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      Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                                                                              January 7, 2021        

     In this Issue:


  1. Happy New Year 2021
  2. Make Your New Year’s Goals About What You Have to Gain
  3. Kivi Park volunteer, 93, is an inspiration for many
  4. Photos This Week
  5. Upcoming Events; Feb 28 Hypothermic Half
  6. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  7. Track North












Make Your New Year’s Goals About What You Have to Gain
Faster speed, a stronger core, and a clear, focused mind? Let the gains begin.

DEC 10, 2020

When your daily run becomes a chase toward a bigger, broader goal—a full-on pursuit for something more than checking off a workout or hitting a weekly total—suddenly every mile has intention, and every step gets you closer to reaching your full potential. You’re not just running. You’re running with purpose. Ready to start? Choose from these six expert-backed new year goal plans, and you can become the runner you’ve always wanted to be—faster, stronger, tougher, more confident—and all in 30 days. Commit to a goal now, and you’ll reap the rewards all year. You’ve got nothing to lose when you set a smart and worthwhile new year goal—and everything to gain.

New Year’s Goal: Get Faster

If you’ve always wanted to PR a half marathon or shave seconds off your mile time but dreaded the speedwork you knew it would take to get there, fear not. Stephanie Schappert, professional runner on the New Jersey New York Track Club, says it only takes a little bit of oomph to get big results, no matter what distance you’re running. If you’re currently training four to five days a week, Schappert recommends incorporating drills like strides, hill repeats, and track workouts into just one or two weekly runs. Go ahead and use a timer or running watch if you want to know your exact speed, but her advice on pacing is simple: “Try to run faster than you usually do.”

New Year’s Goal: Grow Your Grit

What separates the runners who train when they don’t feel like it from those who find excuses? The same thing that drives a racer to cross the finish line long after he or she has hit the wall: grit—a combination of perseverance, resilience, and determination. And according to Jonathan Fader, Ph.D., sports psychologist and author of Life as Sport, it isn’t an innate quality that some athletes have and others don’t. With a little mental conditioning and consistent practice, anyone can gain guts.

New Year’s Goal: Score a Stronger Core

How well and easy you run is directly related to your core, explains Rachel Cosgrove, certified strength and conditioning coach and owner of Results Fitness in New Hall, California. “If our core isn’t strong, we use more energy because we’re not able to stabilize our body while we take that next step,” she says. That energy drain can slow you down and make training feel harder. And because a weak core can force unnatural movement compensations, it may also be the cause of recurring injuries.

New Year’s Goal: Grow Your Endurance

Most runners don’t entirely understand the concept of endurance, says Chris Hinshaw, endurance coach and founder of AerobicCapacity.com. Athletes of all levels come to him wondering why they haven’t improved their 5K time or why they are still struggling through the last couple miles of a half marathon, despite increasing their mileage. We all have an entire spectrum of muscle fibers available for work, from the fastest of the fast-twitch fibers to the slowest of the slow, Hinshaw explains. Runners, he says, have a tendency to train in one “gear.” Either they don’t like distance running, so they stick to short sprints, or they’re more comfortable at a steady pace, so they never run fast. As a result, one type of muscle fiber often remains untrained and passive. No matter your preferred distance, you need to have both types available for firing, he says. To gain endurance, Hinshaw’s plan will help you train every one of your available speeds, from breakneck-fast to slow and steady.

New Year’s Goal: Run in the Cold

Winter training runs build the foundation for summer PRs. But that also means you’re bound to find yourself facing a few frigid miles. While some runners’ motivation understandably dips with the thermostat, others will tell you they simply cannot train in cold temperatures. That’s avoiding opportunity, according to Brian Mackenzie, founder of Shift, an online programming and coaching platform for athletes. “It’s just an adverse sympathetic reaction,” Mackenzie says of the typical cold-weather freak-out marked by a racing heart, short breaths, and clenched muscles. If you’re mentally and physically unprepared for the cold, your nervous system will tell you to flee for more comfortable conditions. (edited section) Get seme proper clothing tips and specific advice from running friends and your neighbourhood running stores. Dress appropriately and stay close to safe places until you are comfortable with your new cold environment. You just may learn to love running in the cold.

New Year’s Goal: Master Mindfulness

“Mindfulness is the quality of being in the present moment, free from distraction,” explains Andy Puddicombe, cofounder of Headspace and the voice of the app’s guided-meditation tracks. But between playlists, audiobooks, podcasts, and our own churning brains, runners have essentially mastered the art of distraction. Train in mindfulness, though, and you’ll automatically put yourself ahead of the pack. Puddicombe often sees this advantage among elite athletes. “The difference on race day is their mind-set,” he says. “Some people might even be better than others, but they just don’t bring the right mind-set on that day, so they don’t perform as well.”

Outside of competition, mindfulness affords runners increased body awareness, which encourages better posture and technique. Postrun, it can even enhance recovery, lead to better sleep, or keep your head in the game when you’re sidelined with an injury.







Kivi Park volunteer, 93, is an inspiration for many
Jaime McKee, CTV News Northern Ontario reporter

CTV News Northern Ontario Videojournalist

SUDBURY -- Kivi Park in Sudbury’s South End is known as a gem to the city. It depends on many volunteers to keep the 482-acre property in good shape.

One of those volunteers is 93-year-old Geoffrey Knight.

Knight has been volunteering at the park for just more than a year, and on top of volunteering, he walks the five-kilometre trail most days.

“It’s a very nice park, it’s got good trails, it’s got good scenery, and nice company,” he said.

Knight's role as a volunteer is to make sure people using the trails have purchased a pass.

“Geoffrey is actually the first volunteer I met here,” said Kivi Park communications coordinator Hailey McCue. "He stopped me and asked for my pass when I was out for a walk. It was awesome … He’s been a volunteer for a year, and every time I see him, I just get so inspired to see someone his age out walking like that.”

Knight doesn’t take it easy on the trails. He heads deep into the bush, where the trails are narrow and steep.

“There’s always challenges, particularly going downhill,” he said. “I have to go very slowly, I have to take very small steps.”

As long as he remains healthy, Knight told CTV News he plans on hiking the Kivi Park trails until he’s 100.

“I think it’s keeping me healthy, and sane," he said. "To stick indoors all day I would go around the bend.”

No matter what the temperature is, Knight makes it his goal to do the five-kilometre route. On days where it’s too windy, he sticks to the one-kilometre trail.














Photos This Week


Laurentian Lake Sunrise

Laurentian Trails

Black Lake run Jan 1

Fielding Park with the Bird Lady Jan 1

Laurentian Lake hike Jan 1

Trail around Laurentian Lake Jan 2

Jan 3 - Original 1998 SudburyRocks!! members - Vince, Karen, Monique and Sheila at the Laurentian Cairn

XC Ski Thursday at Naughton ,Friday at Kivi Park and today at Onaping Falls Nordics where I skiied on a section of the trail bearing my name .Last year I lamented/whined / complained to Willy Kohl , the Onaping Falls greeter and groomer, that the corner on this new section's kind of narrow . It got widened and given a name. Thnx Willy for making this happen
Excellent skiing conditions today - Maureen M.


Fat Biking at Walden





Upcoming Local Events


   February 28, 2021


Event Information and Registration

Hypothermic Half Marathon 2021 - Virtual Run Canada
Ontario: Sunday, February 28, 2021 - Registration








Run Club Update




Store News


Good afternoon Sudbury Runners and Walkers,


We have FREE run club Wednesday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30am.

Cancelled until Further Notice








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