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      Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                                                                         October 28, 2021        

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  1. Knights still #1 in cross-country - with very few exceptions
  2. Ontario Spartan Trifecta Weekend and Dennis L.
  3. LU & Track North Running Alumnus Michelle Kennedy Completes First and Last Marathon
  4. Photos This Week
  5. Upcoming Events: November 7 Run to Remember
  6. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  7. Track North and Laurentian XC News   October 23rd, 2021
    “Laurentian Cross-Country Show Progress at McMaster Bayfront Open”








Knights still #1 in cross-country - with very few exceptions
Randy Pascal
(picture not found)

Kaeden Ward - LOE


COVID-19 has impacted the entire globe. There is simply no denying that very obvious fact of life. But when it comes to the SDSSAA Cross-Country Championships, it seems like it will take a lot more than a global pandemic to slow down the Lo-Ellen Park Knights.

The south end running powerhouse swept all six team categories Wednesday at Kivi Park and captured four of the six individual gold medals up for grabs as some sense of race normalcy returned to the high-school ranks.

With that in mind, a tip of the hat goes out to Adam Urso of St Charles (Novice Boys), who bested fellow AAA hockey teammate Nicholas Labrecque of Lo-Ellen by 16 seconds, as well as Lockerby junior Lauren Pineau, who clocked in 19 seconds faster than Syla Swords of Lo-Ellen.

In so doing, Urso and Pineau joined a list of individual champions that included Monique Fitzmaurice (Novice Girls), Sam Rice (Junior Boys), Sophia Oommen (Senior Girls) and Kaeden Ward (Senior Boys), all from Lo-Ellen.

While the staggered starts necessitated by COVID guidelines might not be ideal, Pineau, for one, was not complaining in the least. “I honestly like the staggered starts,” she said. “I like being alone on the trails; I feel more focused. I go into the race with a goal of what I want to finish in, so I don’t really worry about the other people around me.”

The 14 year old Viking has long been a Sudbury Lady Wolves' mainstay, though recent years steered her to the outdoor sports where she has excelled even more. “Last year, we didn’t have a lot of hockey because of COVID, so I started to ski (nordic) and run more and realized that it was a lot of fun, actually something I enjoyed doing.” “I love it so much.”


Though success has come in both settings, there is a difference in both the mindset and some of the physical components of her two new cross-country passions. “I like running races, but I like skiing for fun better,” Pineau said with a smile. “I feel more tired after I run and I like the feeling of accomplishment that I get when I feel like I am working harder.”

“In skiing, I find it calm – I’m not breathing super heavy like I do when I run.”

Like most of the winners, Ward’s victory was merely the next step in a XC season that has gone very well. “I’ve been progressing through the races,” said the 16 year-old first time champion. “The fall has been injury free and training is going well.”

“I didn’t feel the best I ever have, but it ended up being just as good; it was a good solid run, a good time, a good pace.”

And though the Knights were second out of the gate on a day that was calling for single digit high temperatures (perhaps 10 or 11 degrees, at best), hitting the trails at 9:20 a.m. and just after Lockerby Composite, Ward would not have changed a thing.

“Honestly, this is the perfect temperature,” he said. “I’m not over-heating out there, but I’m also not struggling to stay warm at the start line before I’m racing. There tends to be an ideal temperature and it’s probably close to that today.”

With his senior boys triumph, the son of well-respected Lo-Ellen Park coach Colin Ward qualifies comfortably for the next stage in the race towards provincials, with plenty of rumours circulating about even more of a return to the norm as the levels of racing increase.

“I think everyone is just really excited and happy that NOSSA and OFSAA are going to happen,” said the younger Ward. “Personally, I’m super excited that it’s going to be a mass start. I always like mass starts because I can push myself harder. But when it’s a staggered start and you have people that are close to you, right around you, it’s almost as good.”

Posting a nine second victory in spite of start times that were two hours apart, Monique Fitzmaurice would agree, her time of 19:40 enough to remain ahead of the Lucia Salmaso clocking (19:49 – Marymount) later in the morning.

“I think it’s definitely harder than mass starts,” said the 14 year old who first rose to prominence as a runner while attending Alexander Public School. “In mass starts, I get to race against somebody, pace myself against them and trying to pass people. It gives me a little extra boost.”

“In this one, you kind of guess your own time.”

Generally speaking, those times will be faster at Kivi Park, with its flat gravel trails, though not all would necessarily favour the setting. “Kivi is my least favourite race,” said Pineau. “I don’t like the gravel. I like the Naughton Trails – it’s just more interesting and you have to focus a lot more on the terrain, which distracts you from the actual race.”

