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  Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                           March 16, 2017

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  1. Canadian running icon Ed Whitlock dies at 86
  2. Rocks!! Run Laurentian Lake
  3. Sudbury Rocks!!! Couples Who Run
  4. Nike's Wild marathon Goal
  5. Upcoming Local Events:
  6. Running Room Run Club Update
  7. Track North News




Canadian running icon Ed Whitlock dies at 86
The Milton, Ont. running icon set multiple age group world records on the track as well as on the roads.

      March 13th, 2017 by Tim Huebsch | Posted in homepage, Running News


Canadian Running is saddened to announce that Ed Whitlock has passed away at 86.

Whitlock was one of the world’s all-time great runners as he set dozens of masters world records during his lengthy and illustrious running career.

Whitlock has two sons, Neil and Clive. He is survived by his wife Brenda and his sister Catherine. Whitlock passed away at 4 a.m. EDT early Monday morning at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto. He died from prostate cancer. He had turned 86 on March 6.

The Canadian running legend is notably the first, and only, person older than 70 to have broken 3:00 in the marathon. He ran 2:54:49 when he was 73.

He raced as recently as November 2016 setting a 15K world record for men 85-89 at the Stockade-athon 15K Road Race. Prior to that, he bettered the men’s 85-89 world record in the marathon by more than 30 minutes running 3:56 at the 2016 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon last October.

“The most modest, droll, amiable and intelligent of all miraculous legends,” famed running historian and author Roger Robinson said describing Whitlock after the 15K in Schenectady, N.Y.

It’s believed that Whitlock had not done much running in 2017 as he was nursing a shoulder injury.

Whitlock was born in London in 1931. He grew up in England and immigrated to Canada following college graduation. He resided in Milton, Ont. and famously put in his training at the Evergreen Cemetery, located steps from his home.

Whitlock on the 2016 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon course, on his way to crushing the 85+ world record. Photo: Canada Running Series.


Alan Brookes, founder of Canada Running Series and race director of the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, called Whitlock’s passing “an enormous loss to Canada and the global running community.”

“Somehow we thought Ed would just go on setting records forever,” Brookes said on Monday in a press release. “We grew up with Ed. He won many of his 20-plus-year-old shoes at our Series’ races in the ’90s and, in many ways, he defined our Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. He will always be a vital part of the identity and spirit of that race.”

Whitlock’s world records inspired millions of runners of all ages, and attracted attention to running from all around the world. His most recent marathon world record was one of the most talked about performances of 2016, which is especially impressive given that it was an Olympic year.

Age-graded, many of Whitlock’s marathon performances would have ranked among the greatest performances of all time. His 3:56:33 men’s 85-89 record last fall in Toronto is the equivalent of 2:08:57, which would have placed him second overall against some of the fastest runners in the world. His 70-and-over world record converts to a 2:00:18. The world record currently stands at 2:02:57.

Whitlock was famously modest and understated about his accolades. When asked about being celebrated around the world, Whitlock said “I don’t believe I should be a hero.” When asked what advice he had for other runners, he mused “I’m not sure what I’m doing is good for me, let alone anyone else.”




Rocks!! Run Laurentian Lake

Ice conditions on Laurentian Lake were excellent on the Wednesday evening of March 14. The Running Room Rocks!! took full advantage of the situation and immediately made tracks to the frozen surface. Just a tad bit of snow made for good friction . We are happy to report all made it safely back to shore. This was our last headlamp run of the season as daylight savings will be in effect for our next outing.

Another great Wednesday evening run...and where to next?






**SudburyRocks!! Couples Who Run**


Michelle and Jamie Brunette completing the 2017 Hypothermic Half Marathon


Meet committee member Michelle, and her husband Jamie. A couple runs together to be role models for their daughters, to connect as a couple, to build endurance for their long backcountry canoe trips, and to be a fit and healthy family.

“I started running in 2005 and with convincing from my friend Lisa, we joined our first 10km clinic at the Running Room. Jamie started running longer distances in December 2015.

We have running dates every week. We run together once a week on a Saturday or Sunday morning, working around hockey and ringette schedules. We get a babysitter for our two girls, Mai and Nel. We usually start on the trails for 20 to 20 minutes with our dog Charlie, then we drop him off at home to start the next hour and half. We like a loop near Blezard Valley with a mix of hills, horses and llamas along Valleyview Rd, trails into Langdon Part, and pretty views of the Valley. We change it up sometimes; we’ll go into Hanmer, or stay fully on the trails if they are in good conditions, and even ran the Killarney Crack trail a few weeks ago!

