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      Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                      August 16, 2018            

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August 12, 2018

James Larmer just edges out Mike Banks

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Everybody is a winner at the Beaton Classic
by Randy Pascal

There's a pretty good chance that the sprint to the finish that highlighted the 2018 edition of the Beaton Classic would make this year's event the most closely contested in the history of the Sudbury summer quadrathlon.

And while Chucky's Extra Lappers would edge StarRacing by the slimmest of margins, runners James Larmer and Mike Banks, and teammates Tamara Flannigan, Charles Dumas, John Larmer and Buddy Green were all winners in the end.

In fact, it would be safe to say that every single one of the one hundred or so competitors who took full advantage of an absolutely glorious day at Moonlight Beach, were very much winners in their own right.

Back to the finish, for a moment.

Yes, there was an incredible dash to the finish line, as Larmer edged out Banks over the course of the final few metres, becoming the first team of any kind to cross the line on Sunday, both squads breaking the two hour barrier with impressive performances.

But since the Chucky's foursome (Flannigan, Dumas, Larmer, Larmer) were competing in the Men's Four bracket while the duo of Banks and Green were part of the Men's Pairs division, all involved could lay claim, legitimately, to a first place finish.

Back with the exact same team that placed second in the Men's Four in 2017, Flannigan was thankful for the co-operation of Mother Nature, as she continues to enjoy a very natural off-shoot of her athletic youth background.

“I hadn't really been training a lot, but it was a perfect day, perfect conditions for the swim,” said the 42 year-old Beaton regular. “It was awesome. I was a competitive pool swimmer for twenty years. I started getting into triathlons and open water swimming after that, getting out of the four walls of a pool, and I loved it.”

“I transitioned very easily – I probably should have been doing open water swimming over pool swimming for years.” Like Flannigan, Green has been a race mainstay for years, enjoying the versatility that comes with having multiple contacts across all four sporting disciplines – swim, cycle, canoe and the run.

“I've known Mike for a couple of years now and he was looking particularly for someone to swim for him,” said Green, now 32 years of age. “We just decided that I would do the canoe, too, that we would split it up evenly. It's fun to mix it up and do different events and do them with different people. I think that's part of what the Fitness Challenge is all about.”

Another competitive swimmer in his youth with the Sudbury Laurentian Swim Club, Green also competed regularly in the triathlon circuit, both provincially and nationally, in his late teens and early twenties. Now settled down and accompanying his eight year old son Hudson – a burgeoning multi-sport athlete, in his own right – to countless events has allowed Green to enjoy a somewhat different perspective when it comes to his own personal involvement.

“You have to take into account exactly where you are at in life,” he said. “You know that you are not training like you used to, and you can't put pressure on yourself to be as fast as you used to be. You do it more for fun, and push yourself on the day. You get in what you can, now, with work and family commitments.”

And you wait anxiously for the day when the synergies begin to arrive. “It's definitely one thing I am looking forward to, one day being able to pair up with him (Hudson) and do something like this.” First time Men's Solo winner Clinton Lahnalampi, one of a handful of regular competitors in that grueling divisional challenge, can also appreciate tackling his training regimen through the lens that is a busy family.

“The kids are getting a bit older,” said the father of two (Josh-6, Alexander-9). “I'm still doing stuff with them, but I do get to do a little bit more swimming while they're swimming. I don't get to train as much as when I was doing the Ironman distance, but my eating habits are a lot better.”

Lahnalampi finished just over a minute ahead of high-school teacher Kerry Abols, building on the lessons learned over time, most notably in the 2017 race when he placed fourth behind Todd Withers, Colin Ward and Jordan Hotta. “With the Beaton Classic, experience comes into play, big time,” said the 39 year-old athlete.

“Last year, off the canoe, I just floundered on the run. This year, I swam a lot more, so that my upper body was not nearly as tired when I got to the canoe. That way, I wasn't “kapput” when I was done the canoe.”

The race in the Women's Solo grouping mirrored the 2017 showdown, though this time around, Sara McIlraith would expand a four minute lead over Monika Haring, built initially on the canoe, pulling away over the course of the eight kilometer run and capturing the event for an seventh time.

