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      Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                                                                         February 27, 2020        

     In this Issue:


  1. OFSAA Nordic Championships
  2. Beaver Lake Loppet and Volunteer Celebration
  3. From the lab to the range — Lariviere aims for Ontario Games biathlon races
  4. Rocks!! on Laurentian Trails
  5. Upcoming Events March 3 Night Light Race Series Finale, March 4 The Secret Marathon
  6. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  7. Track North OUA Indoor Track and Field Championships

    York University, Toronto, February 21-22, 2020








OFSAA Nordic Championships



Patrick Wiss (GOLD Junior Boys)

All Photos Here


Great showing for the Sudbury ski scene at OFSAA, in Huntsville, on Thursday February 20th!

The Lo-Ellen Park Nordic Ski Team took team medals in all four categories:
Junior Girls - Bronze!
Junior Boys - Gold!
Senior Girls - Bronze!
Senior Boys - Gold!

And the top Sudbury individual performance came from Lo-Ellen Park skier Patrick Wiss, who took GOLD in Junior Boys to be crowned OFSAA CHAMPION!

Very proud of this group of skiers! And plenty of individual success and bling to celebrate! Well done Knights!! It is so satisfying when months of hard work pays off!

On the coach/dad front, I'm extremely proud of Kaeden, 10th of 153 skiers! Hard and relentless effort pays off!

BIG THANKS, to Neil, and Sara! For countless hours coaching Lo-Ellen Park Teams!! We are lucky to have you!!

Congratulations to all Sudbury skiers! Well done

Colin Ward


Below is a complete list of Sudbury finishers.

Junior Boys

Patrick Wiss (Lo-Ellen Park) 1st

Henri Lefebvre (College Notre Dame) 8th

Kaeden Ward (Lo-Ellen Park) 10th

Kai Nener (Lo-Ellen Park) 12th

Ryan Kettle (Lo-Ellen Park) 14th (High School BRONZE)

Liam Larcoix (Lo-Ellen Park) 18th

Travis Annett (Lockerby) 25th

Dominic Morris (Lo-Ellen Park) 35th

Brandon Radey (Lasalle) 36th

Alex Pharand (College Notre Dame) 41st

Aidan LippertMurdoch (Lockerby) 50th

Konrad Schulte Hostedde (Lockerby) 55th

Sami Chartrand (Collage Notre Dame) 58th

Callum Bertrand (Lo-Ellen Park) 61st

Michael Butcher (Lasalle) 81st

Griffen Gougeon (Lo-Ellen Park) 83rd

Luke Vrbanic (Lo-Ellen Park) 95th

Simon Mckague (Lo-Ellen Park) 122nd

Ivano Gianfrancesco (Lasalle) 129th


Junior Girls

Amanda Symington (Lo-Ellen Park) 16th (High School BRONZE)

Jill Kunsnierczyk (Lo-Ellen Park) 17th

Maggie Parks (Lo-Ellen Park) 21st

Sophia Oommen (Lo-Ellen Park) 29th

Ella Cayen (Lockerby) 56th

Abby Lanteigne (Lockerby) 75th

Rochelle Larivière (Sacre-Coeur) 80th

Mirja Little (Lo-Ellen Park) 87th

Heli Maki (Lo-Ellen Park) 91st

Maija Valtonen (College Notre Dame) 120th

Katia Quesnel (Sacre-Coeur) 142nd



Senior Boys

Max Mahaffy (Lo-Ellen Park) 6th

Kendyn Mashinter (Lo-Ellen Park) 7th

Alex Lambert (Lo-Ellen Park) 10th (High School GOLD)

Austin Mashinter (Lo-Ellen Park) 14th (High School BRONZE)

Eran Bursey (Lo-Ellen Park) 23rd

Ethan Thomas (Lo-Ellen Park) 37th

Callum Passi (Lasalle) 42nd

Theodore Papadakis (Lockerby) 55th

Laydon Bursey (Lo-Ellen Park) 67th

Jack Cushine (Sudbury SS) 77th

Tanner Sapdafora (Lo-Ellen Park) 89th

Evan Gervais (Lo-Ellen Park) 114th

Griffen Jones (Lo-Ellen Park) 133rd

Senior Girls

Meredith Kusnierczyk (Lo-Ellen Park) 9th (High School GOLD)

Lauren Fearn (Lo-Ellen Park) 17th

Danica Levesque (Sacre-Coeur) 36th

Sydney Brooks (Lo-Ellen Park) 40th

Mikayla Oommen (Lo-Ellen Park) 43rd

Sarah Ieropli (Lo-Ellen Park) 70th

Brooke Vrbanic (Lo-Ellen Park) 104th

Lexine Moyle (Macdonald-Cartier) 131st

Maia Leblanc (St. Benedict Catholic) SS 141st

Para Standing Boys

James Butcher (Lasalle) 1st

David Barber (Sudbury SS) 2nd






The Beaver Lake Ski Loppet on Sunday February 23 was not only a fun ski event but it was also a big THANK YOU celebration for all the volunteers who gave their time willingly throughout the year. Besides the ski events there was a fabulous Finnish pancake breakfast complete with sausages for all comers.

