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      Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                                                                         November 7, 2019        

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  1. Students brave the cold at OFSAA Cross Country 2019
  2. Chantal Dagostino Runs New York City Marathon
  3. Upcoming Events    November 10 Run to Remember, December 7 Santa Shuffle
  4. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  5. Track North News






Students brave the cold at OFSAA Cross Country 2019
Kivi Park hosts para/novice, junior and senior students athletes from across the province

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Hundreds of student athletes from across the province met on the starting line at Kivi Park Saturday, for the 2019 OFSAA Cross Country Championships.

In less than ideal conditions, these students 18 years of age or younger, battled through the freshly falling snow for the chance to be victorious in their respective division.

Runners battle elements, each other at OFSAA cross-country

More from Randy Pascal For The Sudbury Star
Published on: November 4, 2019

You have to give the kids credit. Braving some of the worst conditions that OFSAA cross-country has ever seen, a gathering of provincial runners more than 1,600 strong trekked their way through the new fallen snow on Saturday at Kivi Park, the trails gradually giving way to mud and very little traction, all with temperatures ranging right around zero mark.

And while some might think that all of these factors add up to a huge advantage for the contingent of athletes representing schools north of Barrie, such simply wasn’t the case — which is what makes the jaw-dropping performance that was turned in by Confederation Chargers freshman Carson Crane all that more amazing.

After not capturing gold at either the SDSSAA or NOSSA championships — he finished just back of College Notre Dame rookie and AAA hockey teammate Alex Pharand at both events — Crane registered the top performance by any local athlete, save the more modestly numbered para grouping, finishing eighth in his first appearance at the Ontario high school showdown.

“I knew that there was going to be some hard competition,” Crane said on Saturday. “From pre-OFSAA, where I finished ninth, I knew that I would have to race really hard to finish 10th. That was my goal, top 10.”

What Crane likely did not know was that only a fraction of the top runners in the province actually made their way up for the Fielding Memorial race in early October (unofficially, pre-OFSAA), and that the majority of local athletes who earned a top-five finish at that race dropped down significantly on Saturday when all hands were on deck.

Racing with spikes for the very first time, Crane may have actually benefitted from his hockey background, as a throng of 255 competitors bolted at the sound of the gun. “From the beginning, there were a lot of people in front of me and beside me, so I had to kind of keep my elbows up to get into a good spot,” he said.

“About halfway through the race, it was all bunched up, and then it finally broke through, and it was single running the rest of the way.”

On a local level, Adam Chebbi of Lo-Ellen also moved up, relative to his local peer group, placing 58th (15:39.42), while both Pharand (75th, 15:56.23) and Alex Chartier of St. Charles College (80th, 15:58.05) fell victim to the treacherous footing, overcoming early tumbles before weaving their way through the pack.

If Crane remains a tad unaware of the magnitude of his competition, pretty much the norm for most Grade 9 entries at OFSAA, Laurentian cross-country coach Darren Jermyn is keenly aware of the scale of this event.

“At the top end, these are very, very high level athletes,” Jermyn said. “Obviously the top in the province at the high school level, but many of them are top in the country at their age group, and many of them are at the elite level, where they compete internationally.”

Senior girls champion Abbey Juhasz (Resurrection CSS, Kitchener) has already given her verbal commitment to the Tulsa University Hurricanes track and field program, a recruiting coup that the Oklahoma based institution would particularly appreciate after their Canadian import posted a victory by some 50 seconds on Saturday.

“I always look to get to the front pack first and then when that happened pretty quickly, I was pleasantly surprised,” said Juhasz, who finished 14th one year ago, but raced while dealing with some nagging injuries. “After I opened that gap, I felt really comfortable at that point and wanted to hold that lead as long as possible.

“Last year, I was given a really good chance of winning OFSAA, before I was injured, just because of my pre-OFSAA time, which put me as a favourite to win. Because I was so injured, it did not work out for me that way. To put in so much hard work and have it not be possible for me because I didn’t take good enough care of my body was really disappointing.”

