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      Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                      July 5, 2018            

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  1. NEW Firecracker 5k on July 1
  2. North Bay Triathlon Weekend
  3. June 24 Canoe Marathon Results
  4. Upcoming Events - July 11, 20 Minute Challenge, July 15, Island Swim and Massey events, July 22, Mountain Bike Tour
  5. Running Room Run Club Update: 
  6. Track North News




July 1, 2018  

NEW Firecracker 5k

NEW Firecracker Roadrace

All Photos Here


Turning up the heat at the Canada Day Firecracker
by Randy Pascal

Personal best times were not the topic of conversation, pre-race, at the 2018 Firecracker Run Sunday morning. Not in the least.

The combination of a new course design, trekking through the quite appropriately monikered “HILL”crest sub-division in Lively, and temperatures that had soared above the thirty degree mark by race start time of 10:30 a.m., made this year's Canada Day tradition more of a mere survival event.

Yet despite the “smack dab in the middle of a long weekend” timing of the race, more than fifty intrepid souls did just that, surviving the challenge with smiles and a joyful willingness to share their tales of the pleasures of running.

When it comes to sharing tales, no one on hand could match the chronological depth that local race icon Tay Wilson brings to the table. The 77 year-old long-time academic boasts a fascinating life resume that included a decade spent in England, many moons ago, for the native of Medicine Hat, Alberta.

“I had ten years of just wonderful road running and cross country running (in England),” noted Wilson, a provincial champ in the 800m distance as a teenager in Western Canada. “We would race almost once a week.” It was in this setting, in his late thirties, that the specialist of Applied Psychology would also celebrate one of his favourite athletic memories.

Just prior to the 1976 Olympics, Great Britain opted to run a “first three past the pole” qualifying race for the marathon berths in Montreal, allowing about 300 people into contention. “I had run a 27-mile cross country race, in Cambridge, and I broke three hours, so they let me in,” recounted Wilson. “I knew it was my only chance, so I wasn't going to quit.”

And though he acknowledged that he was truthfully not particularly close to the lead pack, Wilson did manage to crack the top half of the field, overtaking some very impressive competition. “At the 19-mile hill, I will always remember, I picked up the Scottish champion, “ he said. “And at the time, our Cambridge cross-country team was third best in Britain, our best runner a county champion.”

“I took him, and then his brother, just because I was so stubborn,” he stated with a laugh. The very definition of a life-long runner, Wilson would go on to claim double gold at the Canadian Masters Track and Field Championships at the age of 46, finishing first in both the 200m and 400m events.

Shanel Belanger, by comparison, has no illusions of grandeur when it comes to her running accomplishments. She does, however, have an interesting story to tell, one that would spread right through the family tree when it came to race day on Sunday.

Now 25 years of age and set to be married to Pat Gascon come December 31st, Belanger admitted to a lack of general interest, in any way, shape or form, in exercise for the better part of her first quarter century on this earth. But a pending trip to Peru, last year, and the accompanying physical requirements of their planned agenda, prompted what has become a very healthy lifestyle change.

“I started in November of 2016 and my goal was to be able to do five kilometers by the time we did the Inca Trail in Peru,” said Belanger. “I started doing the “Couch to 5 km” app on my phone, and I couldn't even run a minute at a time. I completed my 5 kms, for the first time, two days before the trip, and then we hiked for four days on the Trail.”

This, alone, would make for a compelling story. However, Belanger's new found passion was also, seemingly, quite contagious. “I did a 5 kms with my co-workers at Kivi Park and my family all joked with me that they could do that to,” she said. “So I told them there was a 5 km, on Canada Day, that we should all do it together, as a family affair.”

“I was surprised that they all said yes. I thought that it was just going to be me and Pat, but even my gramma is here. My dad said he's going to get in the best shape of his life for my wedding, so now, apparently, we're all runners.”

A runner for the past decade or so, 48 year old banker Kevin Despot can so relate to that lure of running, no matter how absurd that might seem to those who have never availed themselves to the temptation. “I did my first race in 2009 or 2010, I think it was a charity run/walk,” he said. “I kind of got the bug and started doing it more consistently.”

