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   Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                        December 18, 2014

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  1. SudburyRocks!! Santa Hat Run and Christmas Celebration Dec. 20
  2. Rocks!! Core Moves Inside
  3. Lighthearted Long Distance Running Tips
  4. Upcoming Local Events - Resolution Run Jan 1, 2015
  5. Running Room Update -
  6. Track North News - Year-in-Review Slide Show, 2014



2013 Group Photo

SudburyRocks!! Santa Hat Run and Christmas Get Together 2014


Everyone is invited to join the Sudbury Rocks!! Running Club for our Annual Santa Hat Run and Christmas get together. The event is an informal celebration of the season where members, friends and enthusiasts get together for a casual run through Sudbury neighbourhoods. The Club's official meeting place for runs is at Laurentian University's new Fieldhouse. For our Santa Hat Run we will meet in the Ken Bahnuk Lounge at 8:00 am and after the official Santa Hat photo, the group will take to the streets for runs of about 1/2 hour to 60ish minutes (nothing longer today please). Coffee and sweets will be served in the Ken Bahnuk Lounge after the group have returned. All runners are welcome. Don't forget to bring your Santa hats or toques. Coffee is supplied by Lise and Vince. Treats are welcomed.

Saturday December 20 @ "8:00 am"

Please note the start time. Laurentian exams are being held the same day and access to parking will be difficult the later you arrive. Come early!






Rocks!! Core Moves Inside

photos by Suzanne Halet



Weather is no deterrent for the Rocks getting in our weekly group core workout. It's made very easy as we use the Laurentian fieldhouse facilities for our Friday regimen. The 200 m track floor is reasonably comfortable as it has a bit of give and there are mats if we need them.



Some Lighthearted Long Distance Running Tips For Beginners.

Useful If You’re Starting To Run For The First Time!

(found somewhere on the Interweb)

Stretching isn’t necessary – One of the things I dreaded about starting a running regime was stretching. You see I have all the agility of a lamp post. I tried stretching once by pulling my leg behind my arse and I nearly pulled a muscle AND collapsed at the same time. A perfect recipe for a prolapsed rectum if you ask me. Stretching isn’t a necessary warm up. Running itself is a warm up.

The no pain, no gain ethic is bullshit – You can gain a hell of a lot by just running at a slow pace. It can be relaxing. It can alleviate stress. If you’re constantly running out of your comfort zone and it’s making you miserable, then either slow down, suck it up or stop running.

Hill running can be fun – I think every runner starts off being intimidated by hills but if you start taking them on slowly then you’ll start to actually enjoy them. Every hill has a brow. Once you hit it the top you get to enjoy the downhill. Look at it another way – hill running is like masturbation. You have to do a lot of thumping about for 3 to 5 minutes but once you hit the top then – weeeeeee!

No one is watching you outside when you’re running – Apart from maybe stalkers, rapists or dickheads and they are few and far between these days (apart from dickheads). Seriously though, most people will admire you for having the balls to run outside. It takes a lot of courage to get out there to start with, but no one worthy of your attention is staring at you or mocking you. If you receive abuse in the streets then the best option is to ignore the person. You set out on a run to improve your fitness, not to get into a knife fight with a man with 7 fingers and 6 teeth.

Caffeinated beverages can help you escape the long run runs – Drinking lots of coffee or energy drinks 2-3 hours before your long run will guarantee that you’ll crap everything out of you long before you’ve jogged your first mile. Don’t underestimate how badly having an icky stomach can bugger up your run.

Comparing yourself to other runners is self defeating – For every time you feel superior to another runner, you’ll feel twice as bad when you see someone who is better than you. Every one runs the same road for their own reasons with their own set of circumstances.

Only rest when your body needs it – When I was starting out as a runner I’d feel frustrated at the number of rest days in my marathon regime. I knew on those days that I was capable of jogging but I felt like I was being constrained by unnecessary break days. Know your own body and rest when you’re tired and run when you’re not.

You don’t have to change your life to become a runner
– Running by itself can transform your life for the better.

Don’t take running too seriously
– If you have a bad run, go out tomorrow and make sure you have a good one. If you don’t beat your personal best, learn whatever lessons you need to learn and come back stronger next time. Overall though have fun and try not to injure yourself.




Upcoming Local Events


January 1, 2015


Click on Map for Full PDF Version



1981 Old Burwash Rd, Sudbury, ON P3E 4Z3
(705) 222-8464


10:00 a.m.


Alternate Route Map PDF

(possibility of road construction)







Run Club Update



Store News


Be sure to sign up for the Resolution Run, Thursday January 1st, 2015 registration includes a very nice jacket!

*please note that sizes XS and XXL are now sold out*

This years Hypothermic Half Marathon is capped at 80 participants, so be sure to sign up today to reserve your spot!

Join us every Wednesday night at 6pm and Sunday morning at 8:30am for FREE run club!

Congrats to Sara and her 10km group who graduated last week with the Santa Shuffle!

Training Program News

Join us every Wednesday night at 6pm and Sunday morning at 8:30am for FREE run club!


Join us for FREE Practice Club

We have FREE run club Wednesday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30am.



Track North News - by Dick Moss


Year-in-Review Slide Show, 2014

Here's the year-end slideshow for the Laurentian University's women's cross-country running and track team.

It's about 26 minutes long, so settle in with a coffee!


Dick Moss, Head Coach
Laurentian XC/Track Team
c/o Coach Moss <pedigest@cyberbeach.net>
Web: http://laurentianxctrack.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/laurentianxctrack/


For information call me.
Vincent Perdue
341 Fourth Ave, Sudbury On. P3B-3R9
vt perdue@cyberbeach.net

Proud sponsor of the Sudbury Rocks!!! Race, Run or Walk for Diabetes



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