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  1. New entries make their mark at X-C championships
  2. Cross-country memories that withstand the test of time
  3. Apex Warrior shows up and takes over at Spartan Race this weekend.
  4. Rocks!! Tim Quetton Runs in Victoria
  5. Photos This Week
  6. Upcoming Events:  Nov 6 Run to Remember
  7. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  8. Track North and Laurentian XC News






New entries make their mark at X-C championships
Randy Pascal

Capturing four of the six divisions from a team perspective at the 2022 SDSSAA Cross-Country Championships at Kivi Park last Wednesday, it's a pretty safe bet that the Lo-Ellen Park Knights are not about to go quietly off into the night, easily relinquishing their stranglehold on an athletic discipline that they have dominated for the past decade or so.

But with four of the six individual winners coming from other schools, including three of the four gold medal winners in the two youngest of the age brackets, there is clearly reason for optimism when it comes to cross-country running elsewhere in the region.

Though not at 100%, St Benedict Bears' freshman Caleb Mead did just enough to earn a three second win in the Novice Boys grouping ahead of teammate Sullivan Smith, with Lukas Morin of Collège Notre-Dame another thirty seconds back.

"My knees have been hurting, so I was trying to win it but not win it by a lot," said Mead, quite candidly. "Every couple of minutes, I looked back over my shoulder to see where Sully (Smith) was."

A race champion at the elementary level as well in recent years, the multi-sport athlete (Mead also plays competitive hockey and lacrosse) did not let the pandemic deter his chances to carry his success through into his high-school years.

"I kept running and kept trying to push myself during Covid," said Mead. "I think I got more serious because I got more mature. I just wanted to work harder."

The granddaughter of legendary Windy Lake supporter of all things sport Willy Cole, Novice Girls first place finisher Tyla MacLeod (Bishop A Carter) drew on his inspiration and a lot of self-motivation in getting her start on the trails in and around Dowling.




"My "Poppa" (Cole) would do running and cross country skiing races all of the time and I thought that was kind of cool," said MacLeod, who clipped Lily Bignucolo of Lo-Ellen by 16 seconds in breaking the tape quite comfortably.

"Whenever we had cross-country practice after school (Larchwood Public School), I would do it - but I would always wake up really early in the morning or workout late at night. I would just do it by myself."

Like so many young runners, MacLeod is instinctively inclined to avoid race situations where she cannot see her direct competition. "I stay around the faster people but try not to tire myself too much," said the grade nine student who turned 14 just over a week before her big win.

"I don't like when people are behind me because at the end, they can sprint past me. I try and stay behind them so I can pass them."

If there is a singular aspect of the teams that distinguishes Lo-Ellen from much of the rest, it lies in the depth of their running talent. Nico Labrecque had already established himself during his grade nine year (2021-2022) with the Knights, well before he ran away from the field this week, taking the Junior Boys race by 15 seconds.

Teammate and second place finisher Shiloh Sauve however is far more well-known for his basketball talents - though he's every quickly carving out a reputation with the Knights' running community as well.

"Running has always been something that I've liked," noted the 15 year old grade ten student who will take to the court for the Sudbury U16 Jam this winter. "I find that it's always been something that's helped me on the basketball court."

"I used to run for fun by then coach (Colin) Ward and coach Neil (Phipps) really got me into the training program and I really started to like it."

That said, like so many young athletes who enjoy a plethora of activities, there are only so many hours in the day to go around.

"It ends up with me doing two to three practices a day, going from running to basketball and basketball to running," said Sauve. "Then I'll miss a running practice and have to go do it later, on my own."

"It's a lot of training."

True - though the rewards come in spades for all those who have a chance to enjoy physical activity with a healthy mix of competition. Following are the tp five finishers in each of the six race categories:

Senior Girls - 6.4 kms
1st - Lauren Pineau (Lockerby) - 27:26
2nd - Georgia Lepage (St Benedict) - 27:51
3rd - Sophia Oommen (Lo-Ellen) - 28:34
4th - Katelyn DePoli (St Benedict) - 28:57
5th - Bay Jones (Lockerby) - 29:13

Senior Boys - 6.4 kms
1st - Kaeden Ward (Lo-Ellen) - 23:18
2nd - Owen Dobson (Lo-Ellen) - 23:22
3rd - Liam Binks (Lockerby) - 23:36
4th - Owen Roney (Lockerby) - 23:40
5th - Nolan Kuhlberg (Lo-Ellen) - 24:01

