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      Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                                                                         August 1, 2019        

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  1. Sudbury SwimRun Challenge
  2. New record set at Mattawa River Canoe Race
  3. The Secret Marathon Coming to Cinefest
  4. Beaton Volunteers Needed
  5. Upcoming Events    Aug 4 Conquer the Crater, Aug 10 Sudbury Camino, Aug 11 Beaton Classic, Sep 8 Ramsey Tour
  6. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  7. Track North News





  July 28, 2019


Sara McIlraith, Ian Feldman and Mat Legault

from Event Director Ian Feldman,

Well the 3rd annual Sudbury SwimRun Challenge is now history, and I wanted to thank everyone who assisted in running this event and to congratulate all the athletes who participated.

First and foremost, Congrats to Sara Mcilraith and Mat Legault for placing 1st and 2nd over all, and to each of them for being the first ever Canadian female and male champions. I hope that you display your plaques with a source of pride knowing that you are 2 of the pioneers of SwimRun in Canada. There can never be a first.

As you all know, this event was also the Canadian qualifying event for the IWC world Individual SwimRun Championships being held in Grado Italy with the top 2 men and top 2 women gaining entry into this event. Mat has already entered, and will be the first ever Canadian to be in this race. I already know that Sara cannot attend, to Sebastien and Mona, please let me know ASAP what your plans are.

To all the other participants Congratulations on taking part in the first ever Canadian Individual SwimRun Championships. Some of you we have seen before, and some were first timers to our great sport of SwimRun. You are all champions and are the present and future of SwimRun.

Special thanks goes out to Kivi Park, and all the volunteers who helped make this a great day.

Canaqua Sports is working hard to grow SwimRun across Canada. Our goal is to continue to bring on more events in different regions to help grow the sport. Starting next spring we will be hosting clinics as a way to introduce people to our sport. If anyone is interested in putting on a clinic in your area, let me know, and we will get it going. As mentioned on Sunday. I am looking at setting up the Canaqua Sports SwimRun Outreach Program, and invite those who have participated in our events to take part. Our goal is to get a group to 20 to 30 people to help be the face of SwimRun in Canada by running SwimRun clinics, potentially helping to run an event in your community, and to generally help to grow the sport. I am still working on the details. If you are interested, please let me know by sending me and email and I will put you on the list. I am hoping to have the program in place sometime in September.

Thank you all once again for being a part of the Sudbury SwimRun Challenge. We are already working on next years events, and look forward to seeing you there.

My goal after last year's Canaqua swimrun race was to learn how to swim with a pull buoy. I joined LU Masters Swimming and learned so much. Now a 5k swim is just normal and I love pulling!
Pretty happy with my race today, but always more to learn. Next year it's all about paddles. While a kind of wierd sport, it definitely challenges me. Switching between 4 tough trail running sections and 3 longish swims is pretty cool! I even managed to out chick all the men. Sara M.


Attached are the results from this years event.

All Photos Here


Canaqua hosts Canada's first Individual SwimRun National Championship
Sudbury's Sara McIlraith and Mat Legault finish first and second out of 22 participants from across the country
by: Keira Ferguson

Canaqua Sports hosted Canada's first Individual SwimRun Championships Sunday morning at Kivi Park, making this the third SwimRun challenge in Sudbury since the organization was introduced by its president Ian Feldman in 2006.

The seven-stage course included three swims and four runs, on four different trails, equaling a total distance of 17.3 km. Out of 22 participants, Sudbury's own Sara McIlraith and Mat Legault earned first and second place, allowing them to advance to the World Individual SwimRun Championships taking place in Grado, Italy on Sept. 8.

Canaqua is a multi-faceted organization that hosts Open Swim and SwimRun events across Canada, in addition to supplying swim clubs, races, and organizations with equipment such as t-shirts and medals. In the past five years, the Toronto-based company has established races across the country, with plans to expand to British Columbia and Nova Scotia in the coming year.

The preliminary races for this afternoon's event were held in Welland, ON and Kenora, ON, but that doesn't mean the season has come to a close. Canaqua also held a race in Alberta today and will be hosting another in St. John, New Brunswick next week, as qualifiers for next year's Sudbury-based championship.

Originally introduced as a distributor, Canaqua has evolved over its lifetime to suit its founder and the country's evolving athletic environment. As a long-time swim coach, swimmer since he was eight and former triathlon athlete, Feldman said he knew the athletic community wanted a change, but it wasn't until he tried open water swimming that he found the solution.

The experience took place eight years ago and inspired Feldman to begin hosting races under the umbrella of Canaqua. Five years later Feldman was introduced to SwimRun, a program started in Sweden around 15 years ago, that he said has surpassed triathlons popularity in Europe.

