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Apex Trail Race #1 (Sprint 6k and 12k)


Apex Sprint Trail Run

JUNE 11, 2023



New 2023 tees



The Apex Sprint was a Blast!

Thank you so much for making this event a huge success and so much fun.

We apologize if you did not receive a medal, please fill out this form, and we will mail them out when we get them. We will also have them at the next race!

The race kits were pretty cool, and we would love to see the sunnies at the Apex Rush event with the sun! That event always seems to be sunny and hot, so let's plan for that!

You can register for the Rush here.

If you don't know about Apex Warrior, we are a gym in the South End of Sudbury dedicated to strength and performance. Anyone is welcome to join us for fun classes that will increase your overall fitness, including running strength. We have a lot to offer, especially five run clubs a week. We will be organizing group runs at the next race location to go through the course so you can run your best. We will post the runs on social media, so please follow @apextrailraceseries for more info. They will run on Sundays at 8:00 am at Walden Mountain Bike Park.

See you soon, and let us know if you have any questions!

Dennis Legault




Hard work, consistency, and unwaivering support have culminated into my first trail running W! So proud to stand atop the podium at the 2023 Apex Sprint!

As always, I started at the front of the pack. I held 3rd place for the first km, and when the 2nd place runner took a tumble (he was ok), I took 2nd and never looked back.

I held my pace at a stride length behind Nathan (from North Bay), wanting to mess with him a bit. At the 8km mark, he asked me, "Are you going to blow by me at the end?" I chuckled and told him that I had my soul stolen at SudburyROCKS!!!, and I was out for vengeance.

At the 10km mark, we got out of the woods and hit the home stretch. Nathan and I had a friendly exchange, and I turned on the jets to bring it home in classic Cacciotti fashion - FULL SEND!
This W has me stoked not only for today, but as a stepping stone for my big races in the fall. I'm feeling dangerous, and I'm looking for redemption at Run Off The Grid (Sept. 30) and the Spartan Trifecta (Oct. 22-23)!
Thank you to Apex Warrior for putting on an incredible race! The course was very well marked, and the out and back to Perch Lake to retrieve the stuffies was a really cool little feature.
Happy Sunday, all. Have a great day!


All Photos Here

All Results Here






Personal Best: Three generations, one friend and a race plan
Sudbury family completes Sudbury Rocks 5K, starts new tradition

Author of the article:Laura Young For The Sudbury Star
Published Jun 12, 2023 •


Liam, Fiona (centre), and Dave McGill celebrate their hardware after running the Sudbury Rocks 5K event as a three-generation group. Fiona’s friend Caterina Desormeaux also joined the family to cross the finish line together


It’s one thing to think that it would be nice for the whole family to run together, to just do something. It’s another to actually sign up, show up and cross the finish line together. But that’s exactly what three generations of the McGill family did at Sudbury Rocks on May 28.

Dave, 77, Liam, 43, and Fiona, 10 — plus Caterina Desormeaux, 11, Fiona’s friend — ran and finished the Sudbury Rocks Equipment North five-kilometre run/walk. They were among the 540-plus entries in the 5K alone.

“I wanted to do it because it was my dad’s birthday and he wanted to do the race with three generations of McGills,” says Fiona, a Grade 5 student at Alexander Public School.

She also runs cross-country and track, is part of Track North’s Bobcats program, and plays basketball.

She was happy to run as a gift to her father, Liam, who works for the Ontario Ministry of Mines.

Her friend Desormeaux, 11, has been training with Dave McGill, her “Poppy.”

How they managed all this came down to a simple race plan: they were determined to stay and finish together.

“We jogged together and when one of us needed to walk, we walked,” Fiona explains.

The plan was to run five minutes and walk for one. They stuck to that plan for the first three kilometres. In the final two kilometres, they took more walking breaks. They finished in 38:02, according to official results.

(Although they were finishing together, according to the results, Dave McGill finished in 38:01).

Ten family groups entered Sudbury Rocks, while others signed up as individuals.

That’s what happened with the McGill generation plus one group.

McGill senior had already signed up when Liam approached him in March. He knew the run was coming in May and asked his dad and Fiona if they were interested. With Dave already registered, they couldn’t go as a family group.

“The aim was staying and finishing together,” Liam adds.

Still, people can be competitive — Liam says he’s not, though he did play basketball — but it was a conscious decision to stick together.

Every now and then, he would think if I took off now, what could I do it in? Could he break 25 minutes?

Dave McGill signed up thinking he’d be in good shape by race time, “but I wasn’t, so I was quite happy to run with them.”

Good shape, of course, is relative as anyone would be happy to be in McGill senior’s fitness.

Over the winter, he attended twice-weekly spin classes at the YMCA. He runs about five times a week now.

He had hoped for a 25-minute 5K run, but wasn’t at that point in his own fitness training.

“That’s why I was happy to run in a group. But it wasn’t a matter of time. It was a matter of running together and encouraging Caterina and Fiona in any activity.”

They had never run a 5K before, although Fiona had extended her distance running over the period up to Sudbury Rocks.

“We probably both would have liked to push for a personal best time but the focus for us was running and finishing as a family,” Liam says.

They both hope it inspires a lifetime of activity for Fiona and their younger daughter, nine-year-old Niamh, where they run well into their adulthood. Fiona and Niamh are Dave McGill’s only grandchildren.

As for how this might inspire others, or offer a way to do something like this, the McGills are adamant that advance planning is the key.

“Decide well in advance and then register, so that you’ve got no choice,” Liam says. “Because you’ve got no choice, you’ve got to start training, doing some running in the lead-up.”

He and Fiona would do a distance run, getting up to 4K. Sometimes, they ran home from Fiona’s piano lessons.

Dave McGill agrees that there should be plenty of lead time, even for walking that five-kilometre distance.

“It’s pretty hard for a kid to just go into that without having done anything.”

The plan now is to expand the family group for next year — or perhaps sooner, in this summer’s races — and add Niamh and their mom, Dana, to the mix, so that the whole clan is involved next year.

There were 50 family member participants at Sudbury Rocks, more than 1,300 overall in all events plus children in the 1K run, with their parents.

All Rocks run results can be found at www.sudburyrocksmarathon.com/results.html.

For all racing updates, images of our own backyard, and miscellaneous sporting items, visit Sudbury Rocks Running Club at sudburyrocks.ca.






Photos This Week


June 7 Rocks!! Apex Wednesday pm run

June 7

June 7 Buzzy's

June 7 Moonlight

June 7 Moonlight pond

June 7 Moonlight pond

June 8 Moonlight ave

June 8 Moonlight ave

June 8 Moonlight bridge

June 8 Moonlight

June 8 Moonlight trail

June 8 Moonlight back country

June 9 Moonlight pond

June 10 Rocks!! Saturday am run

June 10

June 10 Rocks!! at Naughton

June 9 Moonlight pond

June 12 Moonlight pond

June 12 Ramsey Lake

June 12 Moonlight poleline trail

June 13 Bioski trails

June 13 Moonlight trail

June 14 Nepawhin Lake

June 14 Bennett Lake










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  June 25, 2023

Canoe Marathon






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