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  Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                          June 22, 2017

  In this Issue:


  1. Managing the Mayhem
  2. Sudbury Fitness Challenge Canoe Marathon + Standings after 3 Events
  3. Ali Cummings Places 2nd in the Manitoba Marathon
  4. Rocks!! in Niagara Half and Marathon
  5. Another Successful Rocks!! Wednesday Run
  6. Upcoming Local Events: July 1 Firecracker 5km
  7. Running Room Run Club Update
  8. Track North News



 June 17, 2017

Managing the Mayhem
Lynn Bulloch, For The Sudbury Star
Sunday, June 18, 2017

Lynn Bulloch takes part in the Miner's Mayhem at Adanac Ski Hill and the Rotary Park on Saturday. Hundreds of people were challenged to complete a 6.5 kilometre course with 17 obstacles. (John Lappa/Sudbury Star)

More Photos Here

On Saturday about 400 people ran, walked, crawled, climbed, slid and slogged through a 6.5-kilometre course plotted with 17 obstacles, including a trudge up and down Sudbury’s Adanac Ski Hill at the Miner’s Mayhem obstacle course race.

As two-time veteran of the Mayhem, I had hoped to recruit my boyfriend Dan to race with me in 2017. He’s a natural athlete with fond memories of glory days in amateur wrestling and track. Together, we enjoy back-country canoeing, so I figured he might be interested in this outdoor physical challenge, too.

His first response: “Why would anyone pay money to run up a hill?” It’s a fair question. And it’s far worse than running up a hill.

“It’s so much more than that,” I said. “You climb slippery ropes, jump barriers, crawl through sewer pipes, and people shoot water at you. Then, you climb the hill, and on top, you have to get across narrow planks up in the air while you’re feeling a bit dizzy from the climb!”

I was really excited about all of this. He was still looking at me quizzically. He signed up, but then he couldn’t make it, so I ran solo, like last year.

Fear is the first obstacle. During the shuttle bus ride to Adanac Ski Hill, a fellow racer regretted not bringing gloves, observing mine. Others wore long socks with shorts and knee pads, anticipating abrasions and bruises. Each had registered despite concerns ranging from missing out on other weekend plans to arachnophobia, claustrophobia, bug bites, and blisters. Some had come from out of town. Some wore matching apparel and braided their teammates’ hair on the bus. Other racers sat quietly and kept to themselves. We were a motley crew of adults on a packed school bus that sort of knew what we were in for.

I signed up in March, ready to race ahead into the unknown. It was a git-'er-done kind of commitment and I planned to train harder than ever before, cross-fit style, with five-kilometre trail runs built in for cardio. Yet, I let all sorts of life obstacles get in the way. So, a week before the event, I tried running the Rotary Trail and up and down Adanac Ski Hill a few times to test my readiness. My legs burned and pollen clogged my lungs, but I felt something stir – it was that awesome feeling of adrenaline when you look at a monster, then slay it.

At the site, waves of racers start in the “cage.” It’s a shipping container packed with people. For some, it feels claustrophobic. The doors close and create total darkness until they fly open and it all begins. The fresh air and light felt amazing once I left the cage. My legs carried me forward almost effortlessly, until the first obstacles: tires, greasy ropes and steep metal stairs.

Twenty-one minutes in, through those first trials, I was doing okay. I was soaked from the waist down, my running shoes squishy after emerging from a tub of water about the size of two refrigerators. The good news: I was breathing well and not cramped up. I figured long and boring flats lay ahead of me and I pushed on. Instead, there was a detour through the forest, with over/under obstacles, banishing my expectation of boredom and leaving me guessing.

Pushing through, volunteers and racers exchanged words of thanks and encouragement. There’s a camaraderie that you don’t find in every road or trail race. “Crawl on your toes, save your knees,” remarked one racer moving through a low tarp-covered grass-crawl obstacle. “It works, do it,” yelled another from beneath the tarp. I swapped muddy high-fives and heard shouts like: “It’s the last hill, I swear, you’re almost there.”

When you’re in the Mayhem, you don’t think about anything else – you’re living minute-by-minute, pushing yourself while protecting yourself. In a nod to mine safety, racers remark “no miner left behind,” offering hands to a muddy buddy or struggling stranger.

At the end, most racers can’t wait to see the finish. They grimace with effort, then smile as they cross the line. Some wait for teammates to finish together, or to pose for a photo.