“Now, I do it for a couple of reasons – physical health and mental health. I find it a huge stress reliever. It's a great way to clear your mind, and I love it. People talk about a running high, and it's true.” And though few in the race were keeping a close eye at all on their personal stopwatches, Despot also touched on an additional motivator that most who enter the sport will recognize.

“I'm not out there to necessarily be faster than everybody else,” said the man who posted a highly respectable time of 23:16, given the ridiculous running conditions. “I'm out there to be faster than my last time. My bench mark is my own results.” And then there is the young man who made it all happen.

The beneficiary of a government funded summer internship/work program with the Sudbury Fitness Challenge, Lo-Ellen Park graduate and second year Laurentian University student Casey Crowe was serving as race director for the very first time. “I'm looking forward to doing it for years to come,” said the 19 year old Business/Finance major.

He explained the rationale behind the shift of race venues from the former course, on the opposite side of the highway, that would run through “downtown” Lively. “We were looking at different race site opportunities,” he said. “Of course, on Canada Day, anything near Bell Park isn't much of an option. We were still looking to keep it as a road race.”

“It's always been a road race and we're kind of running out of those in the community.” And on behalf of all runners/walkers who took part, I will suggest that the course, itself, is fine. Just turn down the thermostat ten degrees or so when we reconvene in July of 2019.

All Results Here



For more information please contact Casey Crowe

Email: Northernfitnesssudbury@gmail.com






Sunday, July 1, 2018

The 30th Annual North Bay Triathlon weekend ended the way it started, under extremely hot and humid conditions. Race director for the adult triathlon, Nancy Birtch said the weather was a big factor this year.

“Saturday at the Kids Triathlon event, we were down to the wire. With all the thunderstorm and tornado warnings, at 10 o’clock we talked about having to cancel the event, but we decided to postpone the decision for about an hour. Shortly before 11 o’clock the thunderstorms stopped, the rain stopped, and we decided it was good to go. We were all set up ready to go, so having to cancel it would have been very disappointing. Someone was looking after us and made sure the weather held out for us,” laughed Birtch.

Roughly 128 children took part in Saturday’s event, which was down slightly due to the weather, but Sunday’s competition saw over 160 adults take part, an increase over last year.

“We’ve got families that come back for the long weekend every summer and participate in this event. We had a family in the Try-a-Tri that included father, son, and daughter-in-law. “

Four events were scheduled for yesterday morning, including the Duathlon which is new this year.

“The Duathlon is for those people who are not necessarily swimmers. They run four kilometres, then they join up with the rest of the adult athletes and they do the 32 kilometre bike, and then they finish with the 8.4 kilometre run.” Dwight Williams is one of the original participants. This year at the age of 63 he did the first leg of the triathlon relay, a one kilometre swim. Rounding off his team was a 65-year old cyclist and a 70-year-old runner who had hip replacement surgery a few years ago.

“The very first triathlon was in 1987 and I was in it. In fact, today I’m wearing my 1988 t-shirt which was the race I was in 30 years ago. It’s just a great family event. Time doesn’t matter for me anymore. It’s all about coming out, participating and meeting members of your community,” said Williams.

Jordan Mino also participated in a team relay this year, doing the run portion using his racing wheelchair. “It’s built for road use, or track and field. It’s very light and basically, I’ve used it my whole life. I’m doing 8.4 kilometres. There’s quite a few inclines. I trained doing the Kate Pace Way distance wise, and then I went on Anita Avenue and did the whole route the other day getting ready for it,” said Mino. “I’m pretty pumped. Nervous, but pumped. I actually was in this a couple years ago. This is probably my third or fourth time doing it. I took a couple of years off because of other events and injuries. I’m looking forward to the finish,” he laughed.



