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  Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                                                                      May 26, 2022        

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  1. SudburyRocks!! THIS WEEKEND
  2. Apex Warrior Sprint
  3. Jacques Tiessen 1500m personal best today at the Johnny Loaring Classic in Windsor.
  4. More new faces than old at SDSSAA Track and Field - 2022
  5. Photos This Week
  6. Upcoming Events: May 28 Defeat Depression, May 29 SudburyRocks!!! Virtual Event, April - June 30 Girls Run Sudbury
  7. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  8. Track North and Laurentian XC News






SudburyRocks!! THIS WEEKEND






For those of you who have registered, thank you for sticking with us, registering, and participating in SudburyROCKS!!! 2022. We appreciate your support of not only the event, but also the amazing work at the Northeast Cancer Centre.

If you haven't yet registered, there is still time. Register today, and join the fight against Cancer in the North.





All information and Registration here


SudburyRocks!!! This Weekend

Saturday May 28 If you are looking for some company and the support offerred by running with a group, The Sudbury Rocks Saturday Morning runners are planning to do their virtual 1/2 Marathon run as a group on Saturday, May 28, 2022 commencing at 8:AM from Minto Street (adjacent to Memorial Park). We will be following the "traditional" Sudbury Rocks Marathon Course (HERE) and will be following traffic and pedestrian rules through out the run.
We usually run between a 5:00-6:00 min/KM pace, the last 3-5K will, in race tradition, for some, likely be closer to 5:00 min/KM.
This run is NOT supported with water or aid stations nor a great group of race volunteers and race organizers. You will be running at your own risk......and you can still come out and have some fun!

Sunday May 29 A more relaxed (slower group from 6:45 to 7:00 minutes/ km) will be doing the half as well on the traditional course with a slight variation in the last 5kms. There are a couple who may be doing the 10km route (HERE) but no promises. We will start at 8:AM as well.

Results We are not bound by time or geography! Runners are free to run their race anywhere in the world, and at any time up to and within the two week submission window following the event.

In order to submit your results, email a screenshot from your favourite run tracking app to kcacciotti@hsnsudbury.ca. Results will be posted on the SudburyROCKS website so you can see how you stack up against the rest of the pack!

Good luck with your runs!











  May 22, 2022

Apex Warrior Sprint

        All Photos Here



Apex Warrior Sprint

Rainy, wet & muddy conditions but so much fun! Thank you Dennis Legault / Apex Warrior for another amazing event and a special thank you to all of the volunteers who spent hours marking the trails and being out there today in the wet muddy conditions! You guys are amazing!

Thank you to everyone that came out to the event and made this so special.
The results are up soon and there is way more pics to come. Just wanted to take a moment to share my gratitude
The Apex Rush is next up.
July 31
6 km
12 km
25 km

All Results Below










More new faces than old at SDSSAA Track and Field - 2022
Randy Pascal

Each and every year, a new wave of local athletic talent will surface as the Sudbury high-school folks convene for the SDSSAA Track & Field Championships. The new faces to watch down the road are always among the fun storylines to be followed at the two day event.

But when it’s been three full years since the last such meet was run, there are easily far more questions than answers going in. The simple truth is that those athletes who were participating in their first ever SDSSAA track competition far outnumbered those who drew upon previous experience to help them along the way.

In the end, more than fifty individual athletes would capture gold in one or more events, not including another solid handful who were members of a winning relay team or two. And while space and time restrictions do not allow us to bring you each and every one of their stories, here is an interesting cross-section of the Sudbury track and field champions (with all event winners noted below):

Brady Ducharme – Lockerby: (Sr Boys - 1st place – long jump & triple jump – 3rd in 110m hurdles) – preparing to leave in the fall to Carleton University to study Aerospace Engineering, Brady Ducharme approaches his athletic excellence in a wholesome, light-hearted manner, as he looks to the possibility of continuing to balance sports and studies within the landscape of the OUA.

“I’m a little bit coordinated with my body and the triple jump requires a lot of coordination – but I say with my body because as soon as you put a ball in my hands, for basketball and such, I can’t do anything,” Ducharme suggested with a laugh. “I would like to keep competing – I quite enjoy doing track and field – but I understand that engineering is a very busy discipline for university.”