See all photos here






Personal Best: From the lab to the range — Lariviere aims for Ontario Games biathlon races
Laura Young For The Sudbury
Published on: February 24, 2020

Rochelle Lariviere, 15, is competing in biathlon at the Ontario Winter Games later this week in Orillia. She is a member of Sudbury Nordic/Walden Racers and Walden Biathlon. LAURA YOUNG/FOR THE SUDBURY STAR

Rochelle Lariviere could have one without the other, but life for the almost 16-year-old high school student is so much better with biathlon and science.

“I think there’s a balance. I can indulge in them while I’m doing them and I don’t have to be entirely focused 100 per cent. That’s not my only mindset ever,” she said after a biathlon practice Sunday morning. Her brother Remy, 12, also skis.

“It’s both ways, too. In science, I can’t be at a desk all day studying things. I need to be moving around, as well.”

Lariviere will compete in biathlon this Thursday and Friday at the Ontario Winter Games in Orillia. She also has two silver medals at Canada-wide science fair when she was a student at St. Paul school in Lively.

Now a Grade 10 student at Ecole secondaire du Sacre Coeur, where she also plays basketball and soccer, Lariviere is in her first full year of competitive biathlon with Sudbury Nordic/Walden Racers and Walden Biathlon. She trains on the trails at Laurentian University and in Naughton on the Walden Cross Country trails.

This is her first experience at the Ontario Winter Games so her expectations aren’t to “kill it” and win everything, she says.

“It’s the first time I’m doing it, so I want to see if I can keep my head in the game, take my time with the shots, but still have a decent pace while I’m skiing. It’s not the result I’m mostly focused on, it’s my overall performance.”

There are a lot of technicalities and rules in the sport, rules she’s still trying to remember and figure out how to best use.

The shooting isn’t an issue, as she hunts with her licence on the bush property her parents, Carolyn and Roc, own near Nairn Centre.

“I have the separate elements down. It’s just combining them and getting the hang of alternating between them.”

In sport, her goals remain to push herself to the best of her abilities.

“I can learn a lot from the first year in competition. Just even looking around seeing how my competitors do, seeing some of the techniques they have, I can take that back and be prepared for next year.”

As for her achievements in science, she didn’t think she’d go anywhere with her first Grade 7 project. It was pretty simple: There was a school project to be evaluated and she was going to work for the grades.

She studied the issue of lead in bullets and lead contamination in deer samples. With that project, she qualified for the school board science fair.

“That sounds nice. I like the project and I want to talk about it because it’s pretty relevant to a lot of people in Sudbury.”

She won again and then won the regionals at Laurentian University. At the 2017 Canada-wide Science Fair, she won silver in her category.

In Grade 8, she happened to mention to her eye doctor that she was looking for another science fair idea.

He showed her the tool they’d used in her eye exam, a tool used to measure conversion in the eye, she recalls.

“It redirects light in a way that it can measure how far the eye is contorted inward or outward.”

It sounded interesting and from there, she studied ocular stresses in the outer eye muscles, or how objects viewed close up — like electronic devices — affect the eye and the problems they can cause over a long period of time, she says.

Another silver medal at the 2018 national science fair was but one result of that project.

Those past victories and her participation in science fairs led to an invitation to the London International Youth Science Forum, July 12-29 at London Imperial College and the Royal Geographical Society (RGS). Over 500 youth aged 16-21, from 70 nations, are expected to attend.

The possibility of science work at the university and RGS intrigues her. When she was a Canada-wide science fair participant, she loved the tours of the labs at the University of Ottawa and Saskatchewan.

“The idea of going to even bigger universities and doing the same thing for a whole week (is) pretty appealing.”

She isn’t currently working on any science projects; the switch to high school has been challenging in terms of her schedule. She has a 90-minute bus ride from Nairn Centre and five ski practices per week.

But science is also for summer when there is no skiing and she can run every day.

“They’re two entirely different things but in a sense, you can use both of them in either (one). There’s a lot of physics to skiing with the way that the wax works over the snow. All of it is a science in itself.”

Laura Young’s Personal Best column runs regularly in The Sudbury Star.