Sara Mcilraith drove over from Lively, just west of Sudbury to participate in her first North Bay Triathlon. “I’m training for another Half Ironman, so this is going to be a really good training day for me. Any opportunity to be able to do all three together (swim, bike, run) in a setting like this is really good. You can practice your transitions, and practice how your legs feel after a hard bike. This is a really hilly course on the bike so you have to be really careful,” explained Mcilraith. “I’m a runner primarily. The humidity is really tough on the run. You have to really be careful of your pace and really hydrate.”


Another first-time participant, Danielle Foisy, drove two and half hours from Haliburton.

“We heard it was a great race, and there’s actually some other Haliburtonian’s here,” laughed Foisy.

“I’ve already got a bunch of friends that I know like these types of races, that I’m going to wrangle to come up next year.”

Results are expected to be a little slower because of the heat. Organizers doubled the water supply for the weekend to make sure everyone stayed hydrated. Residents on Anita Avenue were out with their hoses, to help cool down the runners.

The race director says the Kiwanis Club of Nipissing has been running the event for roughly 18 years.

Funds raised go toward Kiwanis programs, serving the children of the community.

Piper, Thompson tops at Kiwanis Triathlon
Dave Dale / The Nugget

Powassan’s Jennifer Piper continued her domination of the North Bay Kiwanis Triathlon, finishing first among women and sixth overall after a hot and humid race on Canada Day. Carley Kenwell placed 2nd and Sudbury's Sara McIlraith took the 3rd spot.

It was Piper’s fourth straight gold at the annual event posting a time of 1:56.09. There were 20 women competing.

Sudbury’s Kelly Thompson took the men’s division with a time of 1:48.25, less than a minute ahead of North Bay’s Nathan Sagle, who endured a flat tire during the cycling portion. Kevin Denston, also of North Bay, finished third, with both local triathletes making it to the podium for the first time. There were 46 men competing.

The team relay had 19 entrants, including Hansen’s Heroes, which has taken part for more than a decade.

“It’s become a tradition for the past 12 years or so,” said Brian Hansen, whose wife, Pam, 74, runs while their son Carl, 56, bikes and granddaughter Brianna Strickland, 24, swims.

Brian said Pam celebrated her 70th birthday with her first full triathlon and recently finished second for her age group in the Toronto Island half-marathon. He said she had “a great big grin on her face” seeing that she beat more than 130 younger women.

“I think it’s fantastic,” he said while serving as team photographer from a shady spot on the grass.

In the new duathlon division, with 17 individuals doing a run, bike and run event, Ian Sagle was first in the men’s category, followed by Kenn Schmitz. Brandi Venne won the women’s crown with Kristin Franks coming second.

All Results below

Scott Hopkins, Sara McILraith and overall winner Kelly Thompson were Sudbury entrants





June 24, 2018


Sudbury Canoe Club/ Sudbury Fitness Challenge Canoe Race 2018

All Results Here


Photos Here

Sudbury Canoe Club Website

Contact Rob Marcolini @ 705.522.4195 or marco.renout@eastlink.ca









Upcoming Local Events


July 11, 2018

What is the 20 minute challenge?

The 20 minute challenge started in July 2004, which was the 20th anniversary of the Running Room. John Stanton invited the country to visit a Running Room and get active by walking or running for 20 minutes. This has become an annual event across the country. We encourage everyone to come out and bring friends and family to walk or run for 20 minutes, receive a FREE hat, and have fun.



July 15, 2018

34th Annual Ian McCloy Island Swim

Registration opens 9 a.m. University Beach. Races start 1030 a.m.

the fee is $35



The swim features events for children and adults, including a 100-metre youth swim, 500-m, 1.6-kilometre and 3.2-kilometre swim challenges.




July 15, 2018

Friendly Massey Marathon/Spanish River Half Marathon/ Chutes 10K

Where: Massey, ON
Date: Sunday, July 15, 2018
Time: 6:00 am


  July 22, 2018


Family, Fun & Fitness Too!
Sudbury Fitness Challenge Mountain Bike Tour

Save Sunday July 22, 2018 on your calendar.







Run Club Update




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We have FREE run club Wednesday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30am.






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