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4 Ladies Take on 100km Challenge

July 10, 2022


Angele Simard, Liz Schweyer, Cindy Francoeur and Danika Potvin

The Statement: On Sunday July 10 we will be embarking on a big run. We will be running either 24 hours or 100 km whichever comes first. We will be starting at 9:00 am at Kivi park. If you feel like getting out come join us for a lap. This is not an event just our adventure!


The Action:

Well we did it! The four of us ran our 100 km run yesterday! It was not pretty for me. The heat hit me like I have never seen. I was very out on the course and had to take a necessary pit stop at my parents house. Luckily they live close to Kivi. I was very happy to bounce back and finish feeling good and strong. Cheers to Simard Angele, Cindy Francoeur and Danika Potvin who ran their first 100 km run! They have now joined the Ultramarathon club. A big thank you to all my friends who came out to run and support me yesterday! As always couldn’t do it without you. A special thank to Ginny for staying with me to the very end and running me in to the finish. Liz S.

I am an ULTRA MARATHONER!!! 100km
Kept it a little more quiet because I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d be able to complete it…but I did!! It was F’n hard, but if it was easy everyone would be doing it.
It would not have been possible without the amazing women beside me ?? Cindy Francoeur Danika Potvin Mary-Elizabeth Schweyer Love you girls. We did it!
And all the support we received all day from our family and friends who helped us on the sidelines, ran a lap or two with us and supported our crazy adventure. Claude Parent
What an incredible feeling, painful, but amazing! I’m still in disbelief . Angele S.

I am officially an Ultra marathoner!
100 km done.
Thank you to all that came out and supported us through the biggest race of our lives. You guys made this race much better by being there and pushing us through.
Danika Potvin, ma petite running partner qui n’a pas lâcher.…. You make me so proud and I’m so happy that we did this together. You sure pushed me during the last few km even though there weren’t many words and a few tears
Simard Angele, I will think twice before asking you to run a half marathon ever again!
I am beyond proud of your achievement and glad that you put this crazy idea in my head a few months ago.
Liz, thank you for making this look easy and believing in us!
To all who asked me, why are you doing this? It took me 13h 40m to figure it out……..
BECAUSE I CAN !!!!!!. Cindy F

Run Prep at 7 am

Early run support

Run start at app. 7:15 am


Evening run support



100km done!

CONGRATULATIONS Liz, Angele, Cindy and Danika