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  Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                         August 31, 2017

  In this Issue:


  1. Rocks!! Friday Core Session
  2. Rocks!! Wednesday Apres Run at Buzzy's
  3. Lindsay Rocks!! at Senneterre
  4. Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Triathlon Series
  5. Marcolini tops the podium at Provincial Time Trials
  6. Pascal: Coaching triathletes a welcome challenge
  7. You are Never too old to Follow your Dream to the Finish Line
  8. Upcoming Events: Ramsey Tour September 10
  9. Running Room Run Club Update
  10. Track North News


Rocks!! Friday Core Session

No one is too young (Ruskin 3 weeks) or too old (Vince ??)

This is how the Sudbury Rocks group celebrates birthdays. Our age worth of some kind of torture. Thanks for joining in on the fun with me everyone, and to Suzi for getting the pic.

Sara M.




Rocks!! Wednesday Apres Run at Buzzy's

The rain did nothing to dampen our spirits on this run! 10.25k in and now for a refreshment




Lindsay Rocks!! at Senneterre
by Lindsay Richan

Lindsay Richan on right

Senneterre à Pied 2017

Long time no talk SudburyROCKS!!! I hope all is well with everyone! Although I no longer have my head quarters in Sudbury, I am still running…slower, but still running. I decided to kick my butt out the door for the 7th annual Senneterre à Pied (http://www.senneterreapied.com) race weekend on August 21st, and although painful, I’m happy I did. The start was at 8h45 so my waking up at 7h00 + 45min drive to race cut it tight! The town is about 70km NE of Val D’or and put on a great event for the region. There was a 10km the night before as well as a 5k,10k and 1/2 the morning after. It was definitly one of my slowest 1/2 marathons to date but overall a great event and one I look forward to participating in again next year - Cheers!

Course 21.1 Time: 01:44:28 Speed: 4:57 Overall Place: 13 Gender Place: 3 Division Place 1

All 1/2 results at: https://tickets.justrun.ca/quidchrono.php?a=qcResult&raceid=7132







Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Triathlon Series
Waubuno Beach, Parry Sound August 27, 2017

Scott Hopkins, Donna Smrek, Karen Sheppard and Maureen Moustgaard

More Photos

The annual Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Triathlon series took place along the eastern shores of Parry Sound on Georgian Bay. Transition and race festivities were held at Waubuno Beach, in the heart of Parry Sound! All went smooth except the tri and du bike course had to be altered to 2 sets of 5 laps as the road course was not available due to safety concerns.

There were a few Sudburians there. Times and can found in the Results links below.

Triathlon Results      Duathlon Results     Tri Relay




Marcolini tops the podium at Provincial Time Trials
Sudbury cyclist leads the pack at Bike the Bruce Time Trial
by: Randy Pascal

After taking one for the team at the Canada Summer Games, Sudbury native Emily Marcolini was more than slightly thrilled to hog the top of the podium, all to herself, at the "Bike the Bruce Time Trial" Provincial Championships last week. (File)

After taking one for the team at the Canada Summer Games, Sudbury native Emily Marcolini was more than slightly thrilled to hog the top of the podium, all to herself, at the "Bike the Bruce Time Trial" Provincial Championships last week. Competing in the Elite Women division, Marcolini covered the 30 km course in a time of 42:05, 34 seconds better than second place finisher Lindsay Sferrazza from Toronto.

Back in action just a few weeks after participating in the Summer Games, Marcolini was anxious to build on her performance in Winnipeg, one which would see her finish seventh in the time trial, 14th in the road race, and 10th in the criterium. "In the road race and the criterium, I was riding as a support person for my one teammate, Katherine Maine, who actually ended up winning silver and bronze," Marcolini said. "We were super fortunate with the team that had been selected for Team Ontario. We all ended up clicking really well. We knew that Katherine was the strongest and most experienced rider of the five of us, she was the one who had the best shot at a medal. It was very easy for us to make a plan around that and execute it."

That plan, however, would not go uncontested by rival provinces. "Other teams, in particular Quebec at this race, they were launching attack after attack after attack," said Marcolini. "We would have one rider at the front and they would chase her down. They would bring her back and our next person would go. They were definitely the team to watch."

While there may have been plenty of motivation for the local cyclist heading into provincials, others factors were not exactly lining up in favour of the graduate of St. Benedict Secondary School. "I got back from Summer Games, hadn't been feeling that great, and really didn't decide I was going to this race until about two days before," Marcolini confessed. Thankfully, her base of training over the course of the past several months served her well. "I knew that I was likely going to podium, but I didn't think I was going to win," she said. "When I looked at it, on paper, I thought I would be third. The first five kilometers, I rode fairly conservatively, but I kept feeling better and better as the race went on, so I kept pushing harder and harder." "I did not expect my time to be as fast a time as it was," Marcolini said. "I usually struggle to break 40 km/hour in time trials, and my average speed was 42.8 (km/hour) in this one."