At that moment, I still had lots of energy, but the timing chip laced to my shoe didn’t matter as much. I felt a sense of community and accomplishment more powerful than my time or divisional rank. But, for the competitive and the curious, the fact that it’s a chip time race is a big benefit. I’m proud to be No. 31 of 147 women solo racers. Results are online at chiptimeresults.com.

I’m grateful that I “paid money to run up a hill.” I have more great memories, a few bruises of honour, and I helped a charity (the cause was muscular dystrophy).

To everyone who volunteered, who raced, and who generally made this event excellent in 2017, thanks. To everyone who’s still wondering why anyone does it: you won’t know until you try. I’ll see you out there, if you can manage the Mayhem!

Lynn Bulloch was a member of the Blasting Agents team in 2015, and competed as an individual racer in the last two Miner's Mayhem events.

All Results Here





Sudbury Fitness Challenge Canoe Marathon 2017


Team Sara and Neil

Celebrating Partnerships at the SFC Canoe Marathon

  by Sara McIlraith

When I think of the Sudbury Fitness Challenge, I envision athletes competing and participating on their own accord. Skiing, running, swimming, cycling and paddling – all individual endurance sports which make up this series. Even the Beaton awards points based on individual performance in each leg of the race, regardless of whether you are on a team or racing solo.

I hadn’t really reflected on the individualistic nature of the series, until I arrived at the Canoe Club this past Sunday. The Canoe Marathon, event 3, throws a wrench into this solo’istic series. The canoe race is traditionally a partnership. Two racers work together to paddle and portage a canoe. Sure, some participants choose the kayak option, and race solo, but the majority of competitors enter the tandem canoe category.

As I caught up with some of my SFC friends, our conversation centered around paddling partners. Your partner can make or break your day. Paddling requires an incredible amount of teamwork, cooperation, patience, communication skills, negotiation, cheerleading. Much like a marriage. Funny enough, very few life partners will paddle together. My friends joked about their disastrous outings paddling with their spouses. Even I knew my marriage was over on our last canoe trip together, in which a heated argument resulted in me leaving him on an island while I paddled away.

When Neil and I met, as adults with lots of history behind us, we kept a healthy dose of reality in our early dating stage. Neil candidly asked me about life philosophies, and I answered with honesty and thankfully correctly. I took Neil for a paddle. It was, like our relationship, easy. We worked together, paddling in sync, no stress, no arguing. I knew then that I had found my partner, in life and in the canoe.

I appreciate that the Canoe Marathon throws a partnership requirement into the Sudbury Fitness Challenge. Even us individualistic solo endurance athletes benefit from partners.

Congratulations to all those amazing paddling partnerships this past Sunday. From the father/son pairs like John and James Larmer, Colin and Kaeden Ward, to best friends Karensx2 and Julie and Tamara, to even a few partners also in life like Monica and Tyler, I invite you to celebrate the special bonds we have with our paddling partners.



Sudbury Fitness Challenge Standings

Here are the Sudbury Fitness Challenge points standings after 3 events. Thank you Casey Crowe for banging those together so promptly!!!!
See you all at the Island Swim!!





Manitoba Marathon
2017-06-18 • Marathon

622 Participants • 176 Women • 446 Men


Congratulations to Rocks!! member Ali Cummings for her excellent showing in the Manitoba Marathon. Ali came 2nd lady overall and first in her age category.


Ali Cummings
BIB 176
GUN TIME 3:16:24.8





Winnipeg Round 2

by Ali Cummings

Amazing 4 days in Winnipeg... so much due to my sister, bro-in-law and their adorable kiddos being such great hosts. Lots of snuggles with my niece and nephew!

