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   Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                         March 13, 2014

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  1. Porcupine Ski Runners Loppet - Sara Kills Again
  2. Friendly Massey Marathon 2014
  3. Upcoming Local Events - THIS SATURDAY at 10:00 am - Catch the Leprechaun 5km March 15
  4. Running Room Update -
  5. Track North News -



This year the Porcupine Ski Runners Loppet was a two day event. Shorter distances on Saturday, and the long distances on Sunday. Also new this year was the 46km event - twice around the full Yellow, Olympic and Loppet trails.

Sara Kills Again!

by Neil Phipps

Sara McIltrath

Kate Richards


Sara McIlraith killed it again this weekend! No other women were crazy enough to do the 46km race so she had to amuse herself by beating all but 2 of the men. She negative splitted(1:35 and then 1:30) and finished looking fresh and ready to do another lap. For those of you doing the math; she would have gone through 42.2km in about 2:49.

Kate Richards had a good race also. This was her first 10km race on skis and she was the first woman and second overall in 44:31.

Neils Phipps competed in the 23km event but unfortunately broke a pole early in the race. Since there were no Norwegian coaches there to supply him a new pole on the fly, his race was over.


10km Skate female
Bib # Name Distance Gender Pace
66 Richards, Kate 10 female 0:44:31 4:27
65 Zuidema, Hannah 10 female 1:01:08 6:07

10km Skate male
Bib # Name Distance Gender Pace
60 Inkel, Jérôme 10 male 0:37:15 3:44
61 Leger, Paul 10 male 0:48:37 4:52
62 Denig, Gabriel 10 Male 0:55:21 5:32


46km Skate female
Bib # Name Distance Gender Pace
7 McIlraith, Sara 46 female 3:05:50 4:02

46km Skate Male
Bib # Name Distance Gender Pace
4 Labine, Colton 46 Male 2:47:14 3:38
1 Deyne, Greg 46 male 2:47:28 3:38
2 McNair, Neal 46 male 3:12:20 4:11
3 Delli Quadri, Raphael 46 Male 3:15:57 4:16

A Winter of New Racing Adventures - By Sara McIlraith

This Winter, Neil and Kate and I have been expanding our ski horizons. My decision to put my running goals on hold for a bit and switch my focus to ski racing has been extremely rewarding. I have been skiing my entire life, but have only raced ‘recreationally’. Neil, on the other hand, raced through high school and university, but stopped racing once he hit ‘adulthood’. This winter he re-discovered the ski racing bug. Kate has been racing, running and skiing from the age of 2, but this year was her first foray into the Ontario Cup level.

Kate met many goals and personal bests (PBs) in the Ontario Cup series this winter, and even competed in her first high school OFSAA Championships, placing 30th of 130 racers. Neil and I joined the Ontario Masters Race Circuit, competing in more than 5 races the past 2 months. We’ve travelled to many new trails, including North Bay, Parry Sound and Timmins, and discovered a lot of hidden ski treasures along the way.

Last weekend, fresh off the Masters Championships in North Bay, Neil and Kate and I travelled to Timmins for another race weekend. We had visited Timmins in February with Kate for the OFSAA Championships and were super impressed with the Porcupine Ski Runner trails. Making the decision to head back up for the loppet was an easy one. The Porcupine Loppet included both classic and skate races in distances of 10km, 17km, 23km and 46km. Kate signed up for the 10km (a new distance for her), Neil the 23km and I opted for the long haul – 46km.

Race day was perfect weather, a bit cold to start (-15), but quickly warming up to -12. The 46k’rs started just over an hour ahead of the rest of the racers. It was a quite start line for me, with only 6 of us, and I was the only woman. No issue finding my space along the trails with such a small crew. Kate and Neil had a much larger crowd to deal with, over 50 skiers starting together. Kate made a clean start, quickly finding her groove. Neil, unfortunately, met with a battle through the first kilometre. A group of younger skiers raced out of the start line just ahead of the gun. This left Neil and a few other fast skiers who actually waited for the gun, having to battle their way through the crowd of false starters. After a few attempts to get by this group, Neil jumped into the classic track to double pole around. One of the skiers jumped into the track directly in front of Neil, and forced Neil into a crash. Sadly, Neil’s pole didn’t survive the crash. It was a very quick end to his 23k race, very disappointing.

Kate, however, had an amazing race, staying strong throughout the 10k. She even acted at a ‘pace bunny’ for one of the faster classic racers. There is nothing more rewarding than having a good race to finish off the season. I, too, had a successful race. This was my first time racing this distance, the longest I’ve raced is 30k. I was a bit worried about ‘bonking’, and really worked at keeping myself fueled. The efforts paid off, and I even negative split the second lap (2 laps of a 23k course) by 5 minutes. Racing a long distance has different challenges than shorter races, but one of the benefits is that the slower pace means you can actually ‘enjoy’ your scenery. The Timmins trails were a pure joy for me to race on.

With our ski race season quickly ending, we are all shifting over to running again. For me, Around the Bay is a short 3 weeks away – yikes! The break from running has been an amazing experience for me, and I’ve discovered a new passion for ski racing. Trying new things is an awesome way to renew your passion for what you love, and may even ignite a new passion. Putting yourself outside your comfort zone is how you grow!



Mar. 5, 2014

Welcome Runners:

Another year has come and gone and it’s time to start thinking about the warm summer months ahead. This July 19th – 20st marks the 38th anniversary for the Massey Marathon. As you know this race is a favourite for many runners and is internationally renowned. In 2013 we had 18 qualifiers for the Boston Marathon.

In 2014, the technical shirt provided to the runners will come in both men’s and lady’s sizes. Additionally we have added age categories to the 10K Run. Once again this year, as in the past, the 5K and 2K Fun Runs will be held on Saturday.
We would like to thank you for supporting us in the past and hope to see at this year’s event.

We have modified the course again this year. Highway 17 has been eliminated and Lee Valley Road is included again this year. The new section along River Road is still part of this year’s course as it received many favorable comments last year. This has resulted in a flatter and safer course yet still capturing the picturesque view that the Marathon has become renowned for.

The following is the fee structure for the 2014 race:
Postmarked by June 3rd Full & Half Marathons $65 Chutes 10k $35
Postmarked by July 2nd Full & Half Marathons $70 Chutes 10k $40
After July 2nd Full & Half Marathons $75 Chutes 10k $45
The registration form is available online at the Running Room or can be printed from our web site at http://masseymaraton.com and mailed.

Thank you,

Dave Stonley
Chairperson Race 2014




Upcoming Local Events



March 15, 2014                                        THIS SATURDAY!

Information and Registration Here





Run Club Update



Store News

We hope to see lots of you out on Sunday March 16th for our annual St-Paddy's day 5K fun run, we will again be doing an out and back on Loachs road at run club.


Training Program News

We have FREE run club Wednesday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30am.

Join us for FREE Practice Club



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