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  Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                         November 16, 2017

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  1. Rocks!! Saturday and Wednesday Runs
  2. Laurentian x-country coming along nicely
  3. Camille Herron breaks the 100-mile world record at Tunnel Hill 100
  4. Upcoming Events:  Dec 2 Santa Shuffle
  5. Running Room Run Club Update
  6. Track North News  USports National Cross Country Running Championships



Rocks!! Saturday and Wednesday Runs

Photos by Ania Derecka except where noted

Science North pit stop

Bell Park path by Henry Wong


In the snow



PASCAL: Laurentian x-country coming along nicely
By Randy Pascal, For The Sudbury Star Wednesday, November 8, 2017

From left, Laurentian cross-country runners Jessie Nusselder, Heidi Tuszkiewicz, Meghan Sippel, Jenny Bottomley, Nicole Rich and Megan Crocker start their race at the OUA Cross-Country Running Championships at Malden Park in Windsor on Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017. Photo supplied

For a stretch of 15 to 20 minutes or so at the OUA Cross-Country Championships in Windsor, coaches Dick Moss and Darren Jermyn and the entire Laurentian women's team were thinking they had broken through a previously unachievable barrier.

Unfortunately, a side scoreboard, which showed the Voyageurs, as a team, sitting in fourth place, was actually displaying the results based on the runners' placements at the halfway mark of the 8-km race. In the end, the local crew would settle for fifth, tying a team best performance that Laurentian athletes had also achieved in both 2015 and 2003.

This information glitch was just about the only thing that went wrong for the blue and gold on that day. "We just ran really, really well at the OUA's (OUA Championships)," said Moss this week, as the team now prepares to travel to Victoria, BC, on the weekend, site of the 2017 U-Sports nationals. "It was just a really good race, both for the men and women."

Back in 2015, the team was following the lead of the veteran troika of Katie Wismer, Michelle Kennedy and Marissa Lobert, all of whom have since graduated, giving way to an infusion of new talent. There was at least some uncertainty about what exactly 2017 would hold in store in the mind of the man who has guided the program since the launch at the turn of the millennium.

"I had no idea, none," said Moss, reflecting on his pre-season expectations for this particular gathering of young talent. "Heidi (Tuszkiewicz) was coming off a couple of years in the States, and I had no idea of where she was going to be. I thought it might take a year before she would adapt, but right away, she was running well.

"And Jenny Bottomley is just an unknown," Moss continued. "Two years ago, she was on a treadmill and came out. Last year, she did really well, but we had no idea how much she would improve again."

Suffice to say Tuszkiewicz and Bottomley exceeded expectations, with several others right on their heels.

The strength to this year's team was the top to bottom scoring depth, a packed-in grouping that would see L.U. runners secure 18th place (Bottomley), 20th (Tuszkiewicz), 23rd (Megan Crocker), 33rd (Nicole Rich) and 37th (Jessie Nusselder). That aggregate total of 131 points at provincials was second best in program history, good enough to finish comfortably ahead of the Western Mustangs (151).

It would also mean a fifth straight visit to nationals for the L.U. women, though many on this year's team are competing against the best in the country for the very first time. A Whitby native and transfer athlete from Campbell University in North Carolina, Tuszkiewicz admitted that key to her success this fall has been a coach-athlete relationship that has returned the joy she garnered, right through high school, from running.

"I knew that Laurentian would be a good place for me because my club coach at home knows Dick," said the 20-year-old chemical engineering student. "There was not really a lot of pressure on me, which was nice, because I had a lot of pressure on me the past two years, which caused a lot of stress.

"I started running a lot faster than ever before - everything has worked out nicely," Tuszkiewicz added. "I think it's the coaches, the team, the whole environment. I just feel a lot less stressed out here, and I'm running and enjoying it again."

If Tuszkiewicz followed a somewhat conventional path to her eventual success - Moss and company had attempted to recruit her back in 2015 as she graduated from All Saints High School - both Bottomley and Crocker constituted diamonds hid deeply in the rough.

