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      Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  October 1, 2020        

     In this Issue:


  1. SudburyRocks!!! Marathon Double Your Donation
  2. Apex Warrior Trail Run is Underway
  3. Kivi Park Trail Run Series #1
  4. Sudbury Fitness Challenge Paddle Sport Marathon
  5. Feeling accomplished at Nature's Harmony Ecolodge
  6. Photos This Week
  7. Upcoming Events Oct 4 Run for the Cure Virtual, Oct 11 Turkey Gobbler, Oct 25 SudburyROCKS!!! Covid Virtual
  8. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  9. Track North





SudburyRocks!!! Marathon Double Your Donation


As the Northern Cancer Foundation gears up for the Virtual SudburyROCKS!!! Marathon Presented by IONIC Mechatronics on Sunday, October 25th, one of our longstanding partners, Carriere Industrial, has come forward and announced that they will be matching donations (up to $4,000) leading up to race day! What does that mean for you as runner and walker? That means that every donation you bring in for the Northern Cancer Foundation for the SudburyROCKS!!! Marathon will be matched by Carriere Industrial!

This is the perfect chance for you to go the extra distance and help raise much needed funds for the Northeast Cancer Centre. Need help? We are here to answer any questions you may have! Here is the Fundraising link - https://www.events.runningroom.com/site/16618/sudburyrocks-marathon-2020-presented-by-ionic-engineering/?vrindex=8








The Organizers Going 50km

More Photos Here

The final Apex Warrior 6km, 12.5km, 25km and 50km is officially underway.

The course is well marked and waiting for eager participants. There's still time to sign up. You have until Saturday Oct 3 to complete your event.


You will find the course challenging and twisting but very rewarding. And there's many options to choose what works for you. All the way from 6km to the ultimate challenge of the 50km.

Ongoing Results Here








Race #1 Done

All Photos Here

We are excited to announce that this Series will support Kivi Park and the YMCA Sudbury!
To register and for full details, visit: https://www.facebook.com/Adventure365.ca/posts/3383684178374151





Canoe Marathon Start

All Photos Here

Sunday, September 27, 2020 at 8 AM – 1 PM
Sudbury Canoe Club Ontario
Public · Hosted by Sudbury Canoe Club Ontario

Better late than never!

Our annual SCC race took place on Sunday, September 27th at the Sudbury Canoe Club as part of the Sudbury Fitness Challenge. The annual event serves as one of seven athletic events offered in the Sudbury area, promoting the value of an active and healthy lifestyle through physical activity. All forms of paddle-sport are welcome!

All Results Here



Points after (4) Events

Only (1) left now!


Here are the series points results after 4 events. Yikes!! There are some nail biters developing in there. One more event to go. Hope to see you all at the Turkey Gobbler on Oct 11th!!







Feeling accomplished at Nature's Harmony Ecolodge

By Kristoffer Cacciotti


Took today at #RunOffTheGrid2020 25K trail race and it feels sooooo amazing! I got 4th last year and was in way better shape, so I was actually quite nervous going into today.
Started off the race strong, and was in the lead group right from the get. There were three of us within a couple of meters from eacho ther, and we all stuck together for the first couple of kilometers. Around the 4km mark, the 2nd place guy behind me took off and I never saw him again. Gone!
Now, it's me and 3rd, and we jam together for another couple of Ks. We stayed close, had a little chat, and around 7km, he took off and left me solo. I stuck to the program and didn't stray from my game plan. I kept my pace and just kept on trucking.
For the next 15km, I saw no one (except for some off the other racers running the other distances). Around the 22km mark, I was marching up a death hill, when I saw him... 2nd place! Yes, I can't believe it! I stuck to my program and continued with my marching pace. He was marching as well, and I called up, "I'm coming for you!"
When he crested the top of the hill, he took off, and I did the same about 30 seconds later. I followed him for about 1km, but about half way up our next big climb, he pulled up with a cramp! Noooooooo! As I was marching up towards his position, I ask him, "do you want a gel?" He gratefully responded, "yes," so I hand him a chocolate stinger, and take off... 2nd place is mine (I thought)!
About 500m after I overtook 2nd place, my calfs gave me a strong warning! It forced me to jaunt gently and carefully, one wrong step and I would have dropped with a double calf charlie horse. Podium dreams, dashed. But about 1km later, I hear someone charging down hill toward me... it's the dude I had just passed! No!
I only have one option... send it! Charlie horse or not, I can't let this guy pass me with 2½ km left. I instantly turned on the jets, blasted off toward the finish line and took 2nd place by about 2 minutes!
Huuuuuge props to the Jennifer Demille and the entire Nature's Harmony Ecolodge team for another FANTASTIC installment of ROTG! As always, so well organized and flawlessly run!
And as always, thank you to Kim Brouzes nd the Active Therapy + team for keeping me in one piece putting me in the best possible position to attack the trails! Kimmy, I couldn't do what I do without your wizardry.






Photos This Week


Jen and Scott biking at Kivi

Ladies run Virual Stokely at Windy Lake

Ramsey Lake by Donna S.

Running Man's Bike Adventures

Pontiac on S.W. Bypass trail

S.W. Bypass trail looking towards Silver Peak on the distant left and cell tower tree on the right

Silver Peak 43 km away

Laurentian Lake

Laurentian Lake

Ania and Mimi on Laurentian trail


6 inch viper at Finalndia


Laurentian Nature Chalet













Upcoming Local Events


 October 4, 2020

Virtual Event This Year

Welcome to CIBC Run for the Cure in Sudbury

Once again the SudburyRocks!! Running Club has entered a team in the CIBC Run for the Cure. There is no glory in running fast and coming first this year. Just the fact that you can make a bit of a difference in the fight against breast cancer.


Join SudburyRocks!! Running Club team



We invite you to run or walk with us on Sunday, October 4, 2020 for the CIBC Run for the Cure in Sudbury. Whether it’s your first time, or you’ve participated for years, we look forward to having you join the movement! Help make this year’s event inspirational and memorable, all while you help the Canadian Cancer Society create a future without breast cancer.


Contact Information






SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2020 AT 9 AM – 1 PM
2020 SFC Turkey Gobbler
Walden Cross Country

Welcome to this year's Turkey Gobbler Trail Race. This year we will be offering a 3km and an 8km Event. Due to the current social distancing guidelines, we will be separating the event into 5 waves of 30 people. The waves will start on the hour from 9am until 1pm. 1 person will start each minute and then there will be a 30 minute gap before next waves starts. We will be limiting the number of participants this year so don't wait to sign up. Please note that we will not be putting on a kid's 1km this year. Registration site is located here:

You can e-mail us at beatonclassic@hotmail.ca if you have any questions. Volunteers are welcome





The Annual Wiky Roadrace is a go for 2020

Sunday, October 18



October 25








Run Club Update




Store News


Good afternoon Sudbury Runners and Walkers,


We have FREE run club Wednesday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30am.








Track North News - by Dick Moss





Dick Moss



Dick Moss, Head Coach
Laurentian XC/Track Team
c/o Coach Moss <pedigest@cyberbeach.net>
Web: http://laurentianxctrack.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/laurentianxctrack/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@luxctrack
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurentianxctrack/




For information call me.
Vincent Perdue

Proud sponsor of the Sudbury Rocks!!! Race-Run-Walk for the Health of it




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