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May 5, 2005


Fitfriends 5Km Run/Walk


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   Hello Everyone,                                                                                           May 5, 2005

In this Issue:

  1. Our Biggest Sun Run Ever
  2. Rocks!! Runner Robert Lopatka and Jamie Black Duel in Sporting Life 10k
  3. Rocks!! Correspondents Run Cincinnati
  4. Martin Tours Africa -
  5. Thank a Volunteer, Remember a Volunteer, Be a Volunteer - by John Leonard
  6. Lung Association Pulls out of North Bay 5k and 1/2
  7. Upcoming Events, May 8 - Fitfriends 5k
  8. Running Room Run Club Update - Happy First Birthday!
  9. Track North News - by Dick Moss
  10. Ytri News - by Mike Coughlin


Our Biggest

Sun Run



Yes, this was our biggest Sun Run ever with 402 participants in 4 events. That's up from 190 registrants in 2004. And there were lots off other firsts in this event as well. The race location and course were all new this year with the intent of getting the runners out on the roads where they would be very visible thus promoting fitness in the community. We had one tough intersection at Centennial/Paris and we will fix that next year.The Jim Jerome Sports Complex at Lily Creek was headquarters and start/finish line for all the events and it was a good choice and probably will be retained in the future. The Canadian Diabetes Foundation was on board this year for the first time and spare funds will be donated to their worthy cause. They assisted greatly with the promotion of the event and can't be thanked enough. Carriere Industrial Supply stepped up to the plate as our title sponsor. Their funds allowed the Committee lots of latitude in race preparation. This year we had special Sun Run t-shirts made up for the first 300 registrants. Next year we will order more. This year we had unique Sun Run medals made up for all placers. This year the Running Room came on board and supplied all the race bibs, pins and finishing medals for all the kids. The Running Room also took on the duty of finding and coordinating the volunteers.We had approxinately 75 people out to make sure the event went well. This was the first year we went with electronic timing - and this was a learning experience as there were difficulties with coordinating registrants with their chips. There are no excuses and we promise to be better next year including starting on time. And, contrary to any rumours, all courses are very accurate so your finishing times are real.

The races had some very exciting finishes.

2k - Tayte Kosmerly (age 8) 8:54 outkicked Georgia Debassage (age 14) 8:59 and Jacob MacFarlane (age 11) 8:59. to win the 2k event.

5k - Jeremie Bourget (age 11) from Timmins ran an 18:28 to come in #1 and probably was the youngest winner of the 5k event ever. He was followed closely by Rocks!! runner Shawn Schryer in 18:41 (P.B.) and Jeremie's dad, Yves, came third in 19:20. Congratulations Timmins!

10k - The winner of the 10k (Andrew Hawkins - 37:46) was 17 years old while third place overall (Bill Thompson - 40:09) was 3.76 times older at 64. Good on you both. Pierre Dumont came in second in a very fast 38:32.

21.1k - This was the most hotly contested run of the day as Kerry Abols squared off against Mike Hay. Kerry won the day 4 seconds ahead of his rival (1:17:33 to 1:17:37) Greg Deerlegs came in third in 1:24:55.

Thank you to the Run Committee, all the volunteers, the Sponsors, Chis Gore and the City, Sgt. Gary Lavoie and Tom Saya from the Police and all the participants for making this event our most successful yet. We look forward to seeing you at our other Fitness Challenge events. Vince Perdue

Here is a participant's note:


I had a great time on Sunday. Unexpectedly finished first in the M50 10K,

thanks to Frank Lesk being out of town, and Steve O’Neil running the 5K.

I like the new course, since it runs right by the house I grew up in on York.

These are the hills I used to run as a kid pretending I was Abebe Bikila !

That’s me in the singlet chasing those young guys up the hill.

Thanks to all the volunteers.