Junior Girls - 5.3 kms
1st - Lucia Salmaso (Marymount) - 23:07
2nd - Sasha Bouffard (Notre-Dame) - 23:35
3rd - Sidney Skrobot (Lo-Ellen) 24:27
4th - Maija Nener (Lo-Ellen) - 25:21
5th - Valérie Vaillancourt (Sacré-Coeur) - 26:00

Junior Boys - 5.3 kms
1st - Nicholas Labrecque (Lo-Ellen) - 19:34
2nd - Shiloh Sauve (Lo-Ellen) - 19:49
3rd - Adam Urso (St Charles) - 19:59
4th - Jack Ellis (Sudbury Secondary) - 20:27
5th - Max Portelance (Notre-Dame) - 20:41

Novice Girls - 4 kms
1st - Tyla MacLeod (Bishop Carter) - 16:42
2nd - Lily Bignucolo (Lo-Ellen) - 16:58
3rd - Misaki Diavolitsis (Lockerby) - 17:17
4th - Barbara Ceccon (Marymount) - 18:00
5th - Breeanna Sullivan (Notre-Dame) - 18:12

Novice Boys - 4 kms
1st - Caleb Mead (St Benedict) - 14:47
2nd - Sullivan Smith (St Benedict) - 14:50
3rd - Lukas Morin (Notre-Dame) - 15:23
4th - Raphael Belzile (Macdonald-Cartier) - 15:36
5th - Isaac Longston (Lockerby) - 15:39





Cross-country memories that withstand the test of time
Randy Pascal

Perhaps it’s nothing more than the incredible diversity in the elements that the local high-school cross-country crew experience in these parts that sears at least some memories of their fall jaunts in northern Ontario deeply into their cranial archives.

Heck, to this day, more than forty years after the fact, there are still race images from the Laurentian trails or the old Lasalle preliminary race (now leads into land that Cambrian College occupies), or even an intramural win from my first year at Macdonald-Cartier that are as vivid as they were in my late teens.

As I attended yet another set of SDSSAA Cross-Country Championship races this week, hosted at the Kivi Park venue that was but a distant vision for most of my time of covering the event, I couldn’t help but to recall some of the young phenoms who have come and gone during the past twenty years or so.

Kyla Pettigrew (now Cameron) was in grade ten at Lo-Ellen Park Secondary when she burst on to the scene in September of 2008 – and quite the burst it was, with very little in the way of foreshadowing from the multi-sport athlete who did not even compete on the trails until her junior year of high-school.

“I tried out longer races for track in grade nine after doing my beep test,” said Pettigrew, now 28 years old and having welcomed the birth of their second daughter with husband J-F Cameron just over a week ago. “Even when I did the beep test, I didn’t realize that it was that great of a score.”



The young woman who would go on to complete her masters in Occupational Therapy at Western following her undergraduate degree at Laurentian would come to realize that her first sport of choice apparently allowed her distance running to flourish. “I had played soccer competitively since I was very young; I guess that helped build up my endurance,” she said.

A member of the Sudbury Canadians for several years and long-time teammate of the likes of current Team Canada member Cloe Lacasse, as well as Kayla Gallo, Karolyne Blain and Serena San Cartier, Pettigrew was effectively training for her Knights’ cross-country and track breakthrough, long before she knew it.

“I could stay on the field for quite a while,” she recalled. “I did play midfield but also played striker for a while, where it’s more about a burst of speed.”

While some health challenges curtailed some triumphs to come in her senior years, Pettigrew enjoyed a first season for the ages, capturing gold at both SDSSAA and NOSSA and finishing 6th in her first shot at the much tougher OFSAA showdown. “I didn’t really know what to expect – I just kind of went for it,” she reminisced.

“I’m very motivated when I have people push me. There are so many people in that field that are so competitive. Having people in front of me is really good for me.”

It didn't hurt that the very basic elements of her training might well have given her a bit of a leg up when it came to going stride for stride with the provincial elite. "I actually think that running in Sudbury and training in Sudbury, both with Track North and Lo-Ellen as well, was an advantage."

"I felt the terrain around Laurentian was always tougher. By the time we got to OFSAA and even sometimes NOSSA that were run on flat ground, it was just so much easier."