“Ideally, I will make time for it.”

Lucia Salmaso – Marymount: (Novice Girls – 1st place – 800m, 1500m, 3000m) – Salmaso is no stranger to the local running scene, comfortably covering 5km and 10km runs while most of her elementary schoolmates considered a 400m race a distance event. While she completed the novice sweep for the Regals, the lead-in to the city meet was something less than ideal.

“I got Covid this winter and had to take two weeks off and then started building up slowly again,” said the 14 year-old first year high-school student. “I was doing workouts on the treadmill, which wasn’t very enjoyable. I don’t like running inside.”

Still, she was able to pull away in the end, regardless of the distance, with a little room to spare. “For the 3km, I wanted to get a good time, just because I knew that I would probably make it to OFSAA. For the 800m, I took it a little easier, but I realized I wasn’t hurting so I pushed a little more.”

Caden Fabbro – Lo-Ellen Park: (Sr Boys – 1st place – 110m; 3rd in 100m) – the middle child of the highly athletic Fabbro clan who have already produced city T & F champs, with more on the way, Caden has parlayed his elementary track experience, and some training on the side, to some very solid showings in the hurdle events that are the Knights’ domain.

“The past few years, I’ve done some resistance training – squatting with a barbell and stuff – which I think has helped because there’s a lot of stretching before you do it,” said the 17 year old grade 11 senior. “I think it helped with my hip mobility and really helps me get that lead leg up.”

Ironically, Fabbro finished third in the preliminary 110m hurdles heat, a race that took place less than a half hour before the finals. Still, he was able to tidy up his technique a little, a definite goal as he tries to approach this new endeavour with a longer term outlook in mind.

“For my second race, just getting my trail leg high, close to my armpit, was the biggest thing,” Fabbro explained. “I’m just trying to get some experience with these hurdles for the next track season because it’s still my first time doing them.”

Luca Graffi - Lockerby: (Sr Boys – 1st place – pole vault; 2nd place – high jump) – an all-around athlete but with no background in gymnastics (almost always the starting point for those who excel quickly in the pole vault), Graffi can relate to the challenges of trying to master a brand new discipline – though having retired teacher Paul Brunelle covering the progression of pole vault development certainly helps a lot.

“We started just finding out where our base point was, with hands on the pole,” said Graffi, who pointed to the high jump as his primary track and field event prior to entering high-school. “Then it was three steps; you would run full speed and just swing through, letting the top hand off just to get the stepping part.”
“From there, you hold on and just swing – and once you got the hang of that, you worked on the turn at the top.” And as for his first meet in an event that few even dare to try and learn – Graffi as much as admitted that the pole vault might be his best pathway to OFSAA – there was still some learning to be done, to go along with some very positive signs.

“My hand placement and running, I would really like to improve,” he said. “I need more speed and to carry the speed through the vault. My twist was solid today and my takeoffs were great. I was happy with that.”

Nicholas Bechard – College Notre-Dame: (Novice Boys – 1st in 100m, 200m and long jump) – one of the true revelations of the 2022 championships, the grade nine student at CND enjoyed some elementary success, pre-Covid, but ramped it way up with his move to the high-school ranks.

“In sixth grade (St Joseph), I came first in my 50m and it kind of kicked in that I was good at it – so I just kept going,” said Bechard. “In elementary school, it was all for fun, but in high school, they were in it to win it.”
Still, Bechard is a relatively raw, undeveloped talent, still trying to garner a grasp on some of the key elements of the sprints. “I haven’t used starting blocks much,” he said. “I like them, but I’m not really used to them. Sometimes, I find they slip – so my starts are probably my weak point.”

Kaeden Ward – Lo-Ellen: (Sr Boys – 1st place – 1500m, 3000m, 2000m steeplechase) – while the absence of the city track and field championships these past two years likely hit the son of the Knights track program harder than most, the grade 11 multi-sport athlete is trying to remain philosophical as he looks to reach OFSAA early next month.