Doug Smith (Toronto)


Ontario Masters Track & Field Association


Amanda Luoma (Canadian Diabetes Foundation) writes:

Congratulations! I have to tell you that it was a GREAT sight standing on
Regent St to see the lead car, followed by police bike, followed by
hundreds of runners and walkers come around the corner from Walford, down
the hill and pass me to move up to York St. I wanted to jump in with the
throng and run! Well - ok, not with Kerry and the lead pack...

From what I have heard from those involved and those who passed on the
street asking 'what's going on' we did have a success!
One long time runner (Sherry Wuorinen or now McKibbon?) passed me just
before the run started and said "Damn - I just did the Boston and didn't
want to push it... but Chip Timing in Sudbury?!?! I can't believe I missed
it - I will be here next year!"

Thank you all so much for your dedication to a great event and for
supporting the Canadian Diabetes Association - it was truly great to work
with and learn something from all of you.

The Canadian Diabetes Association is the proud winner of the 2005
Conference Board of Canada/Spencer Stuart National Award in Governance.

Amanda Luoma
Development Coordinator
Northeastern Ontario Regional Leadership Centre
Canadian Diabetes Association
2141 Lasalle Blvd., Unit F, Sudbury ON P3A 2A3
Tel:(705)670-1993 Fax:(705)670-1995
amanda.luoma@diabetes.ca              www.diabetes.ca

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Duel in Sporting Life 10k

Our own Sudbury Rock!!, Robert Lopatka, headed to the Big Smoke this weekend to test himself against the big guns. Jamie Black, originally from Sudbury, was there as well and the duel was on. Jamie took a quick lead down the grade in the first km and held on until the 6km mark when Robert began to close the gap. The duo were close until Robert began increasing the margin a bit in the 9th km. Twenty three seconds separated the two at the finish line where Robert posted a 33:21 and 32nd overall to Jamie's 33:44 and 40th overall. Maybe next year Jamie can come to the Sun Run and the duel can be continued....


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Trevor Shamas reports:

A quick report from the Sporting Life 10k. And quick it was....

We were fortunate enough to have Robert come stay with us at the 25 Boyton Rd Commune. He was a great addition to the crew and with that hot time he ran he really wow'ed the commune members as well as the neighbours with his running ability. (I know he wasn't happy with it, but most people in the race were crossing the 1/2-way mark as he was crossing the finish line.)

Robert and I walked up to the start line where he spent some time warming up. We bumped in to Jamie Black along the way. Jamie mentioned he had spotted a few Kenyans at the airport the day before, so it was an easy bet that the winning time was going to be 28 minutes or so.

I left Robert a few minutes before the race started so I could get back to Yonge & Eglinton where I could readily board the subway with enough time to get down to the finish line. As I wandered in that direction I looked back and could see runners lined up four stop lights behind the start line. What a massive crowd! 6,200 in all, I believe.

As the race started and the pace vehicle came by, there was a good crowd of people ahead of Robert. He was probably 50 or so back, and I didn't see Jamie at all. I just about missed Robert altogether, actually, but just caught a glimpse of him as he blew by me. He didn't look happy at all - he had one of those "I've got a painful cramp" looks.

I hopped on the subway and got out at Union. I wandered over to Yonge from Bay, expecting the race to come straight down Yonge as it has in other years. As I got to Yonge I saw that there were no pilons up, no police, and lots of cars. I looked north and saw that the race was turning west on what appeared to be King St. This was bad for two reasons: 1) I had taken Robert through the course the day before and I realized I'd misled him; 2) I now had 5 minutes to do an about-face and get to the finish line, which was going to be a problem given how far away I was.

I hobbled as fast as I could and just barely made it to the finish line as the first runner came through. He was right on time, at 28 minutes and change. Awesome! It was a short wait until Robert appeared, then about 20 seconds behind him was Jamie. Nice to see two Sudbury guys in the top 40! Robert reported that, indeed, he had been plagued by a cramp in the early stages of the race. Power to him for hanging in there!

