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  Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                           April 6, 2017

  In this Issue:


  1. Runners to hit Sudbury trails for mental wellness
  2. Last Winter Outings for the Season
  3. Glencore Supports SudburyRocks!!!
  4. Upcoming Local Events: April 23 Unbreakable Spring Open
  5. Running Room Run Club Update
  6. Track North News





Runners to hit Sudbury trails for mental wellness

By Ben Leeson, Sudbury Star
Thursday, March 30, 2017 4:41:39 EDT PM

Joshua Tillson, 16, speaks during a press conference to announce the Unbreakable Spring Open, a run to raise awareness of teen depression and promote mental wellness, at Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School on Thursday. Ben Leeson/The Sudbury Star/Postmedia Network

Fast as Joshua Tillson was, he couldn't outrun his problems. But by pulling on shoes and hitting the trail, he found a way to beat them.

Just over one year ago, on Feb. 11, 2016, Tillson lost his stepfather, Norm Fournier, to suicide.

Fournier, 55, was known to friends and family as a caring, compassionate man who was active and loved the outdoors, but he had also been suffering from depression.

His death was a devastating blow to his loved ones, including Tillson.

"It was a really difficult time in my life, because I was very close with my stepfather and we had a really good relationship," said Tillson, 16. "I had never seen the signs, I never expected such a thing, and it was a great shock."

It was difficult to process, and just as hard to talk about.

"I went through a long period of time where I was in denial. I didn't believe that could have happened. Through this period, I struggled with my own emotions. I thought, 'How could he have done something like that? Why would he have taken his life?', and it led me to struggle with my own depression and to struggle with my own thoughts and emotions each and every day."

A cross-country and track-and-field competitor, Tillson found himself struggling as a competitor, too, because he had lost self-confidence.

Then, he changed his outlook and his approach to running, and it changed him.

"I turned to running, not as something competitive, not as something where I'm racing against other people, but as somewhere I could feel intact with my emotions, somewhere I could express my emotions and go on to being a little more open about the emotions, the feelings I was hiding deep down inside," Tillson said. "Through running, through this new spiritual element of running that I had now found, I was able to overcome the thoughts and emotions I was feeling, to overcome that depression, and it really helped me develop and go on to get better in track, go on to compete stronger, as running wasn't something where I was just competitive. It was something where I could really go and express my emotions."

Aware that many more Sudbury youth have gained similar benefits from running, including several schoolmates on Lo-Ellen Park Secondary's standout track and cross-country teams, Tillson and his friend Lauren Beaudry, a student at Lockerby Composite School, organized the Unbreakable Spring Open, a run to raise awareness about mental health and end the stigma associated with suicide, to be held at Rotary Park in Sudbury on April 23.

Proceeds from the event will go towards bringing a Cameron Helps initiative to Sudbury. Cameron Helps is a charity that works towards reducing stigma around suicide and youth mental illness, build awareness of those issues in the community and promote the positive impacts of physical health on mental health.

"I had running as my passion already, so it was easy for me to turn to it as an outlet and express my emotions," Tillson told a press conference at Lo-Ellen on Thursday. "But there's so many youth in Sudbury who are dealing with those same emotions and they don't have that same passion for running. They don't have that same outlet that I had, where I could go express my emotions, so instead, they boil those emotions deep down inside them.

"I thought it was really important that we take the steps, the measures towards being able to help those youth in Sudbury who were going through the same emotions I was, so we can give them another option where we can first raise awareness about mental health, then work towards bringing a program to Sudbury can can be offered to youth who are struggling with that same low mental wellness."

It's a worthy goal, according to Pauline Robidoux, branch manager at RBC in the South End, who spoke at Thursday's press conference and presented Tillson with a $5,000 donation from RBC to Cameron Helps.

"I want to talk about a word at the core of this event – unbreakable," Robidoux said. "This word is at the heart of what happens when we all come together to be a voice for one another, a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen. We create a shared spirit, an unbreakable spirit. With every step, shoulder to shoulder on April 23, we will prove this with strength in numbers. The more people we bring into this journey, the stronger we become, the more unbreakable we become."

The Unbreakable Spring Open includes a five-kilometre run/walk at 10:30 a.m. and a kids' one-kilometre event at 10 a.m.

Prizes will be handed out to top finishers in the five-kilometre race, but the main focus isn't on competition.

"It's an event that isn't like all the other races we have in the Sudbury community," Tillson said. "Instead of having a table of results for first, second, third, fourth, competing for that top place, instead we're going to be working as a community towards achieving a goal of overall kilometres, that as a community, we ran this certain amount of kilometres.

"It's more about coming together, bringing the Sudbury community together in a team environment, where we can run or walk and we're all working towards that same goal of completing a 5K.

"We already has so many volunteers who are signing up and it's really going to be about that positive atmosphere we create at the run."

For more information or the register, visit unbreakablespringopen.weebly.com.


Twitter: @ben_leeson





Last Winter Outings for the Season

Rocks!! and friends always make use of the fabulous off road adventure opportunities available to us in the north. Here are a few photos of our end of season experiences.

Xavier relaxes while ice fishing on Ramsey Lake


Rocks!! getting a partial bikini ski in on Makada Lake

Rob's last ski at Naughton

Vince looks longingly at the ice on Forest Lake in Kivi Park. No more winter runs here this year





Glencore Supports SudburyRocks!!!


We found this great poster at Glencore! Thank you to everyone at Glencore for helping spread the word and encouraging their staff to join in on the healthy living!







Upcoming Local Events


  April 23, 2017



1st Annual

R U N/ W A L K

April 23rd, 2017

1km Kids Run and 5km Walk/Run

Rotary Park Trails


Course Map







Run Club Update




Store News



Happy Wednesday Runners and Walkers !

Upcoming Events:

Sunday April 9, 830 am: How many times can we run across Canada ?

JOIN US for our FREE marathon of hope celebration in support of the Terry Fox Foundation. Register online at www.runningroom.com and commit to run any kms. In 2016, we ran across Canada 12 times, lets go farther in 2017 !

Sunday May 14: SudburyROCKS 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon

** Not participating in the event? VOLUNTEER. Information can be found at www.sudburyrocksmarathon.com

Have a great week,

Your Sudbury Team -

Eric, Ania, Cassandra, Samuel, Bernadette


We have FREE run club Wednesday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30am.









Track North News - by Dick Moss






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