For as much as the running conditions were a key topic of conversation on Saturday, the results, by and large, carried only a small handful of surprises, at the front end of the pack.

“It wasn’t actually that cold,” said Darren Jermyn. “It was more the footing, the footing was an issue. “But the top athletes are the fittest athletes, and they are also the most competitive athletes, and they find a way to win. Everybody runs on the same surface, everybody is wearing a pair of spikes, so the fittest kids and the fastest kids will win.”

Following are results of the top three finishers in each race, along with the top three SDSSAA representatives in each race:

Senior boys

1st — Mathew Mason (Sir Wilfrid Laurier, London) — 21:12

2nd — Scott Arndt (Waterloo) — 21:15.00

3rd — Dakota Goguen (Sir William Mulock, Newmarket) — 21:20.43

37th — Calum Passi (Lasalle) — 22:55.93

39th — Kendyn Mashinter (Lo-Ellen) — 22:57.69

70th — Andre Larocque (Notre Dame) — 23:29.63

Senior girls

1st — Abbey Juhasz (Resurrection, Kitchener) — 24:25.40

2nd — Petal Palmer (Mother Theresa, Scarborough) — 25:15.54

3rd — Jadyn Keeler (Innisdale, Barrie) — 25:17.41

71st — Meredith Kusnierczyk (Lo-Ellen) — 28:24.28

101st — Delaney Bourget (Lo-Ellen) — 29:17.60

135th — Kristen Mrozewski (Lo-Ellen) — 29:58.62

Junior Boys

1st — Riley Flemington (Appleby College, Oakville) — 18:17.63

2nd — Heath McAllister (London Central) — 18:39.54

3rd — William Cowling (Uxbridge) — 18:41.16

69th — Patrick Wiss (Lo-Ellen) — 20:30.34

77th — Ian MacKenzie (Confederation) — 20:40.83

102nd — Emmett Thomson (Lasalle) — 21:02.46

Junior girls

1st — Sofia Bowe (Etobicoke Arts, Toronto) — 21:28.27

2nd — Sierra Rodrigues (St. Michael CSS, Bolton) — 21:36.42

3rd — Chantal Channing (Orangeville) — 21:37.15

51st — Avery Sutherland (Lo-Ellen) — 23:23.46

114th — Abby Lanteigne (Lockerby) — 24:53.00

162nd — Maggie Parks (Lo-Ellen) — 25:54.72

Novice boys

1st — Erik Unger (Adam Scott, Peterborough) — 13:56.14

2nd — Noah Booth (Frontenac, Kingston) — 14:21.97

3rd — Nate Rose (Winston Churchill, St. Catharines) — 14:24.57

8th — Carson Crane (Confederation) — 14:49.22

58th — Adam Chebbi (Lo-Ellen) — 15:39.42

75th — Alex Pharand (Notre-Dame) — 15:56.23

Novice girls

1st — Kyla Martin (Joan of Arc, Barrie) — 15:37.09

2nd — Brooklyn Quanz (Saugeen, Port Elgin) — 15:53.04

3rd — Alex Campbell (KCVI, Kingston) — 16:05.24

53rd — Sophia Oommen (Lo-Ellen) — 17:44.37

138th — Gabby Alexander (Lo-Ellen) — 18:59.64

141st — Mia Toner (Sacre Coeur) — 19:06.11

Co-ed para

1st — Corey McCaugherty (Sydenham) — 13:26.21

2nd — Joshua Roberto (Paul Dwyer SS, Oshawa) — 13:55.31

3rd — Kobe Selman (St. Catharines) — 13:55.89

7th — Raiden Byers (Lasalle) — 15:26.64

9th — Riley Cornwaithe (Lasalle) — 15:44.94

18th — James Butcher (Lasalle) — 17:21.82

Randy Pascal is That Sudbury Sports Guy. His column runs regularly in The Sudbury Star.