“At Kivi, everything looks the same,” added Fitzmaurice. “The gravel is a bit less interesting than the other ones.”

Ward, however, countered with perhaps the most important point of all.

“Kivi is definitely faster, just because it’s not rough, uneven terrain,” he said. “It’s still a lot of hills. I like it better because it’s a faster course.”

Faster course or not, regardless of the venue, regardless of the pandemic, the results have been consistent over the years – the Lo-Ellen Park Knights, once again, have run away with the SDSSAA Cross-Country Championships.

Following are the top three finishers in each of the six divisions:

Novice Girls
1st - Monique Fitzmaurice - LOE – 19:40
2nd - Lucia Salmaso - MMT – 19:49
3rd - Gracie Dale - LOE – 20:51
4th - Tessa Ranger - HOR - 22:19
5th - Maija Nener - LOE - 22:21

Novice Boys
1st - Adam Urso - STC – 17:27
2nd - Nicholas Labrecque - LOE – 17:43
3rd - Hudson Crowder - LOE – 18:34
4th - Max Portelance - CND - 19:07
5th - Lyle Gorval - CHMP - 19:08

Junior Girls
1st - Lauren Pineau - LCS – 18:46
2nd - Syla Swords - LOE – 19:05
3rd - Georgia Lepage - STB – 19:43
4th - Bay Jones - LCS - 20:23
5th - Katelyn DePoli - STB - 21:20

Junior Boys
1st - Sam Rice - LOE – 16:16
2nd - Owen Dobson - LOE – 16:52
3rd - James Bertrim - LCS – 17:08
4th - Jacob Barney - LOE - 17:13
5th - Liam Binks - LCS - 17:20

Senior Girls
1st - Sophia Oommen - LOE – 20:19
2nd - Sarah Lanthier - LOE – 20:31
3rd - Avery Sutherland - LOE – 20:51
4th - Mia Toner - SC - 21:06
5th - Charlotte Grenier - SSS - 21:07

Senior Boys
1st - Kaeden Ward - LOE – 16:08
2nd - Carson Crane - CFD – 16:32
3rd - Travis Annett - LCS – 16:59
4th - Liam Lacroix - LOE - 17:02
5th - Brandon Radey - LAS - 17:10






OCT 23 - 24, 2021
Ontario Spartan Trifecta Weekend and Dennis L.

138 Gord Canning Dr, The Blue Mountains, ON


Dennis Legault

I’m happy to say I completed the Spartan 50 km Ultrabeast course at Blue Mountain. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It was 50 km of climbing hills and tough obstacles. The climbs were so steep I was crawling up at times, and my quads were cramping on the downhills. This took everything for me to finish. I’m happy that I even got to compete, I’ve had a month off from an injury and @mandy.lynn.ocr and I are about to have a baby any day!
My highlight of the race was completing the multi-rig on the second lap after failing it the first lap. They never let us grab the top of the rope either. And running the fun single track with @lindsaydawnwebster. The timing just worked out after my bonus ultra loop that I got to run with her for about 2 min and chat a bit. Super cool experience!
I finished in 9:52:45 and placed 5th, 10 hours of climbing hills, that’s insane!

Dennis L.






LU & Track North Running Alumnus Michelle Kennedy Completes First and Last Marathon

Michelle Kennedy, with the assistance of fellow alumni Katie Wismer and Emily Marcolini.







Ran my first (and last) ever marathon this morning for the Scotia Bank Virtual Marathon (42.2 km) with a time of 4:44:38. It was pure pain and I was full of regrets after 28km. This endeavour was on my “before 30” bucket list. My feet and hip flexors have now had an out of body experience they will never forget. I was lucky to have my pals Christian Kaiser-Fox, Emily Marcolini, and Katie Wismer keep me company and my mind off the pain. My brother-in law and his partner Nathan Battigelli and Shannon McGloin opened their home and porch as a refuelling station too. Shoes were supplied by Indigenous Running Club!! The last 3km we jammed out to “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” from the movie Mulan (highlight of my run). I currently cannot walk well and there has been chaffing in areas I would not wish on my worst enemy.



Way to go, Michelle Lynn!