I'm also happy to report that Deby, my next door neighbour, successfully completed the race. This was her first race ever, and she was thrilled with the experience. It was interesting hearing her talk about "not letting that fat guy get past" her, the difference the crowd made, the sprint for the finish, and, best of all, that she's looking forward to her next race. Looks like the friend she was running with was good enough to sign her up for the Scotiabank full and tell her only after he'd done it, so she's going to have her hands full over the summer.

Looking forward to seeing the Sudbury crew in Mississauga in another week! Until then, from the sidelines, this has been T Shamas reporting....


Rocks!! Run the Flying Pig

Karen Beaulieu (Rocks!! Knoxville) and Suzanne Dionne (Rocks!! Burlington) teamed up to run for the 2 sided very special Flying Pig finishers medal in Cincinnati, Ohio. The photo on the left indicates their success in this endeavour. Good going Ladies.

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Karen Beaulieu writes:

Hello Vince
I have new respect for anyone who regularly runs a 4;00+ marathon. Oh my god that was so tough. I hated seeing the clock and knowing what my time was at that point. I was determined to stay with Suzanne for the duration but we lost each other several times at the water stations and at the 7mile station I totally lost her . There were so many people back there that we just could not connect again. I did try to find her and stayed with this other runner she had connected with but no luck. I thought if i stayed with him Suzanne might catch us but at the 19 mile mark I was so depressed to see 3:09, knowing that I had run a very difficult 30k in less time, that i was forced to blow off Jim and get that darn marathon over with. It is very tough to run at that pace when you normally don't and Monique warned me of this. When I saw that darn 4:30 bunny I knew I wasn't coming in with her 9 so my last 9 miles were considerably faster than the first . I was not terribly thrilled to see 4:15 but it was better than coming in with Jim who came in after Suzanne. The best part was that I was able to watch Suzanne come in and got a picture of her strong finish and that was the best... It was a great marathon and would do it again and recommend it to all. Thanks for coming Suzanne and giving me a whole new perspective on the marathon . You are the best and Sean will never forget being tossed in the shower fully clothed..... Karen


Martin Tours Africa

from Maun Botswana to Windhoek Namibia and Day 106

Please click here to view his latest update.


Thank a Volunteer, Remember a Volunteer, Be a Volunteer

- by John Leonard

I was fifty pounds overweight, out of shape and didn't think I would make it
over the next hill, let alone the finish line. It was my first experience in
the Sudbury Fitness Challenge - Mountain Bike Tour. After a flat tire and
several walks to catch my breath on the up hills, there was only one thing
that kept me going. It was the volunteers. Every person I passed with a
volunteer vest would smile, clap and yell words of encouragement. "Keep up
the good work", "Way to go", "almost there", "you can do it!". Who were
these people? Why would they care so much about my progress when they didn't
even know me? Are they cheering for someone else. I looked around but no one
was behind me. I finished that race in last place. It didn't really matter
to me that I was last, just that I finished. I still remember that race,
with fondness, because of those volunteers. After that, I trained hard and
lost the weight and the following year I won gold in my age category. Now I
am the Race Director for the Mountain Bike Tour. I am also the S.F.C.
Executive Committee Volunteer Coordinator. I help to organize and recruit
all the volunteers for the entire series of races. I have come to realize
the importance of these volunteers. For without them these events could not
happen and I would not have realized my potential. I have those dedicated
volunteers to thank for that. Now when I see someone struggling and ready to
quit I flash a smile, clap my hands and cheer as loud as I can. Sometimes I
get strange looks but more often then not their frown turns to a smile and
they keep going. That's when it hits me, I too was in that dark place. Only
the sunshine smiles of dedicated volunteers pulled me through. So thank a
volunteer, remember a volunteer, be a volunteer.

For more information on the Sudbury Fitness Challenge go to our website at

John Leonard
Sudbury Fitness Challenge - Volunteer Coordinator
Mountain Bike Tour - Race Director
and a Volunteer


Lung Association Pulls out of North Bay 5k and 1/2

by Tim Uuksulainen

The local Lung Association office was recently closed due to corporate re-structuring. They had been the organizers of the successful Lung Association half marathon and 5km. So at this point it's very unlikely the event will occur according to the race director with whom I spoke yesterday at the race. We usually get a good representation from your area with folks like Frank Lesk, Karen Cowling etc. so you may want to give them a bit of aheads up, in case they have the race penciled in for June.