"I didn't really think cross-country was a sport until I came here," acknowledged Crocker, whose first varsity experience would see her tryout, unsuccessfully, for the women's soccer team in her first year in Sudbury. "I decided to run just to keep in shape," said the fourth-year native of Mississauga. "In third year, I saw an improvement and this is kind of like a continuation of that."

Like all Canadian university female cross country runners this year, the Voyageurs have had to adapt to the move from a 6-km race distance at both provincials and nationals to the new 8-km version. "We ran one race at 7 km, and in that one, we didn't think it made that big a difference," said Crocker, who spent the summer of 2017 in India, Mongolia and Korea.

"Moving to 8 km, we didn't really notice it. It felt like we had more time to get into a groove."

Moss, for one, is not about to alter the mental approach that has seen his team find a way to feel right at home duking it out with the heavy hitters in the province. "It's a really competitive group that loves to race, they love to take on whoever is there," he said.

"It's a great attitude. When they get to these bigger races, they thrive on that. I'm hoping the same thing happens at nationals."

And while coach Darren Jermyn and the Laurentian men will not be making the cross-country trip to British Columbia, the fact they came up just three points short in only their third year of existence provides some credence to the belief that lightning nearly did strike twice for L.U. athletes at the OUA meet.

"I didn't think we had a chance of qualifying for nationals," Moss admitted. "But rookie Paul Sagriff has done some amazing things, Liam Passi ran low 32s, all the guys ran well. Now we know that we are solid competitors for a national spot every year - and most of that (men's) core is back next year."

L.U. women's team: Jenny Bottomley, Heidi Tuszkiewicz, Megan Crocker, Nicole Rich, Jessie Nusselder, Nicole Sartor, Meghan Sippel, Lindsay Robinson, Breanne Steven, Lyndsay Greasley, Kelsey Lefebvre, Karissa Merrylees

L.U. men's team: Paul Sagriff, Liam Passi, Caleb Beland, Sam Delage, Jarod Milford, Gordie Chown, Jordan Burkitt, Mika Muinonen, Dylan McKevitt.

Randy Pascal's columns run regularly in The Star.




Camille Herron breaks the 100-mile world record at Tunnel Hill 100
by Robbie Britton November 12, 2017

Photo Credit: Camille Herron (Twitter)

American Camille Herron broke the women’s 100-mile world record by over an hour at the Tunnel Hill 100 miler in Vienna, Illinois on Saturday (November 11).

Herron, one of the world’s best ultra marathon runners over 100km has rewritten the record books by running 12:42:39 for 100-miles.

It is the Oklahoma native’s first 100-mile finish and the time shatters Gina Slaby’s 13:45:49 (track) set in 2016. Previous to this, the record had stood for 25 years – Ann Trason’s 13:47 (road) in 1991.

Herron also won the race, finishing ahead of all the male competitors and ran well under the overall course record.

The Tunnel Hill 100 is a certified road course, so officially the record just needs to be ratified now.

Earlier this year the 35-year-old didn’t have a great experience in the Western States 100 – her first attempt at the 100-mile distance.

However, it did come soon after her stellar performance at the prestigious Comrades Marathon (90km) in June, where Herron became the first American winner in 20 years.

Averaging 7:38 minutes per mile for the whole race, there wasn’t much slowing down at all from Herron’s initial starting pace of 7:21, barely exceeding 8-minute miles for any section of the course.

Heading into this weekend’s race Herron set her sights on a ‘modest’ goal of 13:45:48 to slightly improve Trason’s record.

That record was shattered and now the ultra running community is bubbling with excitement at the thought of Herron’s capabilities over the 24-hour races. Although only a couple of athletes have combined world class 100 mile times with world-class 24hr performances.

