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Sudbury Rocks returns to its former glory after three years

Tyler Clarke Sudbury.com



The annual foot race event has been held virtually for the past three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with Sunday’s in-person event a return to form for the popular attraction

In their first in-person event since the COVID-19 pandemic forced everything online three years ago, the Sudbury Rocks Marathon returned to downtown Sudbury on Sunday.

Not only did it return, but it came back in full force, race director Brent Walker said, noting they brought in approximately 1,500 racers.

This includes approximately 100 kids who ran a one-kilometre race around the block, many of whom with their parents (and in some cases, carried by their parents for at least part of the race).

“We couldn’t be happier with the turnout, the crowd support,” Walker told Sudbury.com. “The energy is electrifying.”



It is incredibly exciting to be back on the streets of Sudbury,” he said, adding that while the virtual events were nice to have, “you can’t match the energy and enthusiasm and excitement and music and people cheering and clapping, and people walking around with a smile on their faces.”

Vince Perdue co-founded the annual event with Steve Matusch in 2005, and was on hand during Sunday’s event cheering on racers.

Perdue told Sudbury.com he went into this year’s event worried the city had moved on.

The past three years of virtual events saw interest dwindle, from approximately 1,000 registrants in 2020, to 800 in 2021 and only a few hundred people last year.

Sunday’s turnout, however, revealed that people are still eager to participate in-person.

At approximately 1,500 total racers, he said turnout is back to its pre-pandemic level.

The idea to plan the first event in 2005 was sparked by a belief there weren’t enough big events taking place in the Greater Sudbury area.

The region “didn’t appear sports-minded to people looking into us from the outside, and even some people in our community,” Perdue said.

“Our goal was to come downtown and kind of be in the way of people, but not insulting people, so they know people want to have an aerobic event in Sudbury.”

Reflecting on the years leading up to the pandemic, and this weekend’s big return, Perdue considers their mission to have been a success.

The volunteers behind the event are already planning next year’s effort, he said, adding there’s “no question” the event, which requires approximately 300-400 volunteers, continues.

Sudbury Rocks raises funds for the Northern Cancer Foundation. Although organizers have yet to determine how much they’ve raised this year, Walker said they’re hoping to give the charity at least $40,000.

The charity was selected because it’s local, and just about everyone has been affected by cancer in one form or another, “either personally or someone they know and love,” Walker said.

“It’s something that I personally had to experience, and experience the good work the cancer treatment centre does,” he added. “The people that treat you are nothing but first-class people. They treat you with the utmost kindness and respect and treat you as a person going through a journey, and they’re with you every step of the way.”

Top runners in the Equipment North 5 Km Run/Walk

Ted Hanley (Sudbury), 18:33
Julian Luoma (Greater Sudbury), 20:33
Noah Lapierre (Sudbury), 20:34

Top runners in Lise's 10K Run/Walk sponsored by the Perdue Family

Nicholas Lambert (Elliot Lake), 36:54
James Larmer (Sudbury), 44:06
Todd Withers (Lively), 44:52

Top runners in Steve’s Half Marathon Run/Walk

Eric Leishman (Lively), 1:14:22
Dan Whalen (Val Caron), 1:23:04
Corey McGee (Timmons), 1:25:56

Top runners in the CIS Sudbury Rocks Marathon

Darcey Brunet (Timmins), 3:05:43
Danny Brunet (Timmins), 3:05:44
Scott Rienguette (Val Caron), 3:16:36

For a full collection of results, click here.





Never Say Never. The next chapter..

(continuation of my story from 3 weeks ago... Rocks!! in Toronto Marathon)


May 28th was the day, the Sudbury Rocks Marathon. Time for my second marathon in 3 weeks. Only this time it was to be at a race pace…not a training marathon. My goal was sub 4.


What another fun event!!!! For the first km, Robert Masih and I ran together until we hit our stride. I enjoyed seeing my friends and former running buddies, Sheila and Monique, at the corner of Falconbridge and the Kingsway on each pass. Kudos to the organizers for an excellent event and the volunteers along the route for their encouragement!!!!


I had not RACED a marathon event since 2015. I have to say that there may be more chapters in my future. I was very happy with a 3 hour 49 minute finish time and second overall female place finish!!

Stephanie Koett




Reflections of Gratitude for a great day!


PBs for breakfast and 30,000 steps by 2:00pm. Ran the SudburyROCKS!!! 5k in between MC duties, and absolutely smoked it! I was PB hunting, hoping to go sub-21:00. Mission accomplished - I finished with a chip time of 20:35, missing the podium by a split second!

Zoey also ran the Kids 1k, her very first race! She battled through a cramp and finished strong! Lesley and I are so proud, especially since Zoey ran the course without either of us accompanying her. Another solid experience on her journey to her 1k Kids Spartan in October.

Event reflections/words of gratitude in the am, but for now... sleep. A 2:30am start makes for a loooooong day. Will sleep soundly tonight knowing that I gave 110% of my soul to the universe.

Kris Cacciotti







Photos This Week

May 24 Rocks!! Apex Wednesday pm run with Rally non alcoholic beer

May 25 Duck Pond

May 25 Duck trail

May 25 Bioski pond

May 25 Bioski pond

May 26 Moonlught Duck trail

May 26 Moonligght Duck trail

May 26 Moonlight bridge

May 26 Bioski pond

May 27 Bell Park

May 27 Bell Park

May 29 Moonlight pond

May 30 Moonlight poleline

May 30 Poleline

May 30 Bioski

May 30 Perch Lake south end

May 30 Bioski

May 30 Bioski

May 31 Moonlight bridge

May 31 Bioski trails

May 31 Bioski trails

May 31 Perch Lake pond

May 31 Bioski pond












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