Looking ahead, the former OCAA cross-country champion will tackle the Green Mountain Stage Race next, travelling to Vermont and competing from Sept. 1 - 4.

She has been entered as a "guest rider" with NCCH (National Cycling Centre Hamilton), a development team that wanted to enter a squad of U23 cyclists.





Pascal: Coaching triathletes a welcome challenge

By Randy Pascal, For The Sudbury Star
Friday, August 25, 2017 4:23:18 EDT AM

Triathletes Aiden MacKenzie, Bella Mastroianni , Ian MacKenzie and Lexine Moyle practise their dismounts at Delki Dozzi Cycling Track in Sudbury, Ont. Gino Donato/Sudbury Star/Postmedia Network

Coach Michael Nawaleniec might soon have to re-brand his Triple Threat Triathlon Club.

"Year one, I was at three athletes and I didn't want any more," said Nawaleniec with a laugh, hosting practice earlier this week at the Delki Dozzi cycling track, instructing a group that has now more than doubled in size.

Not that the club name was ever in danger of being changed. The "triple" component refers, of course, to the three legs of the triathlon (swim, bike and run), and not the number of young triathletes under his watch.

Still, the growth in athletes and the scope of their achievements came with some initial trepidation. "I wasn't sure how much time it was going to take and to be honest, I don't think I was really prepared for the challenge that coaching a club means," said Nawaleniec.

"I've been lucky to have athletes that want to do the sport, it makes coaching them that much easier."

Undertaking his first triathlon in 2010, the Sudbury native ventured over to the world of coaching, almost by accident, more the result of a sincere willingness to help those who ask for help.

"Cycling is probably my core background," acknowledged Nawaleniec. "What I've noticed is that the kids just want to have fun while they're training. I've introduced skills development on the bike. I didn't think it was going to go over as well as it did. The kids, that's their favourite thing."

In reality, adding a little pleasure to the mix does not seem to have diminished the overall competitiveness of the group, not by one iota. In action at the final race of the 2017 Youth Cup a couple of weeks back in Dunrobin, the Triple Threat crew secured a pair of overall season titles, with Bella Mastroianni showing the way in the 14-15 Girls division while Ian Mackenzie went four for four in the races he attended, finishing first in each one.

"A couple of years ago, I did the triathlon in Orillia for fun, because that's where my uncle lives," said Mackenzie. "My brother (Aiden) started with the club, and I was playing competitive hockey.

"Last year, I decided to give triathlons a try and just fell in love with it, so I quit competitive hockey to do this."

It didn't take long before Mackenzie noted a very distinct difference in the atmosphere of his two primary athletic pursuits. "At the races, everyone cheers you on," noted the Grade 8 student at Confederation Secondary. "In hockey, it wasn't like that."

A very solid cross-country runner from his days at Pinecrest Public School, Mackenzie had also done a fair bit of mountain biking in his youth. The swim, on the other hand, presented some interesting challenges.

"I was terrible at swimming when I started," he said. "I've changed my form some, trying to close my hands so that the water doesn't flow through them. And I've stopped being scared of the seaweed in the lakes."

As for the cycling component, it wasn't as though it was completely devoid of fear for the active youngster. "It was OK for me, but I was still a bit scared to go around the corners, scared I was going to fall at fast speeds," he said.

Results would suggest Mackenzie has conquered his fears quite well.

The real veteran of the group, Mastroianni completed her first triathlon at the age of seven, and has found a way to balance a stringent training program with the Sudbury Laurentian Swim Club with the time commitment needed for her to secure a berth, already, in the 2018 Ontario Summer Games.

"Everyone that I swim with just gets me so motivated to swim, everyone just pushes each other, which makes me want to swim more and always try my hardest," she said. "Swimming is everything to me, but I do love triathlons."

Mastroianni will be joined at the 2018 Games by teammates Aiden Mackenzie and Alex Lambert, an Elliot Lake native who joined the local squad. Newcomers, meanwhile, remain welcome, including 15-year-old Lexine Moyle, the latest to enter the fray.

"I was training before on my own and did two triathlons before joining the club," she said. "I was finding it pretty hard motivating myself. I was actually training at the pool in Gatchell when my mom saw Michael's sign on his car. He was so welcoming."

While most who fall victim to the temptation of the triathlon do so armed with a much better than average base in one of the three disciplines, Moyle would suggest she is more of a run-of-the-mill, average athlete, one who is blessed with an outstanding perspective in terms of chasing down her goals as an athlete.

"I've done maybe five kilometers here and there, but I wouldn't say I'm a runner," Moyle confessed. "I don't do Track North, I don't do cross country, I don't swim. I used to mountain bike a fair bit, but it wasn't competitive and it's not with a road bike."