It is an exciting time for the world of ultra running when female athletes are only scratching the surface of their potential. The wealth of fast, inspiring and brilliant women involved in the sport is one of the reasons the world should be taking notice, because as role models go, ultra running has an abundance.

Fast Running will soon be featuring a host of interviews with quick 100 mile runners, starting with Patrick Reagan, recent winner of the Javelina Jundred and rumour has it Herron herself will be chatting soon.



Upcoming Local Events



December 2, 2017

Santa Shuffle

Location at College Boreal

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Run Club Update




Store News

Hello Runner's and Walker's,

Good afternoon Runner's and Walker's,

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Half Marathon Clinic supposed to get underway Thursday November 16th but will be pushed back for the last time to try and draw more interest. New start date will be the following Thursday the 23rd starting at 6pm from the Running Room.

Your instructor will be Eric Leishman

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We have FREE run club Wednesday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30am.






Track North News - by Dick Moss


USports National Cross Country Running Championships

Victoria, BC, Sunday November 12, 2017

“Jenny_Heidi” (. Jenny Bottomley, Heidi Tuszkiewicz (Photo Credit – Lindsay Robinson)

The Laurentian women’s cross country running team competed at the USports National Championships, in Victoria this weekend, finishing 15th with a score of 389 points.

Running in pouring rain, the women’s squad was led by Jenny Bottomley, who finished in 47th place with a time of 30:40 over the 8km course. She was followed by Megan Crocker, who placed 56th in 30:57, Heidi Tuszkiewicz, who was 74th in 31:39, Nicole Rich, who placed 103rd in 32:239, and Meghan Sippel who was 109sth in 32:39. Nicole Sartor acted as displacer with a 127th place finish in 33:21.

“It wasn’t the finish to the season we were hoping for,” said head coach, Dick Moss. “One of our runners contracted food poisoning the night before but still raced, and another passed out on the course, so you know they were giving it their all. But that said, nobody was really sharp. We ran exceptionally well up until the OUA’s, then to limped into Nationals, so we’ll be doing some careful analysis of the season for next year. We definitely intend to be back at Nats next year – with both the men and the women. Almost everybody will return from both teams and we have some promising rookies who now have a year of seasoning.”

The women’s squad finished the season with a 40/26 win/loss record. The men’s win/loss was 22/28.

Both squads will take a two week off-season, then begin training for indoor track.

Of interest, Laurentian men’s team runner, Paul Sagriff, won the Athletics Ontario Junior Cross Country Championships this weekend, representing his hometown Kingston Achilles Track Club.

Jessie Nusselder (Wearing the “V” - Photo Credit – Lindsay Robinson)

Megan Crocker (Wearing the “V” - Photo Credit – Lindsay Robinson)

Team Scores

1. U. of Toronto, 73 pts

2. Queens, 92 pts

3. Laval, 112

4. Victoria, 124

5. Guelph, 142

6. McGill, 158

7. McMaster, 192

8. Alberta, 259

9. Trinity Western, 260

10.Calgary, 294

11.Sherbrooke, 311

12.Western, 329

13.Dalhousie, 329

14.Waterloo, 370

15. Laurentian, 389

16.MacEwan, 393

17.U. de Montreal, 394

18.Laurier, 408

19.Manitoba, 419

20.Saskatchewan, 494

21.Acadia, 532

22. Thompson Rivers, 614

Individual Results – Laurentian

47. Jenny Bottomley, 30:40

56. Megan Crocker, 30:57

74. Heidi Tuszkiewicz, 31:39

103. Nicole Rich, 32:29

109. Meghan Sippel, 32:39

127. Nicole Sartor, 33:21


Dick Moss, Head Coach
Laurentian XC/Track Team
c/o Coach Moss <pedigest@cyberbeach.net>
Web: http://laurentianxctrack.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/laurentianxctrack/

For information call me.
Vincent Perdue
341 Fourth Ave, Sudbury On. P3B-3R9
vt perdue@cyberbeach.net

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