“The goal is just to try and improve as you go along,” he said. “You might start off the season a little slow, but you progress really fast. By the time you get to OFSAA, there is so much competition, you will probably run a good time if you have a good race.”
As for his approach on the various events, it tends to differ somewhat through each of the three races. “The steeplechase is a fun concept to do,” said Ward. “It gets pretty tiring, but it’s a fun race with all of the hurdles and the water jump. The 3000m feels long, just going around the track seven and a half times – that can be boring sometimes.”

“The 1500m feels like a good event. Sometimes, I just think about running a fast 1200m because the last 300 metres, you can just fight your way through.”

Only one new record was established, and that by Riley Cornthwaite of Lasalle, who bested his own previous PB with a time of 2:49.04 in the 800m dash – intellectually impaired event.

Senior Girls Division
100m – Sierra Boyuk (BAC) – 13.85
200m – Julia Arnold (LOE) – 29.78
400m – Peyton Brear (LAS) – 1:09.97
800m – Sophia Oommen (LOE) – 2:47.52
1500m – Avery Sutherland (LOE) – 5:37.42
3000m – Avery Sutherland (LOE) – 12:08.95
100m hurdles – Sophie Moore (LOE) – 17.46
400m hurdles – Sierra Boyuk (BAC) – 1:13.98
High Jump – Sydney Coe (LCS) – 1.46m
Long Jump – Charlotte Eberlein (LAS) – 4.83m
Triple Jump – Charlotte Eberlein (LAS) – 9.86m
Pole Vault – Kaija Beljo (LCS) – 2.00m
Shot Put – Abigail Howsare (LCS) – 8.55m
Discus – Katie Pilon (ESMC) – 24.36
Javelin – Ashley Ruddick (CFD) – 27.47m
2000m steeplechase – Sophia Oomen (LOE) – 8:48.59

Senior Boys Division
100m – Josh McKay (LAS) – 11.85
200m – Luca Domagalski (STB) – 24.14
400m – Liam Lacroix (LOE) – 53.36
800m – Liam Lacroix (LOE) – 2:12.86
1500m – Kaeden Ward (LOE) – 4:27.83
3000m - Kaeden Ward (LOE) – 9:36.57
110m hurdles – Caden Fabbro (LOE) – 16.97
300m hurdles – Travis Annett (LCS) – 1:08.72
High Jump – Ryan Rubic (LIV) – 1.83m
Long Jump – Brady Ducharme (LCS) – 5.82m
Triple Jump – Brady Ducharme (LCS) – 13.23m
Pole Vault – Luca Graffi (LCS) – 2.80m
Shot Put – Owen MacDonald (LIV) – 12.59m
Discus – Cameron Shanks (LOE) – 29.30m
Javelin – Ethan Scott (LOE) – 45.48m
2000m steeplechase – Kaeden Ward – 7:00.29

Junior Girls Division
100m – Aimee Remillard (BAC) – 13.56
200m – Claire Schmidt (LOE) – 28.51
400m – Finlay Cuza (LOE) – 1:06.22
800m – Finlay Cuza (LOE) – 2:31.62
1500m – Lauren Pineau (LCS) – 5:24.34
3000m – Georgia Lepage (STB) – 11:53.63
80m hurdles – Aimie Remillard (BAC) – 13.87
300m hurdles – Finlay Cuza (LOE) – 53.25
High Jump – Alissa Diavolitsis (LCS) – 1.37m
Long Jump – Maeva Sullivan (LCS) – 4.87m
Triple Jump – Aimie Remillard (BAC) – 9.94m
Pole Vault – Avani Innis (LCS) – 1.80m
Shot Put – Chloe Rinaldi (HOR) – 10.44m
Discus – Kendra Shanks (LOE) – 20.37m
Javelin – Adasyn Radey (LAS) – 21.85m

Junior Boys Division
100m – Gavan Potvin (BAC) – 12.13
200m – Jacob Barney (LOE) – 25.18
400m – Atom Thususka (LCS) – 58.47
800m – Owen Dobson (LOE) – 2:16.26
1500m – Sam Rice (LOE) – 4:34.57
3000m – Sam Rice (LOE) – 9:43.02
100m hurdles – Caleb Lalonde (CHMP) – 17.63
300m hurdles –Jacob Barney (LOE) – 56.84
High Jump – Adam Scott (LOE) – 1.75m
Long Jump – Zidain Allen (LAS) – 5.81m
Triple Jump – Adam Scott (LOE) – 11.54m
Pole Vault – Corbin Appleby (LCS) – 2.00m
Shot Put – James Scott (STC) – 11.02m
Discus – Okikola Olufowabi (CFD) – 24.13m
Javelin – James Scott (STC) – 35.70m