I race more often since I like to support local events. Jamie has only really run one race. Although he has walked with our kids in several other races.
We just signed up to do the Hypothermic Half and the SudburyROCKS!!! Half together!” SEE ABOVE PHOTO. They finished strong together.

See you all on run day









Nike's Wild Marathon Goal

*A sub-two-hour marathon*


Nike's Wild Marathon Goal Gets Back to the Company's Competitive Roots
A sub-two-hour marathon would be a major accomplishment in running history. Here's how Nike is trying to make it happen and what this says about the company's renewed sense of direction. Read all the original story here

Bradley Seth McNew (TMFMcNew)

Why Nike's New Shoe Reveal Is Important Now
The company has a point to prove, and yesterday's launch looks like an important step in getting that point across. Here's why the launch of this shoe is something to get excited about.

Seth McNew (TMFMcNew) Mar 8, 2017 at 11:06AM
Nike (NYSE:NKE) could really benefit from proving that it's still an innovative brand, and that it has much more to offer the world than just increasingly expensive, trendy sportswear. The company has picked a formidable goal to try to prove that point, seeking to help a runner break a two-hour marathon, something that would have seemed impossible a few years back.

On Tuesday, the company revealed new shoes that are the ones expected to be worn for what the company is calling Breaking2. Here's a look at the wild new shoes, and why this could be such a big deal for Nike now.

A bold goal requires bold gear
The shoes are officially called "Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite with Nike ZoomX midsole," a name that looks complicated, but the shoe seems to have plenty of innovation to live up to that high tech-sounding name. Without getting too deep into the technicalities, the design bucks current trends for long-distance racing shoes to be low to the ground, instead adding more "Nike ZoomX" midsole cushioning. The shoes also feature an advanced carbon fiber plate, the company's distinct Flyknit upper, and a heel that flares up at the back for increased aerodynamics.

A collage of design concepts for the innovative new Nike running shoes the company hopes will help a runner break a 2 hour marathon.

The shoe is still a "concept" shoe and is being individually crafted to the needs of each of the runners. Additionally, Nike is working on the rest of the running wardrobe that will be worn for this project, such as a singlet with advanced ventilation that will be tailored fit to each athlete with body-scanning technology, as well as Nike's Aeroblade tape technology-- featured at the 2016 Summer Olympics -- that uses tiny blades across patches that runners add to their arms and legs to reduce drag.

The team has even been incredibly technical in selecting a track. The runners will use the gear at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza complex near Monza, Italy, which has been selected for its altitude, average temperature, vapor pressure, typical overcast skies, and even air currents. Three runners -- Eliud Kipchoge, who won gold at the 2016 Olympic marathon; Zersenay Tadese, who holds the world record for the half-marathon; and Lelisa Desisa, who has twice won the Boston Marathon -- have been chosen to make the attempt, though a date hasn't been set.

The Nike Zoom Vaporfly shoe with Flyknit upper and flared heel.


Why this matters now

Nike has picked a very public way to try and prove that it hasn't gotten away from its innovative roots, but the public chest-beating might be warranted. The company has faced some serious competition from rivals such as a resurging Adidas (NASDAQOTH:ADDYY), which is reportedly working on a similar goal, and Under Armour (NYSE:UAA)(NYSE:UA), which has made its own impressive gains with tech-heavy footwear.



Nike suffered in 2016 as analysts questioned its long-term prospects in the face of such fierce competition, and its stock fell around 18% during the year, making it one of the worst-performing large-cap stocks in the market for the year. However, things are starting to turn around as the company fixes its overstuffed inventory challenges and continues to execute in key categories and regions in a way that looks promising for sales and earnings in the coming quarters. Shares of Nike are up 11% so far in 2017.

If Nike finishes this wild marathon challenge, it could help increase sales of the company's performance gear in general as these same kinds of technologies are implemented in more mainstream-looking shoes. The company has already shown that possibility with the rest of the Nike Zoom Vaporfly collection, also announced Tuesday, that will be available in June.



Upcoming Local Events


  April 23, 2017



1st Annual

R U N/ W A L K

April 23rd, 2017

1km Kids Run and 5km Walk/Run

Rotary Park Trails


Course Map







Run Club Update




Store News



There is a new event coming to Sudbury the Unbreakable Spring Open 5km taking place on April 23rd, the kids 1km starts at 10am while the 5km starts at 10:30am.

Have a great rest of your day and see you at Run Club Wednesday night at 6pm.

Your Sudbury Team,

Eric, Ania, Cassandra, Alex, and Bernadette


We have FREE run club Wednesday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30am.









Track North News - by Dick Moss




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