"I believe that over the next five years SwimRun is going to grow considerably across Canada and around the world," said Feldman. "There's definitely a want and a need for something new."

Second place winner Legault, was also introduced to SwimRun by a friend but this year ran alone and in record time. This he said, was thanks to years of running experience and particularly intense training this past winter to prepare for the championship.

When asked whether it was the swimming or trail running that motivated him to return for a second season, Legault said it was a little bit of both.

"I like both honestly, just because it breaks it up - it’s not just running or just swimming, both together it’s just fun," he said.

While swimming may not have been what motivated first place winner McIlraith to return, she said it has been the focus of her training this past year.

"I did the SwimRun last year and was a little sad with how slow my swimming was, so I joined the Laurentian master’s swimming club and swam my heart out all winter, to see how it would improve this year - and it did," she said.

"It's a real boost to know that my training is paying off."

Feldman said that Canada's SwimRun events are mild compared to the 70-80 km courses hosted in Sweden, but it was important for him to find a course worthy of the sport's extreme reputation. "We needed a place where we could have a good challenge, but not be so hard that it's going to scare people away," said Feldman.

In the search for a location to host his event, Feldman was approached by a Sudbury resident who suggested Kivi Park as the "perfect spot" - which he said, it was indeed.

"First off, the park is gorgeous," said Feldman "and it's hard to find a place where you can find 15-20 km of running trails in a singular park." "The whole set-up makes it ideal for this type of race."

While this year's event did attract more participants from as far as British Columbia, Feldman said he hopes to establish a local following by developing stronger community partnerships moving forward. This focus on community and expanding the variety of events offered by Canaqua will mean big changes for next season's championship.

"The next step is trying to involve kids and introduce clinics such as lesson programs and workshops – so people can get a feel for what SwimRun is like," said Feldman. "It's about finding new angles to build support."







New record set at Mattawa River Canoe Race
'Paddlers pushed through five mandatory portages, low water levels and high winds'
by: Linda Holmes

Ellen Padzdior (bow) and Bonnie Pankiw set a record in C2 Stock Women's Class with a time of 7:47:37 smashing previous record of 9:00:12 courtesy NBMCA

Paddlers were put to the test competing for top spot during the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority’s 43rd Annual Mattawa River Canoe Race.

Sixty-six teams from three provinces and two countries, Hong Kong and Africa, set off early Saturday morning from Olmsted Beach in North Bay, tackling the 64 km route that ended at Mattawa Island.

Paddlers pushed through five mandatory portages, low water levels and high winds.

“The water is quite low especially once they get past Pimisi Bay. So, there are more portages than usual,” explained Paula Loranger, community relations coordinator for the NBMCA.

In the end, Michelle Laprade and Ryan Stepka of Gatineau Quebec won the Fastest Overall Time trophy with a time of 6:09:43.

Bonnie Pankiw from Chelsea, QC and partner Ellen Padzdior from Ottawa set a record in the C2 Stock Women’s Class with a time of 7:47:37 shattering the previous record of 9:00:12.

Paddlers in the 13 km family and junior races pushed off from Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park, also finishing at Mattawa Island.

The family race was added in 1996.

“They only have the one portage which is around Hurdman Dam, so it is a good introductory race for families to get out and have a good time together,” said Loranger.

First time competitors Maeve Stemp and mom Susan Stemp were looking forward to a good day on the water.

“As far as preparation, we went out for a few times at our cottage, paddled around, did a few portages, played around with who would go in the front and the back. A couple of years ago we did go from North Bay to here, a two-day camping trip. It was about 20 km a day, so that was good experience,” said the teen.

“We were more in this one just to finish it with a good time and just racing against ourselves. My dad has been doing the 64 km for a few years.”

Mom Susan said she was inspired by her husband.

“We watched Mike train for the last few years doing this, and we thought about doing the race. We didn’t get around to it last year, but we thought it would be a good thing to do the family event. Before today we only did 7 km but that was on big open water with winds and white caps on occasions,” said Susan.

“It is good mother-daughter bonding time for sure.”

The North Bay team finished second in the Recreational Family A category with a time of 2:02:02 behind Paul and Sedona Terry of Stirling with the winning time of 1:45:58.

The complete list of results and photos are available on the NBMCA’s website at https://www.mattawarivercanoerace.ca/


Sudbury at Mattawa Race

The Sudbury contingent enjoyed another tough Mattawa River run yesterday. This was the 43rd version of the famous race that was to include some serious cross wind challenges while traversing Talon Lake! All eventually prevailed to enjoy the always surperb meal/ celebration that the organizers treated us to.....thanks to all these fine people, the tireless volunteers, and sponsors for staging yet another way fun event!