Photos This Week


Oct 21 West end of Crowley Lake in the rain

Oct 22 Moonlight trail

Oct 22 Bioski trail

Oct 22 Bioski trail

Oct 22 Bioski trail

Oct 22 Bioski trail

Oct 23 Rocks!! morning run

Oct 23 Finlandia

Oct 23 Finlandia

Oct 23 Fourth Ave

Oct 24 Ramsey Lake

Oct 24 Laurentian Loop

Oct 24 Laurentian loop

Oct 24 Laurentian loop

Oct 24 Laurentian loop













Upcoming Local Events

  November 7, 2021

Hybrid Event this year

Run to Remember, November 7th 2021

We are going hybrid this year! Participants can choose to do the run virtually from the location of choice or join us on the campus trails.

Registration Here

Maps for those who choose to run the existing College routes

1k Map Here      5k/10k Map Here


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Run Club Update




Store News


Good afternoon Sudbury Runners and Walkers,


We have FREE run club Wednesday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30am.

Cancelled until Further Notice








Track North and Laurentian XC News


October 23rd, 2021
“Laurentian Cross-Country Show Progress at McMaster Bayfront Open”

Image #1 – supplied by Adam Kalab
Laurentian University athletes Kristen Mrozewski (#603), Angela Mozzon (#602) and Sarah Booth (#601) mid race at 2021 McMaster Bayfront Open on Oct 22nd.

Image #2 – supplied by Adam Kalab
Laurentian University athletes Justin Graenert (#594), Eric Gareau (#593), Alexandre Fishbein-Ouimette (#hidden) and Cameron Date (#591) mid race at 2021 McMaster Bayfront Open on Oct 22nd.
2021 McMaster Bayfront Open

Following a solid three week training block since their last OUA regular season competition, Laurentian University’s Cross-Country Running Teams showed progress at the McMaster Bayfront Open this past weekend. Competing over an 8 kilometre course at Bayfront Park in Hamilton, the Voyageur Men placed 8th and the Women 10th - both improvements from their last outing at the Western Invitational in September.
The men were again led by third-year Criminology student Keon Wallingford (North Bay) who placed 24th in the 98 man field with a time of 26 minutes 13 seconds. Fifth year athlete, Paul Sagriff (Kingston) was the second Laurentian score, placing 40th in 27:01. Mechanical Engineering student Calum Passi (Sudbury) continued his strong rookie season, placing 50th in 27:32. Other scorers for Laurentian included Alexandre Fishbein-Ouimette (Connecticut) in 63rd and Justin Graenert (Newmarket) in 72nd. Displacers for the Voyageurs included Eric Gareau (London) in 77nd and Cameron Date (Haileybury) in 80th. Also competing for Laurentian were Patrick Leroux, Cameron Heinz, Keegan Lockley and Adam Kalab.
The Voyageur women were led by rookie Nursing student Kristen Mrozewski (Sudbury) who placed 44th in the 87 women field with a time of 33 minutes, 3 seconds. Mrozewski was followed by third-year Health Promotion and Concurrent Education student, Angela Mozzon (Sudbury) who placed 51st in 33:52. Veteran Sarah Thackeray (Cavan) placed 55th in 34:21. Rounding out the scoring for Laurentian was rookie Sarah Booth (Peterborough) in 56th place and Ashley Valentini (Oshawa) in 71st.
“Both teams showed some solid progress today” noted LU Head Coach, Darren Jermyn. “The men leapfrogged over Waterloo and Brock and were just five points behind sixth place Laurier. Wallingford and Sagriff continue to move up the field as the season progresses so it’s apparent their race fitness is returning to form. On the women's side, Mrozewski continues to impress as a rookie in a very strong OUA conference. She had a bit of a breakthrough today as she was 14 seconds faster per kilometre compared to her first 8K race in London three weeks ago. Our athletes have completed a solid mid-season training block and will now begin final preparations for the OUA Championships in London in 2 weeks.
The Cross-Country Vees will race next at the OUA Championships at Western University in London on November 6th.

Team Results
1. Guelph – 35 points
2. Western – 44 points
3. McMaster – 80 points
4. Queens – 101 points
5. Toronto – 134 points
6. Waterloo – 153 points
7. Windsor – 197 points
8. Laurier – 243 points
9. Laurentian – 256 points
10. Brock – 289 points
1. Guelph – 30 points
2. McMaster – 33 points
3. Queens – 81 points
4. Western – 101 points
5. Windsor – 144 points
6. Laurier – 214 points
7. Ottawa – 216 points
8. Laurentian – 219 points
9. Brock – 238 points
10. Waterloo – 261 points
11. York - 305 points






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