Rocks!! on Laurentian Trails

February 26












Upcoming Local Events


  March 4, 2020


We want to let you in on a secret. In 2015 for the first time ever, a marathon was held in Afghanistan, a marathon that both men and women were able to participate in but they had to keep it a secret. Why? There are still places in the world where women are not allowed to run or walk outside. However, a community in Afghanistan is courageously carving out a new way forward for the next generation. By creating safe races they are helping to create safe places. We want to help.

Join us for The Secret 3K run/walk. Held on the week of International Women's Day, this race celebrates our right to be free to run. We're inviting everyone to come together in solidarity supporting the right all humans should have to walk or run free of fear in their community.

By participating you are helping us to share the story through film and by making a donation you are helping to further the work of Girl Guides to build safe and inclusive spaces that promote gender equality. Together we can empower women and girls through education and sport.

Make a difference by signing up to participate in The Secret 3K and inviting a friend to join you today.

To learn more about The Secret Marathon documentary film and our partners please visit https://thesecretmarathon.com/secret3k




   January 7 to March 3 2020


Night Lights Race Series
Public · Hosted by Walden Cross Country and Sudbury Nordic Racers Powered By Walden Cross Country

January 7 – Skate (3 km, 6 km & 9 km)
January 28 – Skate Sprints (1 km heats)
February 11 – Skiathlon (1 km or 6 km)


March 3 – Headlamp (3 km, 6 km & 9 km


Registration at Zone 4 below:









Run Club Update




Store News


Good afternoon Sudbury Runners and Walkers,


We have FREE run club Wednesday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30am.








Track North News - by Dick Moss



OUA Indoor Track and Field Championships

York University, Toronto, February 21-22, 2020

The Laurentian indoor track team competed at the OUA Indoor Track and Field Championships at York University this weekend, returning with three top-ten finishes and three personal best efforts.

The Vees performances were highlighted by a scrappy men’s 4 x 800m relay team that surprised the experts with a 10-second improvement and a 5th-place finish in the highly-contested event. The quartet of Eric Gareau, Liam Pedersen, Liam Passi and Justin Graenert used aggressive tactics to keep themselves in contention throughout the race including occasionally leading the pack. They remained in medal contention until the final lap, finishing in a time of 7:49.30, an average of 1:57 seconds per runner. It was the second-fastest time in school history.

Justin Graenert then followed up with a 7th place finish in the 600m, using a strong final lap to run a season’s- best time of 1:21.56. It was the second-fastest time in school history.

Also finishing in the top-10 were Erin Hansel, who placed 10th in the 1000m with a time of 3:04.16 and Keon Wallingford who placed 10th in the 3000m with a personal best time of 8:37.40. This was also a tune-up race for Wallingford, who will represent Canada at the Junior Pan American Cross-Country Championships in Victoria next weekend.

The men’s relay team has a small chance of qualifying for the national championships in Edmonton in two weeks, with the final competitors' lists to be announced on Tuesday Feb 25. Otherwise, the team’s season is completed for the year. With the exception of Keon Wallingford, they will take a short rest then begin training for a summer club competition and next year’s cross-country season.

“Our track team is getting close in several areas,” said head coach Dick Moss. “Our men’s 4 x 800m team was only three seconds out of the medals over a 3200m race. Justin Graenert was 1.5 seconds away in the 600m. Rookie, Christina Robert, was two tenths of a second from making the finals in the 60m. We’re still a young squad and we’re expecting some good things in the coming years.”

Results - Laurentian



13. Christina Robert, 7.98 (7.97 in heat)

17. Hannah Merjavec, 8:12 (8.06 in heat)


19. Natasha Mayer, 42.37


14. Natasha Mayer, 1:39.52


10. Erin Hansel, 3:04.16



24. Alexandre Noel de Tilly, 7.51 (7:34 in heats, PB)


28. Alexandre Noel de Tilly, 38.52


7. Justin Graenert, 1:21.56

15. Liam Pedersen, 1:23.58


25. Caleb Beland, 2:36.06


16. Eric Gareau, 4:03.80

17. Liam Passi, 4:04.48

26. Caleb Beland, 4:13.57


10. Keon Wallingford, 8:37.40 (Personal Best)

4 x 800m Relay

5. Gareau, Pedersen, Passi, Graenert, 7:49.30 (PB)

Liam Passi

Justin Graenert

Photos: (Attribution to Adam Kalab)
#1: Liam Passi_4x800m.jpg - Liam Passi (#7)
#2: Justin Graenert_4x800m.jpg - Anchor Leg, Justin Graenert (#7)

Dick Moss






Dick Moss, Head Coach
Laurentian XC/Track Team
c/o Coach Moss <pedigest@cyberbeach.net>
Web: http://laurentianxctrack.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/laurentianxctrack/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@luxctrack
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurentianxctrack/




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