Sunday was the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon and the race crowned two new winners. In the women’s event, women’s-only world record holder Mary Keitany was upset by Joyciline Jepkosgei who ran her marathon debut. In the men’s race, Geoffrey Kamworor claimed his second New York Marathon title and an unknown runner (with a non-elite bib), who was later identified as Girma Bekele Gebre, finished third.

There were no Canadians in the named elite fields, but a huge number of canucks went south of the border to the historic marathon (over 1,000 in fact). Here are the top Canadian results from the largest marathon in the world.


Top 10 Canadian women

1 - Christy Lovig – 53rd in 2:55:21
2 - Cheryl Pepin – 68th in 2:56:55
3 - Katherine Ahokas – 124th in 3:01:56
4 - Kimberly Bennett – 127th in 3:02:17
5 - Vivian Davidson – 163rd in 3:05:09
6 - Dawn Ladds – 202nd in :08:23
7 - Genevieve Cauffope – 208th in 3:08:31
8 - Sydney Guloien-Olmsted – 241st in 3:10:10
9 - Rebecca Stuart – 244th in 3:10:17

10 - Lindsay Moreau-Verlaan – 256th in 3:10:41


Lindsay file photo


Congratulations to Lindsay!


Lindsay Moreau-Verlaan – 256th in 3:10:41 Sudbury ON

Lindsay Moreau-Verlaan SUDBURY | C AN

AGE/GENDER F41     BIB 8325

PLACE OVERALL  2,670 of 53,508
PLACE GENDER  256 of 22,714
(40-44) PLACE AGE-GROUP  33 of 3,584
(CAN) PLACE COUNTRY  113 of 1,203
PLACE AGE-GRADED  390 of 22,714
GUN TIME  3:12:58



Chantal Dagostino Runs New York City Marathon

Chantal Dagostino SKEAD | CAN
OFFICIAL TIME 3:46:53 PACE PER MILE 08:40 PLACE OVERALL 10,614 of 53,508
PLACE GENDER 2,405 of 22,714 (40-44) PLACE AGE-GROUP 444 of 3,584 (CAN) PLACE COUNTRY 380 of 1,203
GUN TIME 3:50:07GUN PLACE 8595


First of all I would love that say thank you all who sent me positive messages during the weekend. I really felt everyone`s support in this incredible New York marathon.

I knew I was going in under prepared! One month ago I decided to reduce my training and was having a very hard time to do any training. I would push myself through a workout but was out for 2 days after. A friend of mine told me « that it was better going in under prepared than not going at all »! I showed up knowing that it wasn’t to be my best performance but that I would have to fight and it was going to be ugly during the process! I didn’t know exactly how long I would last but gave the best trying to use my experience as a marathoner. Everything was going good until I hit 30 k and realized I had 12 k more to go. I looked at my watch and I saw 2:33 so I knew I had a chance to maybe qualify for Boston if I could push myself through the pain and I really wanted it. A couple of times I stopped to grab water and kept telling myself, your window is getting smaller! You didn’t do this travel to DNF and regret. So I pushed and did I feel the pain through my quads and Achilles! My amazing husband ( who did everything to made this trip happen ) took a few videos and on the last one it shows how much pain I was in just by looking at my posture and the way I was running! Reaching the final line was such a relief, knowing I could endure so much and still walk with so much pride!

I was also so blessed to have our amazing friends Kenny Marvin and Rody Rotolo Marvin who with my husband cheered me on at 2 locations. It made such a big difference knowing I would see them again after passing them once. I knew I had no choice to make it there without stopping and still look strong.

Now it is time to heal up and get back into running! With this BQ that means next year I don’t really have to do another full marathon but I can work really hard to make sub 1:30 on my goal time finish in a half.

I am so blessed to have all of your support.















Upcoming Local Events


  November 10, 2019

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December 7, 2019

Santa Shuffle

Location at College Boreal

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