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  Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                           March 9, 2017

  In this Issue:


  1. 2nd Annual Trek for Cancer Snowshoe Fun Run
  2. Sudbury Rocks!!! Couples Who Run
  3. The number of marathons in Ontario may surprise you
  4. Upcoming Local Events:
  5. Running Room Run Club Update
  6. Track North News




  March 5, 2017

2nd Annual Trek for Cancer Snowshoe Fun Run

Participants take part in the Northern Cancer Foundations Trek for Cancer Snowshoe Fun Run at Kivi Park in Sudbury, Ont. on Sunday March 5, 2017. More than 200 participants took part in the event raising over $100,000 due in part to Lily Fielding matching all the donations.

Gino Donato/Sudbury Star/Postmedia Network

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A record turnout bolstered by a generous donation helped turn Sunday's Trek for Cancer Snowshoe Run a record-setting event. Held at Kivi Park in support of the Northern Cancer Foundation, the event got a boost when Lily Fielding announced she would, from her own pocket, match every donation they receive.

Photo: Darren MacDonald for sudbury.com

Snowshoe trek cancer fundraiser brings in more than $100K
Thanks to a donation from Kivi Park patron and philanthropist Lily Fielding, Northern Cancer Foundation event an incredible success

A record turnout bolstered by a generous donation helped turn Sunday's Trek for Cancer Snowshoe Run a record-setting event.

Held at Kivi Park in support of the Northern Cancer Foundation, the event got a boost when Lily Fielding announced she would, from her own pocket, match every donation they received.

Tannys Laughren, the foundations executive director, said the event was already a success, with more than 200 people signing up to strap on the shoes and help fight cancer.

"It was an amazing day,” Laughren said. “We had a great kids run, then we had the 3K, 5.5K and 7.5K. And with Lily Fielding's matching donation, we raised more than $100,000 — on a snowshoe track!"

Her donation helped them reach supporters, who knew whatever they gave would be immediately doubled as a result.

"(Lily Fielding) heard about our event, and we've been working really closely with Kivi Park, and they've been amazing,” Laughren said. “And she said, you know what, whatever they raise, I want to match. So we put that out there and said to people, look, we're really excited about this — and the donations really did come in. It was an impetus for a lot of people to donate."

The event is one of several held each year in Sudbury in support of the fight against cancer. When asked why people show strong support for the events, Laughren said residents want to support events that helps people in their own community.

"I think people have really rallied around their cancer centre,” she said. “They know that every dollar we raised is used locally and stays to support the cancer centre. And I think that's really important to people, to know that their donation is supporting their community."

Plenty of local businesses stepped up to support them as well, and a lot of people just dropped in to make a donation without strapping on the snowshoes. The money they raised, Laughren said, will go to wherever the need is greatest.

"Whether that's equipment or patient care or research, it will probably be allocated along all three of those priorities of the foundation," she said. "The world class research that we have going here, it's always a challenge to find funds for it. We always need new equipment.

“So all that, as well as our patient care funds. Those are our highest used funds right now, money that helps the patients out."


Rob Marcolini navigating the Kivi 7k loop

Kudos to Liz and her volunteers (of which Vince and Lise were part of) for running such a great event! It was well publicized and the numbers showed. Last years event was run out of the Walden ski trails and this years choice was the super popular Kivi Park. Participants were given a variety of routes to choose from. Anywhere from 1 km to the new 7 km trails. I took on the 7k challenge (had to defend my title) and completed the course in a time of 49:52. There was a nice bonfire at the start/finish line to warm the body before the race and your sodden feet after the race. Trekkers were offered maple syrup on a stick and chili as the post event meal. I’m looking forward to doing this ever growing trek/ snowshoe fun run next year.

Rob Marcolini










**SudburyRocks!! Couples Who Run**

Meet committee member Heather, and her family. She comes to us from the Canadian Diabetes Association as the Programs, Services, and Partnerships Coordinator.

"To be honest, I'm not a runner at all! But after having been on the committee for a couple of years now, I finally got a chance to walk the 5K in 2016. I was on Maternity Leave, my daughter was two months old, and my husband and I walked the 5K with her in her stroller!"



See you all on run day





The number of marathons in Ontario may surprise you

February 24th, 2017 by Tim Huebsch | Posted in homepage, Running News

Photo: Alex Brault.

With new marathons in Canada popping up while others fold, it’s difficult to keep track of the options in each province. Two weeks ago, Canadian Running posted a story of all the Quebec marathons for 2017. Next up is Ontario.

There are currently 28 marathons in Ontario, plus one that begins in the United States and crosses into Canada. That’s four more than in 2013 though there have been marathons that have been discontinued, Thunder Bay Miles With the Giant for example, while others have been added to the calendar.

Check out the lengthly list of marathons in Ontario for 2017

(SudburyRocks!!! is #10 on the list)



Upcoming Local Events


  April 23, 2017



1st Annual

R U N/ W A L K

April 23rd, 2017

1km Kids Run and 5km Walk/Run

Rotary Park Trails


Course Map







Run Club Update




Store News



There is a new event coming to Sudbury the Unbreakable Spring Open 5km taking place on April 23rd, the kids 1km starts at 10am while the 5km starts at 10:30am.

Have a great rest of your day and see you at Run Club Wednesday night at 6pm.

Your Sudbury Team,

Eric, Ania, Cassandra, Alex, and Bernadette


We have FREE run club Wednesday nights at 6pm and Sunday mornings at 8:30am.









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