Upcoming Events


Fitfriends "Strive to Come Alive" 5Km walk/run

Visit our Events Section for all the Details


Run Club Update - by Donna Smrek & Lise Edwards

The Running Room Club Update: May4, 2005
Sudbury (Cedar Pointe Plaza)

Happy First Birthday Running Room

In honour of such a great year the Running Room and FiTFRiENDS will be hosting, you guessed it, a Run/ Walk Event. FiTFRiENDS 5 Km 'Strive to Come Alive in 2005' Run/Walk will take place on May 8, 2005 at 10:00 am at Cambrian College. EVERYONE IS WELCOME - RUN /WALK /STROLL the mostly flat 5 Km and help us celebrate our 1st Birthday. The birthday cake will be served after at the Running Room. Hope to see you all there - registration and race kit pick up will occur all day Saturday at the Running Room and until 9:15 am on race day at Cambrian College.

Now that this weeks plans are set WOW what a great event the Carrier Industrial Sun Run for Diabetes turned out to be. We were 400 runners strong and it was great to see so many familiar faces along with the teams and individuals we attracted from out of town. Kudos to Steve Matusch and his team for such great promotion and planning. The course has certainly brought about a lot of positive feedback and we welcome any information that could make it an even better event next year.

The chip timing was great to have and with a few adjustments, on our part, will be a great addition to our local event. Please click on to sudburyfitnesschallenge.ca and let us know if your name is missing and what your bib number is - we are getting closer to finishing the puzzle thanks to Dave Bialkowski and Mike Coughlin. The results will also be posted at the store.

This weeks Practice Sessions are as planned:
Wednesday at 6:00 pm
LTR/FWO: 5:1 x 3 + 2 min run
5 Km: 5:1 x 4 reps
1/2 Marathon: 5 Hills
Marathon / 1/2 Ottawa: 10 K Fartlek

Sunday at 8:30 am
if you don't attend FiTFRiENDS you can meet here for the following:
FWO: 5:1 x3 + 2 min run
5 Km: 7:1 x 3
1/2 marathon: 14 km
Marathon / 1/2 Ottawa: 32k/18k

Congratulations to all those clinic members that graduated on Sunday and we hope you will continue with our Practice Sessions and/or perhaps another clinic.

Have a great week
Happy Trails
Donna and Lise


Happy Trails,
Lise & Donna




Track North News - by Dick Moss

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Nipissing Entries

OPEN athletes should contact me ASAP if they want to compete at the
Nipissing Invitational. All high school athletes must be entered by their school.

I have to forward the entries by May 9th.

Meet info is found at: http://www3.sympatico.ca/mjhohlman/
Also, all open athletes will likely have to find their own
transportation to and from North Bay.

Darren Jermyn



Dick Moss, Coach,
Track North Athletic Club/Laurentian U. XC,


YTri News - by Mike Coughlin


May 4, 2005

YTri Spring Announcements

Due to the fact that this Sunday May 8th is Mother's Day (be good to you mom!), I am rescheduling the 2005 Tri Season Kick-off BBQ and Talk for FRIDAY MAY 27. The idea is to host the event after whatever YTri workout gets scheduled for that day.

The event will take place at the home of Paul Graham, 726 Hillsdale Crescent, off York St. in Sudbury.


As planned, this evening will be a chance to get together socially and meet other folks interested in triathlon, plan our summer season and coordinate rides to some of the events many of us will be going to.

Stay tuned as more details about this event will be sent your way shortly. In the meantime, please RSVP your attendance to mike@discomfortzone.om

Happy training,


Coughlin, Mike
E-mail Address(es):


For information call me.
Vincent Perdue
341 Fourth Ave, Sudbury On. P3B-3R9


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