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  1. Sudbury Rocks Reflections
  2. Apex Trail Race #1 this Sunday
  3. Photos This Week June 25 Sudbury Fitness Challenge Canoe Marathon
  4. Upcoming Events:
  5. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  6. Track North and Laurentian XC News










Sudbury Rocks Reflections

Kris Cacciotti

Kris Cacciotti going crazy on the mic



What better way to celebrate National Smile Day, than with reflections about one of the greatest events I've ever been a part of!

What a comeback! SudburyROCKS!!! returned in full swing this year, and I am utterly speechless at the outpouring of support from the entire community. With over 1,300 participants, and countless volunteers, sponsors, and supporters, SudburyROCKS!!! 2023 was one for the books! THANK YOU!

I was truly honoured to play a part in bringing this amazing event to life. SudburyROCKS!!! 2014 was the first official race I ever participated in, and I instantly fell in love with the race day vibes and thrill of competition, and it planted the seed that eventually grew into my love for running and obstacle course racing.

To each and every person who showed up and gave it your all, whether on the course, cheering on the sidelines, or supporting from afar - THANK YOU! You've shown what Sudbury is made of.

To everyone who has been a part of the SudburyROCKS community - as a participant, sponsor, donor, vendor, or spectator - this year, every year since inception, or anything in between - you have all made SudburyROCKS!!! more than just a marathon – it’s a family and a force for good.

To our local leaders, Jamie West and Mayor Paul Lefebvre, thank you for not just supporting us, but being part of the action! Your words of praise and appreciation truly capture the spirit of SudburyROCKS!!!

And of course, a heartfelt thank you goes out to our unstoppable organizing committee and the army of volunteers who made this event possible. You are all rockstars and superheroes! Your dedication and hard work brought this event to life, and we couldn't be more grateful.

From me, and on behalf of the Northern Cancer Foundation - THANK YOU!

Everybody - mark your calendars! We can't wait to do it all again next year - Sunday, May 26th, 2024! Until then, keep running, keep giving, and keep shining!. Because Sudbury truly ROCKS!!!











Apex Trail Race #1 this Sunday (Sprint 6k and 12k)


Apex Sprint Trial Run

(Real run next Sunday June 11. Sign up Now!)

June 4, 2023


Run start of both 6k and 12k events at Bioski Beaver pond bridge

Mount Ramsey lookout (detour off course for the view)

Beaver pond trail wooded area

Perch lake at 12k turnaround


Race Kit Pick up This Saturday!
We hope you are ready for a great event Sunday morning. Remember to show up early because the race will start on time.

Head to Apex Warrior at 125 Loach's Road to pick up your kit Saturday, June 10, from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm.

Race kits can still be picked up before your race tomorrow morning. Registration opens at 8:15 am.

12 km start time: 9:00 am

6 km start time: 9:15 am

Race location, directions, parking and all other details can be found here

There are two days left to register, so if you have any friends that want to run, make sure they register now! You can share this link with them to send them to registration.

Trail Race Registration






Photos This Week

May 31 Rocks Apex Wednesday pm run

May 31 Crazy Rocks!! at Nepahwin

May 31

June 1 Bioski

June 1 Bioski

June 1 Mt Ramsey trail

June 1 Moonlight pond

June 1 Moonlight pond

June 2 Moonlight Duck trail

June 2 Moonlight bridge

June 2 Moonlight bridge

June 2 Bioski

June 3 Rocks!! Saturday am run


June 3 Rotary Park

June 3 Rotary Park

June 3 Bell Park

June 3 Bell Park


June 3 Bell Park

June 4 Laurentian

June 4 Bioski

June 4 Bioski

June 4 Bioski

June 5 Nature Chalet

June 5 Moonlight bridge pond

June 6 Bioski trails

June 6 Ramsey at Bioski

June 6 Bioski beaver pond

June 7 Moonlight ave.












Upcoming Local Events


  June 25, 2023

Canoe Marathon






Run Club Update




Store News


Good afternoon Sudbury Runners and Walkers,



Cancelled until Further Notice

NOTE: There is a Wednesday pm group leaving the Apex Warrior gym On Loach's Rd. at 6pm








Track North and Laurentian XC News









For information call me.
Vincent Perdue

Proud sponsor of the Sudbury Rocks!!! Race-Run-Walk for the Health of it




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