"The swim is toughest, for me, for sure," Moyle continued. "With the run, you can find little tricks and tips. The bike has been pretty easy for me. But the swim has so many elements that you have to figure out, so you just go at your own pace."

And therein lies the key. "It could be a little scary at the beginning, but once I got to know them, they have to keep going at their level, I'll just keep at my level and maybe one day, I will be there," said Moyle. "It's all about sticking to what you're capable of doing and that's what Michael is trying to say."

That, and the fact that Nawaleniec is in it for all the right reasons. "The club doesn't exist to make money, the club exists to help the kids develop," he said.

Even if that number of kids continues to grow.

-- Randy Pascal's column runs regularly in The Sudbury Star.






You are Never too old to Follow your Dream to the Finish Line
Posted by martin.parnell

Roger MacMillan

Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I am a little partial to running the odd marathon. Therefore, I was intrigued to read an article from CBC Edmonton’s Wallis Snowden, about Roger MacMillan, (photo credit) from Fort Saskatchewan. Roger celebrated his upcoming 80th Birthday, by running his 100th Marathon, in Edmonton, on August 20th.
Not only do I admire him for reaching this milestone, but mostly for his attitude towards running and keeping active, particularly in later life. Roger completed his first full race at the age of 69 and has since completed several “big ones” including New York, and Dublin.
It was then that he set himself a target of running 100 marathons before his 80th Birthday, which is on October 30th this year. “Don't win the race, just finish it. You have to take it easy. I'm not a racer," Macmillan said in an interview with CBC Radio's Edmonton AM.
Like me, he hadn’t really considered running, until something triggered his desire to run his first race.
In 2002, I was 47 and had never been a runner. However, I accepted a challenge from my younger brother, to run the Calgary marathon. My first run was 1km out from my house and 1km back. It was not a good experience and I realized I needed support and advice. So I joined a local running club and had soon completed my first 10km race.
For Roger, it was watching the achievements of a co-worker. "I was working at an office up in Fort McMurray and a guy kept coming in to work with running T-shirts on and I wanted one," Macmillan said with a chuckle.
"I entered a 10K race in Edmonton and I got my T-shirt. I couldn't walk for about a week, but I was hooked."
Macmillan wore bib number 100 when his children and grandchildren gathered to watch him cross the finish line at the Edmonton Marathon.
His message is clear and he advises other seniors to stay spry “a body in motion stays in motion.” he says, adding “you don't necessarily have to run marathons, but keep moving."
He’s absolutely right. You don’t have to take up running, a good walk will reap benefits for anyone, of any age.
Macmillan walks every day, 365 days a year because, as he says, “You’ve got to keep moving and hopefully live a little bit longer."
I knew he was a man after my own heart when I read that:
1. He took up running later in life.
2. He sets himself goals.
3. He tries to send a message about keeping active.
4. He knows that it’s not about winning, but the taking part.
Also, that this ex-pat celebrated after the big race with a nice cold pint of Guinness, which is precisely what I do, after all of my marathons and Ultra-marathons.
Cheers to you, Roger, a true inspiration.




Upcoming Local Events

September 10, 2017

5k & 21.1 k Roadraces

The SudburyMasters Continental Insulation Ramsey Tour is taking place on Sunday, September 10 at Laurentian University at 10:00 am.

EVENTS: 5 km and a 1/2 marathon.

REGISTER:on-line through the Running Room - or -  Manual Entry Form

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Jesse Winters


PHONE: (705) 674-2293

(5k map)

(21k map)






Run Club Update




Store News


Hello Runner's and Walkers,

Hope everyone is doing well and starting there week off on the right foot and are looking forward to a long weekend.

One way to start things off on the right foot or left your decision lol is to come check out the Sudbury Running Room's Sidewalk Sale starting Wednesday August 30th running till September 10th. It promises to be a fantastic opportunity to pick up a pair of shoes for going back to school or just an extra pair for training this fall see you there.

As well Ramsey Tour is fast approaching on Sunday September 10th with the 1/2 marathon and 5km races setting off at 10am from Laurentian university but before than come pick up your race kit at the Running Room Saturday September 9th from 12pm to 4pm.

Our current clinics are in full swing with Catherine at the head of the 5/10km and Ania and Ryan guiding the half marathon. With new clinics starting in September. We are also looking for an instructor for the Learn to Run and 5km clinics that are starting on on September 18th going for 10 weeks if you are interested, swing by the Sudbury store.

Take care everyone and see you all for our RUN CLUB! :)

Eric, Ania, Sam, Kristina, Caleb, Erich

We have FREE run club Wednesday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30am.






Track North News - by Dick Moss






Dick Moss, Head Coach
Laurentian XC/Track Team
c/o Coach Moss <pedigest@cyberbeach.net>
Web: http://laurentianxctrack.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/laurentianxctrack/

For information call me.
Vincent Perdue
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vt perdue@cyberbeach.net

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