And while life may not afford her quite the same window of training opportunities as it did in high-school, Pettigrew (Cameron) is not beyond taking a casual jaunt. "I will still go out for a jog or use my elliptical," she said.

"I always feel good after a run; it just may not feel as great during."

Manitowaning native and future OUA athlete Jeremy Cooper also migrated to the realm of cross-country from a secondary sport – though this one with far more direct ties to distance running. “I first started doing triathlons as a big thing, which my mother got me into doing,” said the now 29 year-old who still calls Manitoulin Island his home.

“It turned out that running was one of my stronger suits at the time. I just ended up sticking with it.”

That is saying something considering the training environment in which Cooper would develop, a far different atmosphere than the glut of fellow runners that Pettigrew enjoyed at Lo-Ellen or with Track North Athletic Club.

“Being out in the country, I was always running by myself,” he said. “I wasn’t too afraid to get out and run – there’s lots of road. But running alone, it was a challenge, a lot of it mental, sticking to it every day. I ran with Track North once a week and trained with them, which helped my career a lot.”

“It was a chance to run with a group and meet new teammates, which was really nice.”

Mind you, even in race settings, Cooper often ran alone, especially in the north.

At the Laurentian X-C Challenge in October of 2011, the multi gold medal winner at NOSSA bested the field by almost two full minutes over a 6.8 kilometre course. Not all of his races would necessarily be quite that comfortable.

“The most memorable for me was always the (Algonquin) Barons race in North Bay,” recalled Cooper. “It seemed that every year, it wanted to snow – and it was one of the roughest course that there was. Preference-wise, it was always a golf course; nice and flat and you could get some good times,” noted the father of one (with a second on the way) who cracked the OUA top-ten as a freshman with the Windsor Lancers.

“For me, it was a matter of gradually getting faster (in a race) and then trying to keep that fast pace. It was not necessarily about leading it, but keeping a good pace – and if everyone else was doing that pace, then tuck behind them and hopefully get a really good time.”

And where some athletes might lose sleep over those dreary weather forecasts that are a reality of the September to November period in northern Ontario, Cooper could not help but to rejoice.

"I usually liked it a bit cooler - that never seemed to bother me," he said. "Most of my best races were always in the crappiest weather. Being a runner and training outdoors, you got used to it - and it didn't seem to bug me as much as it bugged some other runners."

As the local elite who excelled this past week at the city championships make their way to NOSSA (October 26th) and OFSAA (November 5th), memories will be made - with many of those likely to survive the test of time.







Apex Warrior shows up and takes over at Spartan Race this weekend.


OCT 22, 2022
The Blue Mountains, Ontario

Congrats to all the athletes out there running. We had a lot of first-timers crushing the course. It’s incredible to see so many warriors on the podium, representing all the hard work we put in each week.
We are looking forward to stepping it up next year; watch out for this crew!

All Results Here






Rocks!! Tim Quetton Runs in Victoria


I ran the Royal Victoria Marathon's Half on Oct 9. It was an out-and-back course, when I was on the outbound at about my 10K mark I remember seeing a young woman with what appeared to be a Track North jersey running towards me on the inbound (she would have been at about her 15-16K).
Of course I wasn't really sure if it said Track North, rather out of place and only a couple of seconds for the visual, right?
Kind of forgot about it, then last week I saw your Megan Crocker story on sudburyrocks. Small world!
Anyway, the RVH is a pretty stunning course for a city run. Here's my result:

Half 873/2664 1:56:34 4912 QUETTON, Tim Victoria, BC M5559 582/1188 30/85 1:54:57





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Oct 20 Bioski trail

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Oct 22 Ramsey Lake

Oct 22 Ramsey Lake

Oct 22 Rocks!! Saturday am run at Bell Park

Oct 22 Rocks!! Saturday am run

Oct 22 Rocks!! run

Oct 23 Moonlight Poleline

Oct 23 Perch Lake

Oct 23 Perch Lake

Oct 23 Perch Lake

Oct 23 Ramsey Lake


Oct 25 Crowley Lake area

Oct 25 Crowley Lake

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We are back at it!
Run to Remember - November 6 2022!
In the Boréal Nature trails or virtual option.
Come support the organization IVEGOTYOURBACK911 as well as the Fitness and Health Promotion students at Collège Boréal.
Register using the link below :

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