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  1. A fun 5k on Canada Day 5k in Little Current.
  2. Mindemoya Classic Run Paddle Pedal
  3. That Sudbury Sports Guy: Legault channels his inner warrior — and a whole lot more
  4. Apex Trail Race #2 THIS SUNDAY
  5. Photos This Week
  6. Upcoming Events: July 22,23 Conquer the Crater
  7. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  8. Track North and Laurentian XC News






Canada Day 5k
Saturday, July 1st, 2023

A fun 5k on Canada Day 5k in Little Current.

CANADA DAY 5KM DONE Thank you Breakaway Sports for bringing this event back
Happy Canada Day

Maureen and Louis Moustgaard





Mindemoya Classic Run Paddle Pedal

Rocks!! and friends in Mindemoya Classic

Thanks to all the participants who came out to run, paddle, pedal. It was a great day of fun competition.
Start planning on entering your team for Mindemoya Classic 2024!


Mindemoya Classic - Different Take on the Triathlon

The Canada Day Weekend is a big one on the triathlon circuit in Northern Ontario. There's the traditional sprint tri in North Bay, and a unique tri on Manitoulin. The Mindemoya Classic is a small, very friendly low-key event that includes a run, paddle and bike.

This year marked the return of the Mindemoya Classic following a multi year hiatus due to Covid. This race has been on my 'do do' list, and I decided to give it a try. Close to half the racers were from our Sudbury fitness community, and it felt more like a homecoming than an out of town event.

Like the Beaton, most people do this race as a team (so many team options that there is a category for everyone), but a few of us took it on solo. The race starts with a 5.5k run, followed by a 3.3k paddle and finishes with a 13k bike.

Teams must paddle a canoe, but soloists can paddle a kayak or canoe. I chose my canoe, great Beaton training. The bike is interesting as it starts with a 2k rough bush trail and the rest is beautiful pavement. This makes for tricky bike selection (I opted for my CX bike and took it easy on the trail).

Race winners are awarded with local maple syrup, and everyone went home with great draw prizes.

This is a great event, and I recommend it for anyone wanting something a little different. Lake Mindemoya is beautiful and makes for a perfect venue for a triathlon.

Sara Mcilraith

Full race results and photos below






That Sudbury Sports Guy: Legault channels his inner warrior — and a whole lot more
Author of the article:Randy Pascal For The Sudbury Star
Published Jun 07, 2023 •



It would be difficult to peg Dennis Legault into one particular bracket, though a challenger of all things that will put his body to the stiffest test possible might be a very good place to start.

Always a fan of fitness, the more extreme demands have been something that came over time, specifically following that moment when the nearing 30-year-old (he is now 37) left Canada for Australia. He had worked in roofing and as a mechanic and was a mainstay at gyms in Sudbury, Calgary and Ottawa, but he was also looking for more.

“I had a friend in Australia and I wanted to use it as a restart,” noted the energetic coach and owner of Apex Warrior Gym in Sudbury — and a competitor in a whole host of outdoor obstacle racing events.

“It was life-changing. I had to work on a farm, picking oranges for three months so that I could stay for two years.”

That sacrifice, however, led to a lengthened stay in Adelaide and a whole new direction to a devotion to fitness that at one time saw the 5-foot-7 athlete working only on adding strength.

“Adelaide is almost completely flat — but go 10 minutes in any direction and you are into the mountains,” Legault said. “The trail racing community there is unreal — there are huge races every month, lots going on. That’s where I got into hard core running — and Spartan racing is really big there.”

His natural fitness had served him well, quickly enjoying a degree of success on the race circuit — quite impressive for a young man who had not even truly been exposed to formal gymnastics until his early adulthood.

“Because of my gymnastics skills, I was doing really well at the obstacles but I sucked at running — and Spartan racing is a running sport,” he explained. “The obstacles don’t take long. The better runner that you are, the less the obstacles gas you. I would catch up to people on the obstacles and they would beat me on the run.”

Before long, Legault took notice of a 24-hour obstacle race and began the process of finding teammates, to no avail. So he did the next best logical illogical thing and tackled the event solo.

“I found a coach and she put me through some crazy training — but my racing went through the roof,” he said.

Distances were clearly his thing. The more, the better.

“If you put me in a 5K, I’m not going to do well. I will do better in a 10, better in a 20 and even better in a 50.”

More importantly, the notion of taxing himself physically more than just appealed to Legault. It spoke to the very core of his being.

“She worked me up to a six-hour run, about 50 kilometres,” he recalled. “I was out of water, out of food — but that’s when you learn. That’s what I love about endurance running. Once you are out there, you have to deal with the pain and the suffering and still make it back.”

Unfortunately, it was also time to come back.

After working at a huge warehouse in Australia that included quasi-Crossfit and endurance training and then embraced the newly introduced Ninja Warrior TV series down under, Legault could not get his work visa renewed.

Time to take his show on the road, back to Sudbury, with a similar concept in mind.

“When I get back home, I am opening a gym, I thought to myself,” Legault said. Some four years ago or so, that dream became reality as the graduate of Lasalle Secondary School opened Apex Warrior Gym in the city’s south end.

“It has elements of Ninja and some similar training to Crossfit, but we do more cardio: bike and run.”

While both Ninja Warrior competitions and Spartan races incorporate the concept of overcoming obstacles, there are some major differences.

“Ninja is a lot more flying through the air, a lot more balance,” Legault suggested. “You spend a lot of time hanging in Ninja.”

Sure, being gymnastically inclined, Legault is not opposed to jumping and vaulting, running and climbing. He simply has found an outdoor equivalent that speaks to him more.

“Spartan (racing) is definitely my sweet spot,” he said. “I love the challenge of the hills, the trail running, the spear throw, the competitiveness, the environment. I love how rugged it is; they will put you through disgusting stuff. You come through and you’re full of mud. You’re full of scratches and you go as hard as you can.

“You feel like a warrior.”

While it was far more adventure race than Spartan challenge, a 30-hour, 160-kilometre journey last summer captures the very essence of the spirit of Dennis Legault.

“It was trekking, mountain biking and canoeing in the Parry Sound area,” he noted, acknowledging that it was a quest that was shared with three teammates, all moving more or less in tandem with one another, every step of the way.

“There was no course, no watches, no phones, no GPS; just your map and your compass. It was nuts, but it was one of the funnest things I have ever done. I think the four of us really did not have a very good idea of what we were getting into.”

To some extent, that also holds true of his business, a venture he continues to embrace with a smile each and every morning.

“It’s turned into way more than I ever thought it would,” Legault said. “It’s a community — and we have so much going on.”

Much of which is sometimes misunderstood by the public in general.

“At first, we had a reputation that this is a really intimidating gym, you had to be super fit to be here. You don’t need to be the fittest person on the planet to come here.

“This is where fitness starts.”

And maybe, just maybe, where ordinary folks come to discover their inner warrior.

Randy Pascal’s That Sudbury Sports Guy column runs regularly in The Sudbury Star.




  July 9

Apex Trail Race #2 THIS SUNDAY








Photos This Week

June 28 Rocks!! Apex Wednesday pm run

June 29 Moonlight back swamp

June 29 Moonlight bridge pond

June 29 Bioski

June 30 Beaver pond

June 30 Beaver pond trail

June 30 Finlandia

July 1 Rocks!! Saturday am run

July Bell Park by George.B.

July 1 Bell Park by George B

July 1 Rocks!! at Bennett Lake

July 3 Nepawhin Lake

July 3 Nepawhin Lake

July 3 Loach's path

July 3 Loach's path

July 3 Laurentian track

July 3 Bennett Lake










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