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      Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                                                                         October 21, 2021        

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  1. 49th Annual Wiky Road Race
  2. Emily Marcolini circles her way back to a passion for cycling
  3. Photos This Week
  4. Upcoming Events:Oct 17 Wiky 10km
  5. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  6. Track North and Laurentian XC News  




 October 17, 2021

49th annual Wiky 10km Road Race

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We would like to say Miigwech to all participants: to all of our runners, of all ages, to those community members who could not make it and joined us virtually, and to all of those who took part and walked the 10KM. It was nice to see family, friends, and couples walking together!
We are looking forward to seeing everyone next year for the 50th annual!

All Results Here

Danielle Shawana danielleshawana@wikyhealth,ca







Emily Marcolini circles her way back to a passion for cycling
Randy Pascal

Despite having a good number of years of high level cycling experience under her wheels, there was still plenty of new to be learned in 2021 for St Benedict Catholic Secondary School product Emily Marcolini.

Whether it be through her connection to a new team this summer, or working with a pair of new coaches, including one who focused largely on the mental challenges of the sport, or the fact that she is about to give indoor track racing a viable shot, there was a whole lot squeezed into the past six months or so.

And that’s saying something, considering the 25 year old SDSSAA multi-medallist (cross-country and track) and former OCAA XC champion (2015) was balancing her training with a full-time summer gig with Ontario Parks, spending plenty of time in the sun at both Chutes Provincial Park and Spanish River Provincial Park.

“I gained so much confidence this year, even just from the two races that I was able to do,” explained Marcolini. Because of the COVID imposed travel restrictions south of the border, the talented rider only suited up once for her 3T Q + M Cycling team, making her way to the Joe Martin Stage Race in Arkansas in late August.

“I’m actually excited to get working on next year, even if I’m not really sure what next year will look like for me.”

Mind you, she really didn’t know what this year would look like either, if we back-pedal six months ago or so.

“Cycling season normally starts in March, but with COVID, a lot of races got cancelled and the ones that didn’t get cancelled got pushed back to the end of August or early September,” said Marcolini. So in addition to her trip to razorback country, the local cyclist was able to add one other out-of-town sojourn, this one to take part in the Canadian Championships in Quebec in mid-September.



A fourth place finish in the time trials and nationals and sixth in the road race would be taken as pretty good signs, all things considered. “The only part of my training that was really affected (by the pandemic) was that I was unable to go to any training camps south in the winter,” said Marcolini.

“I still managed to work around that. I did a lot of my longer sessions on the trainer, indoors, which is not ideal – but I definitely did the best that I could to make it work this year.”

And in the opinion of the person who knows her cycling the best, Marcolini did indeed make it work in 2021.

“Ironically, I was able to get some of my best performances, even better than at times when I was completely focused on my cycling, so that was good,” she said. A couple of new voices within her inner circle clearly helped, adding a pair of new coaches to the fold.

“This year, I was really working on the mental aspect of cycling: building confidence, learning better tactics, better race strategies,” noted Marcolini. “I do realize that my base training is not quite at the level of others who are racing full-time. I had to be more strategic about where I was using my strengths, my one minute power efforts.”

“I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to recover as quickly, so it was important to stay calm in races so that I could make better decisions. I’m still working on that, not quite there yet. I definitely still made a lot of mistakes this year, but it’s getting better.”

If the current state of her life has forced Marcolini to offset her interest in cycling with other day to day priorities, the perspective that comes with that has not been all bad. “My coach was super helpful in working my training around my work schedule,” she confessed. “Even if I am out working in the back country, I’m still getting in the sessions that are needed.”

Marcolini is also more adept at dealing with a reality of life as a competitive cyclist, the ability to perform despite pain. “I had to be grittier than I have been in the past, to learn to be able to hold on at the top of the climb, things like that,” she said. “It’s learning to talk myself through it.”

“It’s only going to hurt for another two minutes or three minutes, but then something else happens and you’re right back in the hurt box,” Marcolini added with a laugh.

After years of competing in the road racing circuit, the local multi-sport athlete is adding another twist to her cycling resume, taking a stab at the velodrome that is the Mattamy National Cycling Centre in Milton later this month.

“Based on my strength on the bike, power-wise, I think I would tend to make a good pursuit rider,” she suggested. “Do I have the bike handling skills not to crash, not to wipeout? That’s more the question mark.”

Regardless of how things go, it’s a pretty safe bet that Marcolini will always enjoy fond memories of 2021. “The big thing for me this year was that I really learned to love the sport of cycling; loved competing, loved racing again. That was something I had lost a little while ago. I was really just doing it because I had these expectations that I had put on myself.”

“It was really cool to re-find that passion again.”

In the world of cycling, coming full circle is seldom a bad thing.







Photos This Week


Oct 15 Nepahwin Lake

Oct 15 Nepahwin Lake

Oct 15 Pike in Nepahwin Lake

Oct 15 Nepahwin Lake

Oct 15 Nepahwin Lake

Oct 15 Nepahwin Lake

Oct 15 Nepahwin Lake



Oct 15 Fourth Ave

Oct 16 Rocks!! Run with Anton, Andrew, Wanda and Vince

Oct 17 Kaboni at Wiky 10km start


Oct 18 Linton Lake by Liz Schweyer

Oct 18 Lake to Crowley Lake by Liz Schweyer

Oct 20 Rocks!! Mike, Yves and Jesse at KIvi Park














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