Novice Girls Division
100m – Milena Kulik (LOE) – 13.46
200m – Milena Kulik (LOE) – 27.40
400m – Gracie Dale (LOE) – 1:08.07
800m – Lucia Salmaso (MMT) – 2:32.27
1500m – Lucia Salmaso (MMT) – 5:28.38
3000m – Lucia Salmaso (MMT) – 12:15.15
80m hurdles – Sidney Skrobit (LOE) – 14.95
300m hurdles – Olivia Ball (LOE) – 56.26
High Jump – Sidney Skrobot (LOE) – 1.45m
Long Jump – Kali Clement (LAS) – 4.12m
Triple Jump – Kali Clement (LAS) – 9.35m
Pole Vault – Evelyn Holloway (LCS) – 1.90m
Shot Put – Kayeisha Thomas (MMT) – 9.82m
Discus – Kayeisha Thomas (MMT) – 20.39m
Javelin – Lindsey Brouillette (LCS) – 20.40m

Novice Boys Division
100m – Nicholas Bechard (CND) – 12.38
200m – Nicholas Bechard (CND) -25.30
400m – Adam Urso (STC) – 59.35
800m – Nicho Labrecque (LOE) – 2:15.92
1500m – Nicho Labrecque (LOE) – 4:38.63
3000m – Nicho Labrecque (LOE) – 10:36.54
100m hurdles – Logan Mannella (LAS) – 16.00
300m hurdles – Corey Lacroix (LOE) – 47.59
High Jump – Riley Graffi (LOE) – 1.60m
Long Jump – Nicholas Bechard (CND) – 5.49m
Triple Jump – Will Mackey (LAS) – 10.81m
Shot Put – Isaac Jeanveau (BAC) – 10.72m
Discus – Camden Kirkey (LOE) – 27.20m
Javelin – Brayden Bertrand (SC) – 34.57m






Track North

Jacques Tiessen 1500m personal best today at the Johnny Loaring Classic in Windsor.



Jacques Tiessen ran to an impressive new 1500m personal best today at the Johnny Loaring Classic in Windsor. Jacques broke the 4 minute barrier, running 3:58.30, placing third in the race. Congrats Jacques! More to come this season from the “big body from Brock”!





Photos This Week

May 18 Rocks!! Wednesday pm run

May 18 Berry Island

May 18 Ramsey Lake

May 18 Minnow Lake

May 18 Minnow Lake

May 18 Minnow Lake

May 18 Minnow Lake

May 18 Minnow Lake

May 18 Minnow Lake

May 18 Oak Forest trail

May 20 Wanup Moose by Stephanie Koett

May 21 Ramsey Lake

May 21 Rocks!! Saturday am run

May 23 Laurentian Loop

May 23 Laurentian Loop

May 23 Finlandia

May 23 Finlandia

May 23 Finlandia

May 24 Moonlight Poleline

May 24 Perch Lake southend

May 24 Perch Lake

May 24 Blackbird Swamp

May 25 Civic Cemetery



















Upcoming Local Events


  May 28, 2022

Sudbury 9th Annual Defeat Depression Walk/Run
Sudbury, Ontario
May 28, 2022









   May 29, 2022

Virtual SudburyRocks Marathon 2022 Presented by Ionic Engineering








   April - June 30  

The moment we have all waiting for! Girls Run Sudbury REGISTRATION is now OPEN! This will be our last virtual event before going in person in 2023!

Start your training, set yourself an achievable goal and strive for it. You will have the month of July to submit your best result. Looking forward to see you all achieving you personal best in 2022.









Run Club Update




Store News


Good afternoon Sudbury Runners and Walkers,


We have FREE run club Wednesday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30am.

Cancelled until Further Notice








Track North and Laurentian XC News










For information call me.
Vincent Perdue

Proud sponsor of the Sudbury Rocks!!! Race-Run-Walk for the Health of it




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