training schedule. “They need some guidance – but they are very independent and they always put the work in.”

“And they are really good people. I get a lot of joy of working with them.”

Who would have thought the camel was that much fun.






Photos This Week

Oct 4 Rocks!! Apex Wednesday pm run

Oct 5 Laurentian loop

Oct 5 Laurentian loop

Oct 5 Oak Forest

Oct 6 Perch Lake

Oct 6 Perch Lake

Oct 7 Rocks!! Saturday am run

Oct 7 Arlington loop

Oct 7 Bell Park

Oct 9 Finlandia

Oct 10 Laurentian Lake

Oct 10 Thomas M. on Laurentian Lake










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Wiky 10Km Roadrace

Oct 15, 2023



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