Now, the race. Of course, it rained - but the weather was perfection. I crossed the start line with my cousin, sister and friend - then Tay and I set into our "4:44/km" pace. I knew we were closer to 4:38 and I was worried at the half way mark because I'm an even pace runner and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to keep it going. Then it became a real race!! We were 4th and 5th for quite a long time (and honestly, I didn't really care, I wanted my sub 3:20). But we passed #3, with #2 quite far away but within sight and then Tay took off around 28, with legs feeling better than mine. I thought she could catch her. I was setting into my repeat #4 position, happy because I knew I could run a 5 min/k and still reach my goal, but the spectators kept pushing me to catch my cousin... I laughed and continued, almost missing a turn (not paying attention) and took my headphones out to focus & listen to my breath and I met back up with my cousin around 40k. She had a stitch and was hating the last couple kms so I pushed on. Somehow I caught #2 (who I could see was slowing) in the last km right before I saw my sister Sarah (she had run the 10k) and she was shocked & screaming so excitedly - it was the best feeling. Turned into the stadium to finish and all of a sudden a woman was following me around as my "shadow" and I had to wait for awards; it was a bit surreal. Apparently the volunteers were having fun tracking the intense turn of positions too - the race official cyclists giving updates! Tay was less than a minute behind me in 4th with an absolutely amazing first marathon. We cheered Hailey and then our friend in, in some pain but very happy to be finished. Somehow Sarah got into the finisher area with warm clothes and big hugs for all, taking care of us shivering, sore, muddy girls. Sometimes you have a good day, and that was it for me... in combination with having Tay push me.

The course was just as good in reverse, the stadium finish was fun, and the volunteers were fantastic. As always, sad to say goodbye to family but so much fun this weekend!

I'm hoping 2017 will be the year of the PB - need to find a half for the fall! Sub 1:30, I see youuu.






Rocks in Niagara Half and Marathon

Ken and Lynn Stubbings completed the half (her) and full (him) at the Niagara Ultra

Lynn writes:

We both received a Niagara Ultra sweatshirt. Kinda hot right now for that. Ken's 1st place for his age plaque, our race #'s and finisher medals.

12 331
Ken Stubbings
4:03:20 4:03:10 Cobourg 5:46 /Km M 10 MM55-59 1 out of 7

206 592
Lynn Stubbings
2:30:30 2:29:44 Cobourg 7:06 /Km F 103 HF50-54 8 out of 15

The waterfront trail from Niagara-on-the-lake to Niagara Falls was the amazing backdrop for our race this morning. It was a beautiful "summer" day in the region. The 30 degree temp with humidex of 39 certainly tested the staying power of the participants. Thank goodness we had some times when it was overcast with a breeze. The gelato was a welcomed treat afterward. Ken finished his 96th marathon - placing at the top of his age group again. I finished my 78th half. It's a beautiful course if you're looking for a destination race. Tip - good idea to carry your own hydration of choice. On a day like today the aid stations every 5km are a bit far apart. Free beer and pizza at the finish were enjoyed by many. We've had events every week or two the last few months. We actually have a month break before the next full/half. What will we do with ourselves??? Train, of course.

Sudburyrocks!! member Henry Wong took on his first 50k event. Congratulations to all 3 runners.

69 42
Henry Wong
5:48:44 5:48:23 Falconbridge 6:59 /Km M 42 LM45-49 8 16




Another Successful Rocks!! Wednesday Run


the apres stretch




Upcoming Local Events



July 1, 2017

Saturday July 1st, 2017 - 6pm Walden Arena

Race Start Times:
6:15pm Kids 1km Fun Run
7:00pm 5km Road Race

The 30th annual Walden Firecracker Road Race is being held on the evening of July 1st, with the kids race beginning at 6:15pm, and the 5k race beginning at 7:00pm. Join in on the Canada Day festivities with a 5k race, or a 1k race for the younger runners. There will be lots of great prizes to be won, as well as refreshments and snacks following the run.

The proceeds of the race will go towards the Laurentian Vees Cross-Country Team. Fundraising ...is crucial to our running season, and every registration is appreciated.

If you have any questions at all, be sure to ask! The registration fees for the race this year are $25 for the 5k event and $2 for the kids 1k event. You may register online by following the link found below, or can pick up a registration form at the Running Room.

Register at:




Basic details regarding the race may also be found at www.tracknorth.com

5km Map





Run Club Update




Store News



Hello Runners and Walkers,



Happy Running and Walking everyone!

See you all tomorrow at the Run Club,

Eric, Ania, Sam, Brendan, Kristina

We have FREE run club Wednesday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30am.






Track North News - by Dick Moss






Dick Moss, Head Coach
Laurentian XC/Track Team
c/o Coach Moss <pedigest@cyberbeach.net>
Web: http://laurentianxctrack.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/laurentianxctrack/

For information call me.
Vincent Perdue
341 Fourth Ave, Sudbury On. P3B-3R9
vt perdue@cyberbeach.net

Proud sponsor of the Sudbury Rocks!!! Race, Run or Walk for Diabetes



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