All Photos Here

Results from our division in the Mattawa Canoe Race. No podium for us this year (again!).

Scott Hopkins






The Secret Marathon Coming to Cinefest

by Martin Parnell

Thrilled that "The Secret Marathon" is screening at Cinefest at 11.00am on Sunday, September 22nd at Silver City. Just bought tickets for granddaughter Autumn, Sue and Myself. Running for freedom and equality. Get your tickets now below.

Martin Parnell

When the first Afghan woman stood up for her freedom and ran in the Marathon of Afghanistan, she started a movement for equality that spread around the world. Zainab’s story inspired legendary marathon runner, Martin Parnell, to imagine what his life might be like if his gender prevented him from going outside to run. Martin vowed to run in the Marathon of Afghanistan the following year to support Zainab, and partnered with filmmaker and first time marathoner, Kate McKenzie, to tell the story. To avoid making the marathon a target for terrorist attack, they must train, and travel to Afghanistan in secret, where they will uncover unexpected beauty, incredible hardships, and the amazing people who stand for change. This is the story of the brave Afghan women who are risking it all for the freedom to run.

SilverCity SudburySun, Sep 22 11:00 AM

Buy Tickets








Neil and Sara are in search of volunteers for this year's Beaton Classic. We are looking for help with set up, marshaling on the bike and run course, timing/registration, transition zone, data entry, parking, canoe moving.

The Beaton is on Sunday August 11, and volunteers are needed from 7am to 1pm. Volunteers get a technical t-shirt, personalized goody bag, the best food of any race in the city, and home made jam.

Please email Neil and Sara at beatonclassic@hotmail.ca




Upcoming Local Events



  August 4, 2019


Event date: August 4th, 2019.

Location: Kivi Park, Sudbury Ontario, Canada.

Address: 4472 Long Lake Rd, Sudbury, ON P3G 1K4 – Approximately 10 min from Sudbury and 4 hrs north of Toronto.

XTERRA Conquer the Crater: a race like no other!

100% in support of Miles Against Cancer (a joint partnership with the Northern Cancer Foundation), XTERRA Conquer the Crater is set on 450+ acres of Cambrian Shield overlooking Long Lake in Sudbury. Kivi Park itself is entirely operated by volunteers and is a premier destination for sport, outdoor activity and adventure.

Element Racing is proud to join forces with MAC to bring the world class style of XTERRA racing to Ontario’s cottage country.


All Information and registration below






Sudbury Camino 2019

Saturday, August 10th, 2019


It's back! Challenge yourself to complete the 30km hiking challenge and join us on Saturday, August 10th, 2019 for the annual Sudbury Camino, and experience Sudbury in a whole new way!

Inspired by the famous El Camino De Santiago pilgrimage routes, the Sudbury Camino offers an on-foot exploration of urban and wilderness trails along the Sudbury portion of the Great Trail.

This unique challenge has continued to grow in numbers and distance each year, and 2019 is no exception. What started as a 21km journey has now transformed into a 30km hiking adventure which will begin at the Kinsmen Sports Complex and finish at Moonlight Beach. The Sudbury Camino can be completed in segments as well!

DON'T MISS OUT! Go to the link for information and registration details






August 11, 2019


We're back for the 35th running of the Beaton Classic! The quadrathalon will take place at Moonlight Beach on Sunday, August 11th. This event is one of seven Sudbury Fitness Challenge events, aiming to promote healthy and active living in the community in a fun, competitive way.

Registration details are available on the Running Room website. Race day registration is available but not recommended.

Solo: All four events. Male and female categories.
Doubles: Male, female and mixed categories. If mixed, female must do at least two events.
Fours: One event each. If mixed, must be at least two events done by a female. Can be a team of three







September 8, 2019

5k & 21.1 k Roadraces

The SudburyMasters Continental Insulation Ramsey Tour Sunday, September 8 at Laurentian University at 10:00 am.

5 km and a 1/2 marathon.

Register on-line here through the Running Room                         

  Manual Entry Form


(5k map)

(21k map)












Run Club Update




Store News


Good afternoon Sudbury Runner's and Walker's,


We have FREE run club Wednesday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30am.








Track North News - by Dick Moss



Dick Moss, Head Coach
Laurentian XC/Track Team
c/o Coach Moss <pedigest@cyberbeach.net>
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For information call me.
Vincent Perdue

Proud sponsor of the Sudbury Rocks!!! Race-Run-Walk for the Health of it




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