Following is a cross-section of results from the event:

Men's Solo
1 – Clinton Lahnalampi – 2:10:00
2 – Kerry Abols – 2:11:10
3 – Joe Lonsdale – 2:14:47
4 – Josh Tillson – 2:18:55
5 – Dan Whalen – 2:24:49
6 – Todd Withers – 2:28:15
7 – Marc Larochelle – 2:29:38
8 – Kristian Bischoff – 2:33:28
9 – Steve Matusch – 2:36:34
10 – Steve Hopkins – 2:43:36
11 – Andrew Allard – 2:48:34
12 – Daren Kleven – 2:49:04

Women's Solo
1 – Sara McIlraith – 2:17:57
2 – Monika Haring – 2:29:29
3 – Kristin Zazelench – 2:52:39
4 – Nicole Graham – 3:12:09

Men's Pairs: Buddy Green/Mike Banks – 1:56:42

Women's Pairs: Sara Pilbacka/Lisa Goudreau – 3:10:53

Mixed Pairs: Emmanuelle Faulkner/Jeremy Faulkner – 2:12:28

Men's Four: Tamara Flannigan/Charles Dumas/John Larmer/James Larmer – 1:56:41

Women's Four: Isabelle Mastroianni/Alison Caswell/Michelle Munro/Lucia Salmaso – 2:20:46

Mixed Four: Sylvia Donato/Debbie Smith/Randy Donato/Robert Masih – 2:19:27

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Some 200 hardy souls test their mettle in the 35th Beaton Classic

by Gia Patil for sudbury.com

The fog had started to lift off Ramsey Lake at Moonlight Beach to jump-start one of two remaining events under the Sudbury Fitness Challenge.

The Beaton Classic has been running for 35 years and generally draws a large crowd of participants and onlookers alike.

This year, it drew close to 200 people of all fitness levels to participate in the ultimate test of endurance: the quadrathlon.

The quadrathlon includes swimming, biking, running, and canoeing. It's designed to allow endurance athletes to test their skills and advance toward the coveted spot of Mr./Miss Sudbury Fit.

Sudbury's Allison Caswell is no stranger to the Beaton, having participated for the last five years.

“I have been very involved in the active community, ran cross-country and did cross-country skiing. I know a lot of people here and it's just a lot of fun events."

For athletes like Caswell, the Beaton allows them to flex their muscles in various sports and also prepare for winter sporting activities.

“This year, I am also switching to biking from running. I found out last summer that I definitely enjoy the biking aspect more so I'm try my hand at that today."

Unlike Caswell, Michelle Medina had never paddled a canoe until last week when she was asked to join a women's team to compete in the race.

“This is my first time participating in the event, and I was just kinda roped in to be on the team. I think my goal today is to stay afloat and have some fun.”

The Beaton Classic had been a staple in bringing all levels of athletes for one mega-event until the late 1990s when the organizers noted a decline in attendees.

“I think in the late '90s, the technology boom had kept people indoors," said race director Neil Phipps. "However as people recognize the importance of physical fitness we have seen our numbers grow."

He's noted a gradual increase in participants and hopes that they can continue to build momentum to draw an even bigger crowd.

Phipps started off as a participant at Beaton Classic and has stayed on as a volunteer.

“Quadrathlon, especially in partnership with the Sudbury Fitness Challenge, is a great way to expose yourself to sports people otherwise they may not be exposed to on a competitive level."

The quadrathlon also allows participants to set goals and train with a purpose, he added.

“The thing to remember with all endurance events is that core fitness is very important. If you have good cardio, then it just becomes a matter of picking up skills related to the sport."

It Takes a Community to Raise a Beaton

by Sara McIlraith


a few of the many Beaton volunteers

Terry McKinty founded the Beaton Classic in 1983 in honour of his grandfather, Bill Beaton. Bill was a well-loved mayor of Sudbury throughout the 1940s, and an incredible advocate for endurance sport. A national level canoeist, Bill brought endurance sport into all aspects of his life and community. Bill constructed the Sudbury Arena and re-vitalized the canoe club during his time as leader of our community. Bill instilled his love of endurance sport in his children, and it has remained a fundamental characteristic in his family throughout many generations. (check out this video to see what the Beaton Classic looked like in 1983 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSRFanXh7TA#t=17)

I think Bill and Terry would be pleased to see that the Beaton Classic continues to bring the Sudbury Fitness Community together. The inclusive, supportive and friendly atmosphere of the Beaton is very special. I want to send a heartfelt thank you to my partner and Beaton Classic Director Neil Phipps for his dedication to keeping the Beaton alive. The Beaton got Neil involved in endurance sport in his youth, and introduced me to world of multisport in my 30s. I don’t think either of us would be the athletes we are without being welcomed into the endurance world by the Beaton and SFC family.

Neil and I are both always overwhelmed by the support we receive from our Sudbury Fitness community every year. From our volunteers to the participants, without all of you, we would not have a Beaton. Thank you all for dedicating your time to this very special event. It is our hope that the Beaton and the SFC will have as much of a positive impact on your lives as it has on ours.



  August 15, 2018


Finlandia Trail Run Series returns to Laurentian Nordic Ski Trails this summer.

This was the 3rd of 4 events

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Upcoming Local Events




   August 26, 2018

Stand Up To Cancer
SUP Race

Sunday, August 26th 2018







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